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  2. https://soundcloud.com/dusthillresident3/newpenisroom
  3. I'm dead and half gay. Post bobs and peenz.
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  5. Excellently. I love making vaguely inappropriate comments to them and sniffing their seats after they leave. รœber says I'm the pinnacle of their service. Also, last poster.
  6. Not even a Ludwig can overcome the power of a mighty cat with infinite time on her hands how's your job going
  7. Yeah, you are! Who's a good boy? YOU ARE! Guess who just found plenty of spare time to fuck around online? Totally not me. I'm totally still employed, mentally stable, and still the last poster on these furrumz. Just ask me about my new job as an รผber driver that TOTALLY DOESN'T sexually harass you. You know my giant stalks your dreams. Go ahead and post again, nerdz. See who gets the last post.
  8. Nah. Nice try, cutie pie. My stamina, endurance, and amount of time to waste are legendary. I'm even more powerful than a cum pizza callously cast into a hotel hallway. Luv u anyway tho ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
  9. Sorry bro but only I can be the last poster
  10. Double posting because dead site. I will forever be your benevolent retard whether you like it or not. P.S. Null stole my avatar. I am immortal.
  11. is it in or around Boston MA? if so yes
  12. hey do you guys want to come to my pizza party?
  13. Under the future, we bury the past.
  14. spread the word on twitter then. i don't care who we get. forums must survive
  15. I'm still here and also immortal, unlike this community lmao Just wait for my retarded discord ops to take fold. All will finally buckle before me once and for all.
  16. Its 2017 and the site is bright blue again. Are we still arguing about feelings, the red lantern, and cropped porn profile pictures?
  17. Logs show that the site is in fact, deceased.
  18. It's whatever man. Put what you want on it. You can just leave it in the hallway I don't want it.
  19. Gaming insane asylum ResetEra just changed hands for 4.5 million dollars. A year before, the living corpse of Something Awful was sold to one of it's 100 remaining regular forum posters for 100K. Both completely mindfucking amounts of cash in both cases. We still don't know how much money Piche paid to get FA back.


    It's such a forced meme. The actual valuable asset isn't the image itself, since as far as I know you can't encode something that big into ~the blockchain~, the asset is being able to prove ownership of, get this, the URL to the image. Friendly reminder that Bitcoin and TOR were developed for the fairly obvious purpose of funneling cash and information to an intelligence asset located in a targeted foreign country without the target country being able to track them. The ability to prop up criminal enterprises is considered a mix of acceptable risk and added bonus, depending on how nefarious the u.s. government needs to be at any given time. Anyway, yeah. Crypto is fake and gay (in the counterstrike sense) and nobody wants it around. It is pushed by the worst idiots alive, no exceptions. It's pretty open money laundering too btw.
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