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  2. Fun thoughts, you say? Not trying to let little Anthony send you to the Cornfields, huh?
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  4. Yeah scoda is European. Its a Czech car. Used to have a really bad reputation but they are actually quite good now.
  5. It's easy to pretend to get along when there is plenty for all and inequality isn't too bad. Old racial/religious/etc lines tend to become more apparent when there's not as much to go around and a few elite are grabbing an increasing share of the shrinking pie. The country in question has had declining energy consumption after 2007 while population and wealth inequality continued to increase: Interestingly enough despite the energy decline there are plenty of claims on wealth (denoted by USD), just not for the majority of people: An increasing share of this supposed wealth is tied up in paper assets though such as grossly overvalued stocks, which helps explain why there's so much apparent wealth while energy consumption has slightly decreased since 2007 (the other part of the equation is that manufacturing and other energy-intensive and well-paying jobs ex military have continued to be sent elsewhere): Fortunately for the few wealthy it seems that as long as the anger of the poor is directed against each other they themselves will be mostly left alone. Jay Gould said it best: So keep up the good fight, fighting each other over smaller and smaller scraps while the country stagnates and the already wealthy take increasing share of the wealth. Doesn't matter whether it's fighting over a shrinking pool of good-paying jobs or in the streets, as long as the few people at the top can quietly clean up. Pictured: Fighting in Charlottesville. The image is actually rather flattering as most Americans aren't that fit.
  7. I think we all know who our favourite prolific thread creator is, I personally thought my favourite Nova thread was "Rave: 2 months working", I was glad to hear how well nova was going and it was a great thread.
  8. In this thread we will post about the fun thoughts we had today. Today, I thought about the fun I am going to have making my new thread and also the fun thought that I get to talk to all my furriends <3
  9. I believe that we should tax our death camps and put in greater regulations so the people in them are treated humanely.
  10. Its the most important consideration because violent acts always supersede whatever beliefs a person has. If you take action to physically injure a person and its not in self defense from physical harm (as in, you are initiating the physical act of violence), you are more in the wrong than anyone else involved. Being able to speak heinous views must be protected for the sake of speech on the whole; the violence itself is the most important thing to take into consideration from this event. Allowing people to speak heinous beliefs does not validate them. You can tell someone their belief doesn't even hold value or merit without acting violent against them. Punching someone doesn't equate to anti racism. Anti racism is telling a racist that they're wrong while promoting equality. The reason initiating physical acts of violence is morally reprehensible has nothing to do with the law. The law simply upholds that already preexisting morality. Believing that two groups are doing wrongs does not mean the same as believing that they are equally wrong. It is simply easier to denounce everything wrong in one since, in the end, the amount something is bad is not so important as the fact that something bad happened. That everything wrong must be denounced so as to expose poor behavior and encourage behavior that does not reside within everything pegged as bad or wrong. Believing that two groups are doing wrongs also does not imply the idea that those with said belief lack any sort of conviction, and as such I do not believe its fair to call such people cowardly.
  11. Don't really have an opinion other than the fact that we're still dealing with racism issues in this country in 2017 is stupid as fuck.
  12. It has everything to do with how we educate about these things. We were taught that Nazism/fascism basically stopped with WWII and the Holocaust and that the only true remnants are just random skinheads you see on occasion. Honestly the only reason I knew that Antifa wasn't just something Americans made up to fight the alt-right was because I saw people using "antifaschistische" symbols. Mallet, I know that this is all tongue in cheek, but it still gave me an aneurysm :v
  13. redid the door again. I need to learn to leave shit alone. ...or maybe not since this looks a hell of a lot better. either way I need to finish this shit before it goes the way of DM_Shafted and stays in development hell for like six years
  14. Today my shift lead manager told my coworker he should take out the trash, he replied it wasnt in his job description So being a clever little shit she went into the office and printed out a new nametag, our nametags have our name, the year we joined, and our job title, right under the job title "customer service associate", she put "takes out trash"
  15. That and the answer to extremist is by being on the other side of the spectrum. If a giant fireball came and rained down on that whole rally with both sides getting torched, I'm sure nothing valuable to society would have been lost.
