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  2. @mapache Unbelievably cute! Did she walk off right after though? Seems weird you wouldn't chat after an encounter like that. Could have gotten a hint to who she was.
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  4. How I'm likely going to have to go into college next week despite not having anything to do (handed in the last assignment) just so my attendance doesn't drop.
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  6. I miss Dragon Saga and Dragon Nest. I remember when those games were played.
  7. I'm walking around Walmart, and I hear some girl call out my name. I look up like "who, me?" and she stares right at me for a couple seconds, then walks like 20 feet down the aisle to give me a quick side hug. I really wish I recognized you, but I don't. Sorry D:
  8. Absolutely hate that some retail workers, if I ask them if someone turned in a phone, act like they don't give a shit and say they haven't seen anything. Don't bother to check, even if I say I lost it Monday. I don't know if you were working on Monday, maybe you weren't. I know retail's shit, but at least pretend to care asshole. So this is what happened with that. The admin, an army vet that volunteers with other vets, put his foot down and said no more shit fetish pictures. This was the clusterfuck of immaturity that happened: - The guy who was spamming the shit porn started spamming pictures of animal poop instead, asking "does this break the rules" or "is anyone offended by this?" Good job with the immature passive agressiveness there. - Captain neckbeard tried to take the intellectual high ground and claimed that the admin did not specifically ban fecal porn, thus was making up rules. Also called the admin a pussy and snowflake. The admin served in the army, did neckbeard do the same? If not, shut up. It's his group, he can do whatever he fucking wants with it. - Neckbeard above and another alt-right asshole started calling anyone who complained about the fecal poop "snowflakes", "cucks", "whiners", "SJWs", ect. For a bunch of people claiming everyone else is a whiner and weakling, they did a lot of whining themselves. It's pretty sad to see that at least some of the millennials out there pretend to be adults act act like fucking kids. Look at how bright the future looks with people like this. Did you learn how to adult from 4chan or something? I have a black fur friend who was discussing the guy who came back from NK in a coma. His sister said "See, white people are stupid. Who the hell vacations in NK? You don't see any black people being that stupid!" And then when her brother told her to stop with the race shit, and two other people called her out on it, she proceeded to rant and rave about how she's smarter than others and everyone else is stupid, posted articles of white people being captured by NK to try to prove her point, and said "See, no black person has been captured by NK because no black person is stupid like white people going over there and getting caught." Yea. But no, pretend that black people and any other person out there can't be racist. True, before someone brings up the whole "institutional racism" thing, people of color in this country don't have the majority in either numbers or power or rights. That doesn't mean they can't be prejudiced assholes.
  9. It's proven to be a very profitable form of gaming (for gaming companies) to create generic, cookie cutter MMOs that are designed to be as addictive and money grabbing as possible As long as MMOs have that addictiviness factor, there's not much reason to get innovative. People don't buy them for their compelling storylines, graphics, innovative gameplay or challenge People buy them because they are social and give you virtual rewards for doing same thing all over again and for those, a generic MMO will do. Of course you'll see same copycat MMOs because other developers also want their cut of all the possible profits to be made from paying customers. Statistically, it's quite effective really. And sometimes you need to refresh up the supply of MMOs with a new title but because already existing model of MMOs that are dominated by mictrotransactions (not so "micro" when you can buy a 1000$ worth of in game currency with a single purchase) are so lucrative, there's no need to create something new and revolutionary Secondly, the market for MMOs is surprisingly small, at least compared to genres like platformers or FPS games. Poorly designed and created platformers for instance never manage to become popular and descend to obscurity whereas MMOs always have that addictiviness factor that keeps people in, no matter how shitty they are. Also, most MMO developers have some capital available if they can afford to maintain multiple servers so at least you'll (most of the time) get a functional and a decent looking game if one were to decide to start playing a MMO In other words, a big percentage of MMOs that get published become popular at some point but because of the nature of the gaming market, MMOs typically are quite short lived, with some exceptions like World of Warcraft because it's developers actively maintain, update and evolve their game to keep content in it fresh And I am not a professional game developer or analyst but I thought I'd chime in anyway
  10. MY UNIVERSITY SEMESTER IS OVER NOW LET'S FUCKIN' PARTAAAY! And by party, I mean I have to leave for the airport in 1 hour to catch a flight to the USA THEN WE CAN PARTAAAAAAAAAY
  11. So recently i noticed something. The huge amount of mmos being created that are copies of each other. What I mean with that is most mmos always look the same. Realistic characters that or asians characters Always same classes and roles Same combat system (TERA-like) Copy and paste mobs Its just dissapointing, i hoped some good MMO would be realeased this year but its always the same. Games like Guild wars, Final fantasy 14 , Elsword, Aion, Maplestory are like the only games that are fun and are innovative. Only game i am excited for is soul worker.
