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  2. Der Coomer but it's a bad acid trip Oh btw, speaking of COOMing LET ME INTO THE PORN SECTION OF THE FORUM YOU BASTARDS DO IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW
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  4. It is the year of the rat though. :U
  5. I think I had a stroke reading this, thanks.
  7. I made a stupid shitpost and nobody else is gonna watch it so I'm posting it here, enjoy
  8. I'll never understand the appeal of "clone" YCHs, which for the uninitiated it's those YCHs that are identical but with different coloring and sometimes even accessories! Usually depicting dicc, ass or tiddy so that the artist doesn't even have to waste precious energy drawing an actual face. Are people's standards really so low as to be okay to buy the same thing everyone else has? I'd understand if we were talking about a car or a game console or something but this is fucking art, isn't its entire point to be unique or at the very least present something under a fresh or enticing perspective? "Lol no just use the same base over and over but with my yiffsona's color palette this time pls kthnxbai". Bloody hell. It's their money, they can waste it any way they like but fuck me are people's tastes shit sometimes. This triggers my 'tism Actually you know what? I'm gonna open my OWN clone YCHs baby, ye-heah! If people are gonna be so dumb as to settle for such low effort shit I might as well take advantage of it too! LO LO LO LODS O MONE SHOW ME THE MONE
  9. Two words: Rule 34. Little ol' 14 y.o. me stumbled upon some porn of Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank and it was on that fateful day that my fate was sealed, and I was forever cursed to COOM to gay (and occasionally not gay) furry shit. I think I probably burned my dopamine receptors in the process lmao. Ah well, neurons grow back... Anyway it's always nice to hear people getting along with each other. Good for you man, me I find it difficult to relate to most furries since they tend to be annoyingly oversensitive and therefore unfun, Peenix bois here being an exception ofc
  10. esix advertisement time hell yeah
  11. Last time I checked this place was around when was entering college and I've been doing all my furry shit on discord and twitter, attempts at art when I'm not wasting time on epic videogames. I really like this putrid jizz-encrusted fandom tbh, people are cool, we don't judge each other because we are all weird as fuck, fun times. There's always the creepy peeps but that's just the internet experience in general. My first furfag days back in middle school were spend lurking tumblr and ol' days furaffinity forums, I only remember the shit that went down was lit and I was happy after seeing these forums were born and proceeded to lurk more. I didn't get here because of the porn, found this fandom because of a youtube comment, discovered that I love anthro artwork too much and embraced the cowona infection. I feel indifferent towards porn in general, never had a crush or urge to watch porn, I'm very likely ace but still not sure, I don't feel straight or gay either. So what's your story Ckiimyr? How did you end up in this beautiful sanctuary?
  12. Unrelated question: you don't happen to be THIS JooJoo, do you?
  13. So tell me Jack what'd you do in life? What's your stance on this putrid jizz-encrusted fandom, the furfag fandom? Only good for the porn or nah?
  14. I wonder if those 20 guests are bots or if they're just masochists
  15. Flash boobie to assert dominance over your costumers.
  16. *Recovered my password just to answer this even tho I'm not "new" but never posted because me 3-ish years ago was too much of a pussy to post in this beautiful forum. Sup y'all
  17. I just wanted to say this here because I can't comment on the Reddit thread: there are so, so, so many absolute simps over on Reddit. I am wholly unconvinced that the customer "came in frequently to berate them." This entire establishment seemed to be in a state of pure chaos and I've never seen a larger failure of customer service and mature adulthood in all my years on this planet. I say this as someone who has worked in the service industry doing both management and customer service for upwards of nine years. Also, if the above part is true: that she is 19 and was asked to come back in to close... 1) calling the cops was a horrible idea (because underage drinking + being drunk while on the clock)... 2) flashing your boob in public like that is indecent exposure and she could've been arrested on that basis alone. I'm saying this to everyone's parents: the parents of the Redditors, the parents of the employees at this establishment... raise your kids better. So much "nope" transpired from this situation. Like *hell* she/the people commenting about it aren't painfully mentally ill.
  18. Let’s draw and yiff. The only two things that can revive this place from the dead.
  19. Why there new people this forum died years ago.
  20. what's with all the new members all of a sudden, first all the 20 or so guests always lurking now this COME FORTH AND IDENTIFY YOURSELVES RIGHT HERE OTHERWISE YOU'RE PUSSY BITCHES
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