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  2. People were like that on forums too, make no mistake. FAF itself had site staff who were accountable to no one and used their power to punish people they didn't like, they brought that culture with them here and choked the potential this place had in the cradle Anytime anyone controversial, offensive, or retarded gained some notoriety on FAF the same loud, career victims would cry and moan at every possible opportunity that they needed to be banned. The only difference is that with Twitter these people are weaponizing the entire planet against you and not just a subculture of a subculture.
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  4. Discord? Heh. An old-school forum demands old-school chatting. Make an IRC channel instead.
  5. Modern social media was crafted in such a way as to subtly turn everyone into cops, and cops aren't very popular these days. Everyone can see each other's shit, dig through each other's likes. We had people digging through post histories and being terrible on the old forums but nothing as bad as now. Twitter has no edit button, and everything you say can and will be used against you if some random person decides to try and collect the general bounty on everyone else's head.
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  7. 1) If your users are that retarded then absolutely, in fact it's telling of my 200000000Q the fact that I'm not subscribed to that shitty site. I mean, I used to be but shhhhh don't tell anybody it's a secret 2) If I'm high then probably. I'm sure Mr Zucc took a few pillies for the nerves and even those barely kept him from bursting lol 3) Shit.
  8. What do you know about charisma? You think you can entices your users to put themselves under 24/7 surveillance and not only get away with it but still make billions? You think you could testify before congress and get out a single sentence without stuttering and shitting your pants? You think you can hit a 3inch target at 120 kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope? Don't talk shit about Zuckerberg, meatbag.
  9. I don't know man, I only see projections here. By your same logic Facebook should be dead since it's run by a soulless corporate robot, unless you seriously want to have me believe Mark Zuckenberg is in any way "charismatic" lol. Ergo, you don't need charisma to run a successful website. To clarify, when I say "personal" website I simply mean "made by me, with my rules", nothing more; it certainly does not entail a personality cult. Not that I'm serious about this whole idea anyway. 'Tis all just that: an idea
  10. So what's up my African American friends Any updates on your lives? Any news? I got some news. I have job. And girlfriend. Be jealous, bitches. Except not really.
  11. hmm I concede defeat I do think this ignores the increase in popularity of internet use among the common person but Well, yeah I guess it was always there in some capacity. You're right.
  12. Yeah it's this one. Online social hubs predate twitter and 'always online' monoculture by almost a decade and they were EXTREMELY popular in their time. FARK, Something Awful, Ebaumsworld, Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, 4chan... the list goes on. Literally the opposite. "social justice" on a real-life global scale does not work because resources are limited and inequality is an inevitable consequence. It doesn't work as a socio-political aspiration for the same reason: eventually you reach a critical mass of mutually exclusive and contradictory needs/wants that can only be approximated by half-measures that satisfy no one. The only resource online is attention and this longing for a smaller, tight-knit community is directly related to your lack of engagement with the real world around you. Most people get their social needs met by IRL connections and see the internet purely as a vehicle to draw more attention to themselves, not make friends or talk about shit. Your personal website will be dead on arrival because you don't even have a fraction of the charisma required to maintain a cult of personality lmao.
  13. Wow, How did I not find out about this forum before?

    1. fennecbyte


      It's not really that well advertised, is it?

