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  4. 2020 was a year Good on you for learning some Python/Linux and getting fit and getting back into your hobbies! I'm sorry about the fire and Covid thing though, but it sounds like you are at least kinda okay which is pretty cool!! I'm kinda jealous, I originally planned to meet up with some people from here last year but Covid screwed that all up. So instead I've just been passing time doing what I usually do, watching anime and playing video games. I should really expand more. I have gained a lot more confidence in myself lately however and I plan to start dating soon and stop being such a lonely sod. Hopefully I'll find someone nice. Got a new computer that I'm waiting to come in the mail, and I'm surprisingly well off financially. Not like, rich or anything or even middle class; its just weird to me to have savings. I hope Seattle treats you well! I live up in the Northeast these days. Soooo much better than when I was in the rural South. (if you don't entirely recognize me, I used to go by Battlechili)
  5. JohnSwaggz


    Hello I'm newbie on the forum I'm 25 and I'm from WA)
  6. Started university which was good and discovered I love whisky more than I reasonably should along with a brief DnD addiction which I quickly got over after I realised most the DMs at my university are kind of dicks so I've got a more casual game going on online with some of my friends from college. After that point the plague started so I've been stuck inside for the past year or so- on and off fitness shit, still got my job and my desire to drink whisky has only grown as the world seems to be somehow getting stupider. So all in all not as bad as it could be Also I'm taking after Rassah (was that his name I cant even remember) and started investing some cash into stocks 'n shit.
  7. Howldy, It has certainly been an eventful few years. I don't think I actually keep up with anybody that still bothers to check here every now and again. So, while you're not dead and the forum still exists, why don't you tell me what you've been up to and how you're doing generally speaking? I'll start. I feel like this year has been pretty terrible, but my life has been on a general upward trend since I broke up with my girlfriend of four years and finished my psychology degree. I got physically fit and started engaging with my hobbies again, climbing, cycling, chess, music. This year I started teaching myself Python and Linux stuff with some guidance from my room mate. I dated a few people on and off, discovered I was polyamorous and maybe on the ace spectrum along the way. I saw some good shows and had a few good cons before the pandemic hit. My favorite was easily flying to California to see the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution show with Vaer. My state was on fire to the point that I almost had to evacuate, I caught coronavirus, and recently moved to Seattle. Now I'm just keeping my nose to the grindstone till I find a big boi job and save up enough for a goddamn car. I reckon things could be a lot worse. How about you, internet animals? How the fuck you doin'?
  8. Surprisingly I feel like I'm bored enough to be interested in joining something like that, even though I know nothing good would come of it
  9. Don't we have one already? 👀👀 It's more deceased than the forums but still there
  10. Did you guys make another discord yet? It's time for our yearly reminder that we all hate each other for no reason.
  11. Shut up I'm glad he bumped this thread b/c my posting ITT was brilliant and I'm glad I got to reread it.
  12. well not much school is happening right now i can tell you that
  13. Does it really matter? At this point this forum is such a desolate wasteland any discussion should be encouraged. Also I'm gay.
  14. Bruh, the last response in this thread was almost three years ago.
  15. Wow- such mega egotistical hostility, yet inept view of real life. I guess it takes all types, huh.
  16. I'm watching the original Gundam and it's making me more curious as to how the "mech" genre evolved. It seems to mark this transitional period between the kind of shows that were summarized by the Krypton Force Trailer Guy and later shows that took a more directly sci-fi/thematically sophisticated tone. It's well-written, the soundtrack is absolutely boss, but the animation isn't far beyond it's predecessors; beyond the two obvious iconic mech designs everything still looks very 70s. It's striking how humble it looks, how it doesn't measure up to the hole it's punched in Japanese culture. Sometimes things are just like that. Sort of the opposite of stuff like the original Star Trek, where it's immediately and visually obvious that it was something that was very different from the TV shows that came before.
  17. People are working themselves up over the fact that there are furries that actually voted for Trump when 20 years of experience in the subculture have taught me that furries, especially the younger ones, are perfectly capable of being dumb and gullible as all hell.
  18. To be fair, Pretty much anything that was remotely big in 2016 is coming to the end of its cycle
  19. He's gone and the celebrations are going about as you would expect.
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