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  2. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Dear God, this poor thread. Also that guy is me so Hiya. Nice to be remembered two years ago.
  3. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    I haven't been on here in years, is this place dead yet? Is there a telegram group or something?
  4. Holy-o-fuck

    *One password reset later* Hey there! I'm finally back on! Yeah RL kind of hit me hard and sort of knocked me away from this place! Funny how those kind of things tend to happen, don't they? But anyways, I've found my way back and I'll try to come back more often. No guarantees that I'll be as active as I once was since I've found myself a part of a youtube gaming group as well as a Brony youtube group. yeah not sure how exactly i got roped into that lot, but hey I get along with them pretty well and have been doing more in that group lately. Kinda been picking up on video editing lately since I've been getting into game lets plays. ^^"
  5. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    havn't been on here in a while i just rechecked FAF as well and was like "da fuq"
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  7. Automation: Car Showcase

    So, since discord seems to still be down for me, I'm just going to fill this forum up with random junk such as these cars. The only reason this car exists is because I really wanted to play around with a V12, but it came out to be a bit unreliable and cut the revs short. When working on it, the only two cars I had in mind were the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Pagani Zonda 7.3 V12, which are widely known to have very powerful, naturally aspirated v12 engines. The original engine on this car (NA) pushed out 831 BHP plus some more, and the turbocharger was added later to see how far the engine could go. 0-100 times seem very sluggish to me at 3.80s The car does provide it's own weight in downforce, so it does have that going for it. Oh well, it was fun to make
  8. Clean furry art thread!!!

    Artist: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ango76/
  9. Rave: I graduate college in 5 days!

    congratulations! Now comes the hard part, RL!
  10. Minä haluaisin asua Suomi yks päivän.

  11. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    This place will live on forever in your heart, why else did you come back?
  12. E3 2019 Megathread

    Still waiting for Space Kids 2 to be announced
  13. E3 2019 Megathread

    Its E3 everyone! That means more video game announcements than you can shake a stick at! So lets all discuss the new upcoming video games and this E3 in general! (forgive my lateness; I should've made this sooner lol) Some notable announcements thus far: Microsoft's next console is nicknamed Scarlett; Halo Infinite is releasing on it and PC next year Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West Ni No Kuni is getting a remaster on PS4 and PC, and the original PS3 version is getting a port to the Switch Tales of Arise announced Shenmue III's PC version is Epic Games Store exclusive Halo Anniversary for PC's games can all be purchased individually for $10 a piece, excepting ODST, which is $5 Final Fantasy VII Remake releases March 3, 2020 Doom Eternal releases November 22 of this year Elden Ring, a Fromsoft (Dark Souls) game with writing by George RR Martin (Game of Thrones) was announced And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Many, many announcements have happened and there's more to come! Square Enix's press conference is later tonight, and tomorrow Nintendo shows its stuff off in a Direct! Some trailers:
  14. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Hey retards what's kicking? Not this place. #ded
  15. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Nigga y u postin Go home
  16. Rave: I graduate college in 5 days!

    I am now a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. :DDDDD
  17. Rave: I graduate college in 5 days!

    This here is that good shit. Its kinda crazy how you can look at your past self and compare it to now through a long string of posts, photos and the like. That development is the fun part of living right? Anyway. Same, dude. College feels like shit and its great that you made it through - it gives a fella some motivation through the next one... two(?) years. I want a piece of that freedom too, and I'm not gonna let you take all of it lol. Get yourself a nice drink or somethin' haha I guess the 'niggas' are college. College is also a hater.
  18. Its finally happening! After 18 consecutive years of school, I'm finally about to be done with it all! 5 days from now, I will be graduating college with a Bachelor's in Computer Science! I've finally done it! It feels weird. I started posting back on FAF back in highschool. It feels weird knowing you all from when I was an underage highschool student and now still being here after all this time being a college graduate about to step out into the world. Its really exciting though! Plus it just...feels good to be done with it all. College was hell for me and I think school stressing me out was a large part of what brought on my depression. I've been in a rough spot for a while but finally...finally it'll all be over. No more worrying about homework. No more worrying about tests. I go to work, come home from work, and I don't need to think about work anymore! And considering my plans, this should cure my loneliness too! I plan on moving to the big city, Boston MA, after I graduate. Heading up north and finally being away from the sticks and in the big city is like a dream come true, and I'll be all on my own! I do have a friend that lives in the area but this is the first time I'm making such major decisions myself! Getting an apartment, roaming the big city...I'll finally be able to do things and make choices for myself. Picking my own clothes, going where I wanna go when I want to, having a room to myself...I'm so happy! 5 days is all that's left!
  19. big news

  20. big news

    I do!






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      E      L E

      V E   N D 

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      That's not possible...

      It cannot be

      Is this...


  22. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Life update: I have plans to upload every human to a collective consciousness and subvert them all to my will.
  23. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    le ebin dabe :-DDD
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