  14. Makes sense. Lumping vastly different people together with different aspirations is always a disaster waiting to happen. And this ain't, say, a country, where you've got to make compromises for the common good (or don't, and have everything go to shit): there's no need to share space together on the internet where you aren't bound by limitations in space or resources, unlike real life. If you don't like me (I'm saying in general, certainly not to you specifically Chili) that's fine: I can go make my own site, create my own space with my own rules. Here's a good thing about the internet that's overlooked, and that I'm seriously starting to consider myself. Maybe in some hypothetical future if I'll care enough I'll do something like that: set up my own server, my own site, my way, and all the dipshits I despise can go straight to hell. I'll call it... Outer Haven :v
  15. iirc i could've probably kept that going but like why
  16. You're exaggerating it but kinda Prior to large scale social media, people posted on smaller forums for likeminded interests. A furry forum, a video game forum, specific game forums, anime forums, all sorts of individual smaller communities. People would have a set of specific smaller communities with some common ground in them that they'd visit. Consequently there wasn't constant discourse from people completely outside their own subculture knowledge. People wouldn't be flooded with unwanted kpop fancams or have politics shoved in their faces or have people with no understanding of their communities poking their noses in beyond the occasional troll that'd appear for maybe a week and disappear. There was no algorithm to make people see things they didn't want to see. I dunno, maybe I'm just projecting my own frustration with certain aspects of social media on others.
  17. Dunno. Ask them. I can't speak for any of those people. Ah, I'm not entirely serious. Whatever somebody does with their free time is their choice. The only way around that is what Vae said, getting off the internet, or as you suggested, not engaging with them, but what's the fun in that? There are people who are willing to engage in meaningful arguments, but they sure as hell won't be on the internet.
  18. What'd you mean by "their humanity"? Their actual day-to-day way of being? The kind we'd see if we observed their interactions with say family and friends? And not their online persona, where they drop some retarded comment on social media (i.e. Twatter) as if it were a big official statement? Could you provide an example please? Not asking in a challenging manner, I'm simply curious what'd you mean with those exactly, sounds interesting It ain't bro. Misery loves company; what you just said is what those retards want you to believe so you keep showering them with attention they'd otherwise never get. It's not cowardice, it's mental sanity to refuse to engage with people who you already know will wholly shit on whatever point you make and strut about like they're victorious, no matter how well-argumented you may have been. Reasons vary: insecurity, venting, utter self-righteousness and lack of humility, engaging in arguments with the sole intent to prove how superior you are and belittle your opponents, plain stupidity... It's just a massive waste of time Expanding on what Zara said, I got two more possible reasons why the internet sucks donkey cocks: 1) news outlets, small or big, preying on oversensitive people to feed the outrage machine, on both ends of the political spectrum; 2) people just don't know or refuse to treat each other with dignity/respect And yeah, I've been guilty of these, but see it don't matter if only me or you try to improve as people and be better speakers, be "gentlemanly", as fedora-tipping that may sound, since there's way more people who have yet to also reach a sufficient level of maturity. At first I was like "there's too many young pepo on da interwebz, and yong pepo stupid and emotional and disrespectful yo", but then you see fully grown people also doing incredibly childish, petty high-school tier shit (I'm talking about internet "drama", blindly believing what the news say without question, doxxing, using buzzwords as a substitute for argumentation etc.) or even better kids behaving better than "adults" and realize that that ain't it chief: it's not the kids, it's just the mongoloids. Maybe it's my fault, maybe I'm imagining things or have been simply unlucky enough to stumble upon shitty people only or frequent the wrong sites, maybe it's because I don't go out much, but it really does seem like people only treat each other like shit these days. Again, I've also been guilty of being a cunt and I worked towards fixing it, and again it don't matter because we're surrounded by dickheads that don't look into themselves, don't see or ignore their faults and believe they're perfect instead and everyone can go fuck themselves because screw you I'm always right yadda yadda yadda. I swear, the mental growth of some of these shitsuckers stopped at like 14 And that ladies and gentleman is why... Seriously, I've been feeling best and got more done the least I frequented sites that are in any way "social". Just use the internet to watch cat videos and listen to music lol
  19. I honestly don't even know how to respond to this post. What do you think people did for thousands of years before social media? Do you think interdisciplinary/interfaith dialogue just didn't exist? Do you believe in some weird caricature of the past where people lived in homogeneous paradise with ONLY people who looked, thought, and did exactly the same thing as each other? People do not even get along in the sort of cultural enclaves you appear to view necessary for a healthy social environment - look what happened to this place. I can break down why the internet sucks ass into two major pain points for you: 1.) People online are just an amalgamation of all of their most vocal opinions and it is impossible to comprehend their humanity in this environment. 2.) The generations that matured/are maturing with the internet as their primary social environment have been utterly fucking ROBBED of their future. They have no value to place in anything except constant analysis and reconstruction of their own identities. There is no path towards actualization, personal growth, or a meaningful role in society, they have no control over anything material and neurotically over-analyze the immaterial in the futile search for purpose in a world that has no use for them.
  20. Is that why forum activity dropped off a fucking cliff after I got tired of listening to a bunch of low IQ nitwits bicker over semantics and stopped posting? LOL
  21. algorithm... Some rando who doesn't even get you angry doesn't keep you on a site, a popular or polarizing person does. Yes, but that's cowardice. guacamole nigga penis
  22. ArielMT


    I think there was one active mod who said "THIS IS FINE" and stayed on. All the other mods who didn't quit were as inactive as the Space Jam website.
  23. Zaraphayx


    The funniest part about that whole thing IMO was that SSJ3Mewtwo guy who was still a mod on the writing subforum and any time the shitposting bled into his domain he fucking banned you. It was like the one lawful bubble of FAF lmao
  24. Zaraphayx


    Dragoneer told the forum mods they had to give him photo ID and SSN to be forum mods so they all said "LOL NAH" and quit.
  25. There is an official one that still exists, but it's p much dead. People might post in there once in a very odd while. EDIT: If people still want an invite, DM me. I just need to make sure you've been on in a recent timeframe, because invites are one-use, one-day expiration only.
  26. Vae

    just checking in

    Technically, nothing forces you to see anything. You just gotta log off the goddamn internet. I exist. That's just about all I can say other than trying to stick to a consistent workout regimen lately. Quarantine keeping all the summer shit closed is kind of driving me the stir-crazy batfuck insane. I can do without all the "[x] IS pRoBLemAtiC and if u disagree w/ me u are a ToXiC bIGoT RAcISt" shit on social media, because I literally do not fucking care. But that's what keyword filters are for. Which I use liberally. So it's no big.
  27. Pretty sure whatever official Discord group Peenix used to have has been shut down
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