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  2. These are not responses that promote meaningful discussion at Peenix. I will be removing 1 point off your total grade for this week. I want to see all three of you in my Zoom office hours.
  3. Fuk u I'm not in high school anymore I'm not doing your homework 😤
  4. Do you guys like discussions? In 400 words or more, explain why or why not. You have 1 hour to type an initial response. Then respond to 3 other users in at least 100 words. I'm looking for critical thinking, so do not just respond with "yes" or "no".
  5. Y'all look super cute I'm so happy for you! Also lmao I have that same heart choker
  6. My girlfriend flew in from Arizona on Monday and we stayed at a hotel until Friday when she flew back. We had a fucking great time and I love this bitch. That is all.
  7. this post is old but, just in case here's some stuff, although its not exactly cell-shaded
  8. This is the last video game I have purchased physically, like in a box and everything: Saying it's the best Atari 7800 game is kind of a low bar, but it clears that bar by miles. It's very, very good.
  9. Greetings from Shara Ishvalda
  10. Roger dodger, well just so you know this place ain't really that active but welCUM regardless dude
  11. i have no idea, i just stumbled upon this forum randomly
  12. [SPEECH CHECK PASSED] How could I have been so blind... Of course it is! Should I ever lose a testicle in battle I'll go near you, fix me right up How the hell did you find this place anyway, btw? You don't even seem like a furfag, not that that's a bad thing, quite the opposite actually
  13. has the russian woodpecker fallen over yet
  14. Now that's some hardcore shit right there, just stay away from me I don't wanna grow a third ball
  15. hi im a chernobyl engineer i survived the amount of radiation by drinking sea water far from the radiation area, i'm also interested in nuclear material
  16. I'm so sorry. This is hell.
  17. My grandmother was unfortunately one of them. Hospital kept telling us she was giving up, which honestly sounded like a bunch of horseshit. She apparently wasn't being fed either. During that time family politics got really bad - to the point that I began to question if they even cared about her at all. It honestly just seems like just a stress reaction now. - There was a point where you could hear the ambulances daily, the sheer number of funerals was actually insane. One of my high-school peers had his father pass away about a month ago to it. Last I checked, he was scraping up the money to have a funeral. Within the last month or so, crime has increased dramatically, actually hearing gunshots right outside my window at one point. I reckon its to injure them and send them to the hospital, where they're very likely to catch corona if the bullet itself doesn't kill them. Maybe related, but there have been a lot of fireworks going off recently in protest (apparently), and my cousin recently had his arm dislocated by the police. His father was shot by some group unknown to me during the fireworks. Its probably a lot safer to be anywhere that isn't a projects right now. Also, people sunbathing in a park by a ferry LOL
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