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  2. Any financial conflict is more than an inconvenience.
  3. Out comes a supersized person and super large McDonald's big mac. In goes all of my old notes from previous math,physics, and engineering classes (I need to put them somewhere, I don't have room anymore).
  4. Combine that with getting screwed over monetarily and it fits perfectly with FA tbh
  5. Me went to other Tosh and said he need give back anthro pics. Other tosh threw pics at me face. He said me anthro pics are ape doo doo. Me confused cause me anthro pics are of antho men with nice male organs and not ape poo poo. Tosh confused. Tosh ate anthro pics too and pooped out huns. They smell like Tosh poopoo now. No fetish.
  6. Sounds like my typical FA experience.
  7. If you have never experienced any other financial conflict in your life, sure.
  8. It was nice talking to him, I got a few good long conversations in with him including one the day before he died, interesting person to talk to when I had the chance, shame he went the way he did
  9. Every once in a blue moon I'll get this itch to listen to dubstep.
  10. I would consider paying $33 for a subpar experience more than just an "inconvenience". I don't want the ticket, I'm not going to go through that unnecessary waiting again. That's always been a problem with the attraction. Again, read the reviews. I've been to Pure Terror Scream Park which is a lot more expensive that this, and it was much better.
  11. I like a lot of different kinds of music. I don't like white guys rapping. I like this song. Oops.
  12. I think it's reasonable to be upset considering the price (not getting what you paid for) so I'd press them for a refund tbh. Yeah it's not the shittiest thing ever but for $33 for a haunted house? I better fuckin' die, irl
  13. I'm usually not that big on rockabilly, but I like this one.
  14. > Smashmouth Are you actually living if you're not playing horrible All Star shitpost remixes though? Really? Truly?
  15. I tend to like very high energy with music, regardless of what genre it is. It needs to be powerful. There needs to be highs and lows and variation. Things that are generally way too "flat" for me, but I like anyway: Other than sound alone, I like some Fallout Boy songs, some Three Days Grace, some Nickelback, and some Britney Spears.
  16. My horrible (also first and only) haunted house experience was me being six years old and begging and nagging my parents to take me to the one some of the base personnel were putting on in a disused hangar, because I was certain big badass six-year-old me could handle it.
  17. I like blues, and I like rock, but I can't stand most country. Except this song:
  18. Seconding this. I remember his abrasiveness on various forums, though. I have little doubt he was a cool guy IRL. Glad you have fond memories to go by, @Fossa!
  19. Talk about songs you like in which the genre or artist is not really your usually thing. Not "guilty pleasures" but songs that just contrast your usual tastes. I'm not a metal guy. Like at all. Particularly with vocals. But I've liked Disturbed since I heard Decadence in Most Wanted back in the GameCube days. I don't know what it is, but I find it very palatable for how edgy it can be.
  20. No. I didn't. I still don't know what the point of bitching is if they gave you a recoup ticket. Think ahead, and go on a day that's less busy.
  21. You must've missed the part where I mentioned about the wait. That's been a big problem for the attraction. Read the reviews of it, tons of people feel the same way. It uses this timed ticket bullshit that no other attraction of such I've been to had. Believe me, I've been to haunted attractions with VERY long waits, but they were much better organized. Last time I went to this place it was much different (was in 2015), the wait between the two attractions was actually INSIDE the building. How was I supposed to know it was so different?
  22. @VGmaster9 Might as well go to an actual abandoned building, just be careful. Even if ghosts existed and they once haunted Brighton Asylum, all the annoying tourists would've driven them out long ago. That was probably the complaints line for people like you ^_____^
  23. Orksss iz made fer fighten and scammen!
  24. "They offered to recoup me, but I'd rather not go and actually try to have fun this time, and instead bitch on the internet about it." K. Also if this is what constitutes as "a horrible experience" for you, remind yourself to never go to any big events for anything. Because they're basically all like this. The fun is just getting out and doing something.
  25. I was honestly expecting something like maybe you were robbed, or someone sexually assaulted you, or maybe you saw something no one should really deal with. Not that I want any of that to happen to you and I'm glad it didn't, but...first world problems? I dunno. Like I guess that's unfortunate, but this isn't really what I'd call a "horrible experience". More like just an inconvenience.
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