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  2. WTF

    I thought we were talking on a largely defunct, isolated-ass furry forum, and not in a college setting. Silly me.
  3. WTF

    Anecdotal evidence is usually worthless.
  4. Idea to revive forum

    I don’t see how phoenixed was ever toxic?
  5. WTF

    So the pedophiles are on Discord and the animalrapists are on telegram is there anywhere I can go where I can share bad memes without being tangled up in this can I post them here???
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  7. WTF

    Wouldn't the source be firsthand experience in this instance?
  8. WTF

    I'd like to see some sources for that.
  9. WTF

    kid porn gross 'm`
  10. WTF

    As someone who works in mental health, dear gods yes, this type of thing leads to real-world consequences, children getting hurt, adults normalizing sexual feelings towards minors and immense intergenerational suffering... I'm all for freedoms, but the sexualization of minors is never appropriate or acceptable.
  11. WTF

    Letting children access it isn't the problem. It's encouraging people to sexualize children. People should not be doing that.
  12. WTF

    Dammit This was the opposite direction I wanted them to take this. Though I can't fault anyone for wanting to protect children and all just...I don't want people's freedoms to be limited in order to do so. Its not like such art is intended to be viewed by children. Its not like such art isn't age-gated. Discord already requires people to be 18+ to view porn.
  13. WTF

    Double post, but https://blog.discordapp.com/maintaining-trust-and-safety-at-discord-with-over-200-million-people-f0b39adfc00c?gi=2ac5aec66f90 Ding dong, the witch is dead.
  14. WTF

    The fact that Discord servers have to be investigated is indicative of the problem that happens when you allow pedophiles to feel welcome on your platform to begin with, which they should not be. Rules will not followed by everyone, for obvious reasons, but throwing out the goddamn red carpet for them and letting them indulge their bullshit is asking for stuff like this on the platform. It's why most places ban this kind of shit outright, aside from being grossed out by the content. They don't want to attract child-molesters to their platforms. There's also the information in the Twitter thread I linked earlier where the allthefoxes person, one of Discord's trust and safety staff, is supposedly letting offending child predators back onto the platform. (I say supposedly, because this is all stuff that was said in Twitter screencaps.) So I mean...
  15. WTF

    Specific Discord servers are being investigated by the FBI, not Discord itself The idea that it was Discord itself was the result of a misleading title on a Forbes article iirc. It was later corrected.
  16. WTF

    Except that it isn't. Pedophile shit is pedophile shit. It's not surprising Discord is now being investigated by the FBI for hosting servers where predators are connecting with minors. So uh, good for them and their indiscretion I guess.
  17. Idea to revive forum

    I dunno just go and read any of the old Den threads. Someone was always white-knighting for some shitbag like Jasonafex or Zaush because what kind of young-adult subculture would we be without a self-indulgent contrarian streak? Edit: 1500th post where's my party
  18. Beastars licensed

    Its getting an anime adaptation! CGI by the looks of it!
  19. WTF

    That article is written by Ian Miles Cheong and shouldn't really be given any credence on that alone. Also its blown out of proportion Also Discord allowing cub is a good thing. Though I guess its fair to say that its hypocritical that they outright callout loli/shota but allow cub, though with their explanation I can kinda see where they're coming from. Seems like they're taking the Inkbunny approach of looking at things (not human = less bad). As for just illegal activity going on, its just part of any social media/group messaging service. Its difficult to catch, difficult to confirm, and reading that article I don't really see Discord doing anything wrong? Its looking like some of the stuff reported wound up getting deleted before Discord could get to it and it makes sense that they wouldn't ban something without the ability to verify it on their own servers themselves.
  20. WTF

    Here's a Twitter thread about it: https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/1092469779137482755 Once again, furries ruin everything they touch.
  21. WTF

    I don't even know what to make of this... I know I'm not on these forums much anymore, but this is the only place I could think to bring this up. https://lulz.com/discord-has-a-furry-pedophile-problem-2280/
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  23. Saw you on Super Animal Royale yesterday. Wasn't sure it was you until I looked at your Steam profile. :V

  24. Idea to revive forum

    Forums come and go. They change over time. This one still has potential, but people have to do more than lurk. New FAF is better than it was, but it's still pretty toxic.
  25. Any authors left?

    Hello to anyone and everyone, besides myself are there any other authors left on here?
  26. Idea to revive forum

    You say this like you were offered nudes or something.
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