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  2. Also, going by history and the replies he's gotten to all the announcements he should have no trouble getting enough marks to support the site. FA was crowdfunded long before Patreon and a lot of the modifications that were made to the site during the IMVU years seem have been towards monetizing it (e.g. the "shinies" system). He's also talking about adding user tiers, but I doubt he'll be able to get it going that far. He has been literally nothing but an "ideas" guy the entire time and depended entirely on yak to do the bare minimum.
  3. Gotta admit that's a big brain moment
  4. I've been playing quite a multitude of games. I don't think I've ever actually posted in this thread, but I've been playing, in no particular order: TES: Oblivion Soul Calibur 5 (Been playing it since 2018. I like to mod it.) The Sims 3 The Sims 1 Monster Rancher 2 Meet the Robinsons (Yes, it has a game, and yes I bought it. It's not bad but I haven't gotten far in it yet.) Spyro 2 & 3 LSD Dream Emulator (Bought off the Japanese PSN like a weeb) Tekken 6 Minecraft Yes, I am still using a PS3 in 2021. Fight me.
  5. he had a dildo made based on his digimon fursona so please don't joke about very real possibilities like that
  6. Earlier
  7. The mods were fine after Mentova and Kalmor exiled themselves in disgrace. Too bad the forum lost like 1/3 of it's membership before that happened LOL
  8. Wonder how he plans on paying the bills b/c something tells me his following of feeder/inflation porn enthusiasts isn't going to give him health insurance either. Dragoneer onlyfans when?
  9. Dysfunctional ass fandom
  10. Dysfunctional ass family
  11. First, a reading between the lines: https://venturebeat.com/2021/01/25/imvu-relaunches-as-together-labs-raises-35-million/ IMVU, as we all know, bought FurAffinity in 2015 for reasons that are still completely unknown and not understood. You can speculate til the cows come home. Best guess is that someone high up is a loaded greymuzzle. (Maybe Will Harvey had a FurryMUCK account back in the day? Who knows.). Anyway, Kirkland Brand Second Life is restructuring and losing dead weight, and that means the free ride both in income and coding for Dragoneer has ended. It gets wackier: So he's bought FA back - for more than he paid for it, AND he's gone into debt, AND he's eventually gonna need (surprise surprise) your help paying for it all, once again. The grift is back, baybee! Dragoneer's constant upward failure and general maximal sleaziness have been a feature of the last 15+ years of furry. It's nothing to sneeze at, but it's also too much to go into here. In all honesty social media has been so much more poisonous for the subculture that I'm just glad people are still posting on sites owned by members of the community and not just the psychological poison casino nightmare land of Twitter. FA may be a disaster, but at least it's still our disaster.
  12. Well, I'm just going to assume it's all because I'm so super cool and that my shitposts were the best. Anyways, I genuinely hope you and some of the other former users here are doing well. Oops, sorry for being genuine. This place was one of a kind and, aside from having retarded mods, it was great.
  13. I imagine hosting this forum is fairly cheap due to low traffic. See you would think but I don't think the person hosting this site has visited it in a long time. Who's the server owner? Wasn't it Zeke or something?
  14. Whoever shuts down the forums will be the winner since they can just post here right before they do.
  15. I can't believe this site is still up. I come by every couple of months out of curiosity and the lack of content both fascinates and confuses me. How is this still a thing? Is it because I'm so sexy and super cool that people still come to read my awesome posts? You know it, baby cakes. 😘 I got this shit. Phoenix'd Furry Drama Forum™ may die, but I am eternal and everlasting.
  16. Phoenixed Battle Royale. You thought you could escape it...
  17. God I relate. All these years later and my art still looks like a poo poo dump
  18. It was the best part of this place IMHO
  19. Yea this place was fun before half the forum took an unpaid internship in political canvassing.
  20. What the title says Similar to "last post wins" but with the added stakes of this forum being on its last legs
  21. I dont really speak to anyone from this forum anymore, hell I wasnt massively involved in the community when it was alive, but I get a lot of nostalgia coming back to this place. I remember the late nights back in like 2015 just spending hours lurking through some of the stupid ass conversations going on or reading through the comic thread and trying to contribute despite my god awful drawing skills which have still not improved
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    Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Benvenuto all'inferno
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