  12. C++ JIT should be more popular. I am only slightly joking.
  13. Finally got my World of Warcraft subscription renewed so I've been playing catch up on that
  14. Great my mom took my laptop. How am I supposed to play my games. I only have that smartphone with nearly no GB.
  15. Submitted by Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer. The Art of Cars 3. Foreword by John Lasseter. Preface by Brian Fee. Introduction by Bill Cone and Jay Shuster. San Francisco, CA, Chronicle Books, May 2017, hardcover $40.00 (167 [+ 1] pages), Kindle $16.19. This is the official de luxe coffee-table art book of the Disney•Pixar animated film Cars 3, released on June 16, 2017. It presents sample storyboards, pastels, digital paintings, preliminary character designs, computer models, and more, usually in full color; plus research photographs of the actual racing cars and the Daytona Speedway that were a main inspiration for the 99-minute feature film. It has been acknowledged that these “art of” books featuring animated films are money-losers, subsidized by the advertising budgets for those films, made for the promotion of those films and for the morale of the artists and technical crews that produced them. The Art of Cars 3 is full of the art of the animators, layout artists, production designers, story artists, digital renderers, graphic designers, modelers, and others who created Cars 3. As usual for these “art of” books, each piece of art is identified by its artist: Paul Abadilla, Grant Alexander, Bert Berry, Bill Cone, Craig Foster, Louis Gonzales, John Hoffman, Josh Holtsclaw, Katherine Kelly, Noah Klocek, Ivo Kos, Kyle MacNaughton, Scott Morse, George Nguyen, Bob Pauley, Laura Phillips, Jerome Ranft, Xavier Riffault, Tony Rosenast, Andrew Schmidt, Jay Shuster, Garret Taylor, J. P. Vine, and others. In addition, there are quotes from these artists. “The film opens with an exuberant burst of racing, reintroducing McQueen at the top of his game. The goal was to immerse the audience in the excitement of racing and show the camaraderie between racers. It can be bewildering to know how to begin, but having a temporary piece of music helps set the tempo. Then I’ll thumbnail, usually discarding tons of shots until it starts to flow and build in the right way.” –JP Vine, story artist. (p. 25) The movie Cars 3 could not have existed without Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011). Those (and the two Planes animated movies) established the world of anthropomorphic vehicles, especially the champion racing car Lightning McQueen. “Planned obsolescence. I grew up hearing those words frequently. Uttered by folks irate because their car was falling apart – the phrase was a catchall to express and shake a fist at the mythic (or is it?) conspiracy manufacturers employed to sell a new model annually. Centric to the story of Cars 3 is a theme of unplanned obsolescence. That is to say McQueen didn’t see it coming – until the day a sleek new breed of Piston Cup racer arrived at the track and ate McQueen’s lunch.” –Jay Shuster, Production Designer (p. 13) The Art of Cars 3 does not give a real plot synopsis of the movie. Instead it presents the protagonist Lightning McQueen, the only major character returning from the two previous movies, a champion racing car but now ten years old. The other characters are the new cast: Natalie Certain, the female auto and romantic interest; Storm Front, McQueen’s newer and more improved rival; all the other Next-Gen racers; Sterling Dunn, sports car and McQueen’s fan and trainer; Cruz, the impish young “kid sister” racer who helps McQueen train (this book’s cover shows McQueen and Cruz training together on the beach); Miss Fritter, the comedy-relief souped-up school bus; the elderly 1950s cars who were Doc Hudson’s contemporaries. Also shown are the locales: the (real) Daytona Speedway; the (fictional) Rust-Eze Racing Center; the abandoned (fictional) town that Doc Hudson, McQueen’s mentor, grew up and trained in. For the real fans of Cars 3, there are a couple of pages of visual outtakes; reference art and conceptual drawings that didn’t get used for the movie. The three Cars animated movies present anthropomorphic automobiles. Maybe this isn’t what most “furry fans” want, but it is anthro art & fiction. If you like the Cars movies – if living racing cars turn you on – go for it! –Fred Patten Buy on Amazon View the full article
  16. ignore the dust. kind of an old pc but i have upgraded it inside with a new hdd, ram and gpu.
  17. Granted! Elon Musk sues you for industrial espionage. I wish I could control frogs using simple somatic gestures.
  18. Is that 'Barrow' as in 'Wheelbarrow' or as in 'Anglo-Saxon Burial Chamber'?
  20. Vacation part one purchased book talley: 12. ._.'
  21. I have a few furry characters I could throw at you in DMs for you to look at ^^ Yea, I had to do a self portrait in my drawing class last year and it was hard as hell, ahah. Realism definitely isn't my strong suit, but people tell me I'm fairly good at it. I don't think you finished your thought on world-building there, ahah Popufur, ahah, that's a good one. Anyway, it's a bit stressful, but nice at the same time ^^ I like it when people seem like they want to talk to me I'll send you a friend request in discord and check out your deviantart ^^
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