  16. I done did some arts wow! I'm really proud of the second one c:
  17. This is a mess I'll probably have to deal with - which isn't going to be fun. Not one bit In all honesty, I'm actually fearful of my life: all because of some political nonsense.
  18. Wouldn't be the first one. Sometimes, Nintendo just makes gorgeous furry bait.
  19. I reckon, some people are just inclined towards authoritarianism. From there, my read is that in addition to seeking the usual sense of meaning, order, and belonging, people who join these kinds of movements are also looking to feel important and powerful. Nazis are scary and intimidating, and so people who want to be intimidating and feel powerful themselves may be drawn to Neo-Nazi or white supremacist groups. This is why I suggest that satire and mockery are powerful tools for de-fanging these kinds of movements.
  20. Ehhh, freedom of speech, plays a part.
  21. Meanwhile, my grand mother actually WAS raped by Nazis. Anyway... I think what baffles me here is that America has a long, long, long history of glorifying it's defeat of the Nazis. The History Channel might as well be called 'The America Punched All The Nazis Channel'. Is it June 6th? Time for the annual Band of Brother's marathon! Entire documentary franchises cover specific events of the war or the accomplishments of manufacturing or the home front or even just one particular aircraft. Countless films with various depictions of America at war. Chrysler has never shied away from semi-frequently basing their advertising on how the Jeep helped defeat the Nazi's and now you can own with power steering and giant cup holders! To put it lightly, the American victory in WWII is one of the shining pinnacles of 'American Exceptionalism' up there with the moon landing. Nazi Germany has been the 'Easy Enemy' for opposing everything that the United States stand for, making them a guilt free inclusion in many video games or pieces of fiction. ...So how in the hell did American streets filled with men holding torches, some wearing swastika arm bands and chanting Nazi slogans find ANY acceptance as a flavor of patriotism in America?
  22. Everyone's stupid.
  23. I actually agree, even though I firmly believe that the alt-right is a much greater threat, and that our priority right now should be to take a stand against white supremacist (or whatever the dipshits are calling it now) ideology. I agree that the people who are saying that "both sides are bad" or that "both sides have done bad things" are overwhelmingly wimpy, cowardly "moderates" or right-wing concern trolls. The liberals are absolutely correct in this case that one side in this conflict was largely comprised of Nazis by any other name, and you shouldn't mince words about that. But, it does bother me that so many of my liberal friends figure that if you're supposedly fighting Nazis, you can do no wrong, and that anyone who criticizes or questions you when you're "fighting fascists" is obviously an apologist for fascism themselves. That strikes me as incredibly dangerous. History has shown that the road to hell is paved with righteous intentions, and that when you've long stared into the abyss, the abyss stares into you. I am also sick of my right-wing friends who have glommed onto the idiotic term "alt-left" and who've been screeching about Antifa non-stop like the group buggered their grandma. Other than finding them often rather tiresome and obnoxious, I just can't get too excited about Antifa. I'm also annoyed with my right-wing Yankee friends who are concern-trolling and crying crocodile tears about the Confederate monuments, and posting all kinds of moronic memes that engage in false equivalence by asking if we should (for example) take down statues of MLK jr. because he "opposed gay marriage." (Spot all of the problems with that, kids! I rang the friend who posted this one through the ringer.) I am also feeling for my black, Jewish, and other friends who understandably feel unnerved and uneasy right now, and I wish I could do even more to support and comfort them.
  24. oh boy!

    Lunch. Okay fine, Space and Earth science. I like science and stuff. Space is cool, how there's literally nothing but it's full of everything, and there's so much room, everything's so big, there's a bunch of coo- Stop laughing. What's your favorite classic 80's movie?
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