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  2. Do you have a telegram? The local furs asked. Why don't you have a telegram account? That's where all the cool furs are. Why don't you get a telegram and then follow our groups on it. No one told me those fucking groups would be 100% stickers, porn, and DICK PICTURES. Like I really want to see your fucking penis (although that one guy had a huge one... yikes. ThorHammer, destroyer of anuses). Seriously though, penises, gifs of masturbation and cum shots. It's just a meeting place for hypersexed immature gay furs to fucking hit on each other and wave their junk around like they're fucking special. I thought grindr was for that? Add to that, I'll ignore it for a day and there will be 500 new posts in a group chat, once again lots of stickers, porn, dick pics. I'm starting to reevaluate whether this was worth it. There's a reason I don't want to be best buds with most furs. Also, Adderall makes me wired as hell and exhausted at the same time. It does nothing to help my concentration or motivation. ?????
  3. Forget a civil war over political ideology. There's about to be a civil war up in here over pineapple on pizza. And I know who's side I'll be on. *hoists flag with pineapple in the middle of it*
  4. Yesssss fucking PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!
  5. I hate the excuse that people make of "They're just drawings!" You're still sexualizing the concept of children, and it's still pedophilic, you fuck.
  6. I'm trying to devote this summer to losing a bit of weight now that I have the time to do it and it's at least better than sitting around at home doing nothing. So far in the two weeks I've been going to the gym I've lost 10lbs so that's good. This is partially because I need to not look like a gross whale and also not develop diabetes, but also because I'm hoping to start T before I leave for Austria and sometimes (depending on the doctor, etc.) they'll recommend you lose weight before starting Even if I don't do that, I still need something to manage my PCOS because apparently leaving it untreated for several years is bad
  7. Howdy there! Welcome! So what all do you like to do? Play any games?
  8. I remember long ago a user used to make furry porn of a sonic styled character that was wheelchair ridden. I kinda felt bad because people think that disabled people don't have sex or sexual urges? I felt less bad when he wanted the characters to be 7 or 9 years old......ummm?
  9. We're assuming it has something to do with recent(-ish) site updates, but honestly we don't have any clue as to what's causing either problem
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  11. Holy bashizzle You know, the weird thing is I don't really know I'm doing a Computer Science degree, so I'll get a job and hopefully meet someone The blanks inbetween are many and far apart What is life
  12. Hey hey! Welcome to Peenix How's it hanging?
  13. "I kinda like watching the twinkies on the dance floor... not on a shelf..."
  14. Well, and what's interesting is that I know people who are lifestyle kinksters (including a small handful of furries), and they're totally cool people. I think the difference is that they radiate easygoing confidence and self-acceptance, and aren't pushy, cloying, or aggressive. The annoying kinksters, in contrast, usually have terrible boundaries and no understanding of "time and place," and tend to radiate desperation, cluelessness, and neediness--or at least, that's been my read of them. Oh, and sitting your family down like you're about to share your cancer diagnosis is an awful, idiotic way to "come out" to your parents (or anyone) about being furry. It immediately sends a non-verbal message that Something is Very Wrong.
  15. even though I liked older rayman games I unironically enjoyed it what can I say, it was a great Wii party game
  16. Rabbids are like the Minions of video games.
  17. Hi, my name is Cailin. Feel free to use any diminutive you'd like. I'm a Shetland sheepdog and have been a furry for some time. I don't fursuit or attend conventions. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk, I enjoy meeting new people.
  18. Why would rayman fans get angry when they were the same ones that dislike the rabbids? why do you think they went off into their own series, I mean sure the rabbids are part of the rayman universe but they have their own games now as an offshoot.
  19. "That's it, this galaxy blows"
  20. Not really. Raving Rabbids became it's own series years ago. They have nothing to do with Rayman anymore.
  21. Hello. Welcome. Have fun. Haha, Minisodium.
  22. I think my biggest issues have been with those people who can't really distinguish between a lifestyle and a hobby. They come off as a little obsessive, sometimes don't have the social knowledge to understand boundaries. They tend to be really casually sexual too. I do find it very weird when someone feels the need to "come out" as furry, like it's a sexuality. I also find it weird that their enjoyment of the fandom revolves completely around the sexual elements, like it's not even furry to them if it's not sexual on some level. Hearing that someone sat down his/her family to break the news to them always makes me cringe. It's that subset of the fandom that thinks it's ok to be gross to a children's cereal mascot on twitter and wear bondage gear in public spaces where it's not even really allowed, that I find problematic. One the one hand I hear people complaining that the rest of the community doesn't police these people hard enough but I don't think it's fair to put responsibility of grown ass adults who should know better on the rest of the fandom.
  23. 8/10 I loveeee swing style
  24. I know how much @GarthTheWereWolf likes werewolf-based dime romance novels
  25. ctrl+v
  26. Same here, both on desktop and mobile. I noticed it happened around the time when thread embeds stopped working and just kept loading indefinitely.
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