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  2. True, the larger the venture or business the less percentage of the budget goes to the people actually providing the product or service. This money tends to go to executives, shareholders, bondholders, consultants, marketers, lawyers and the small army of admin personnel tasked with keeping the bloated machine running somewhat smoothly. This would be the same for video games.
  3. Most of them were ugly as fuck because Capcom lost all their good artists.
  4. Yeah, thats what I'm referring to.
  5. I love Lahore pigeons.
  6. I dunno, I feel like TV and my access to it is better than ever. Ditto with video games. The best Sonic The Hedgehog game came out just last month afterall!
  7. I'm willing to bet most of the budget goes to people not directly involved with making assets or coding.
  8. You're wrong about that. SF4 only had two DLC packs for characters plus roster balancing and other shit. Now DLC costumes are thing people shat on them for.
  9. I've felt that this applies to life in general. The longer you live, the more you get to watch the stuff you loved die. :V
  10. I believe the term is 'Imago' Also welcome. I likee da insects.
  11. Then don't go to those sites ^___^ Also uBlock Origin allows you to block specific elements on a page.
  12. *raises hand* I found them all. I also found the crown, finished the quest, and got the Prowler's Profit effect. I'm now absolutely swimming in gems. I'd be an extremely rich Dovah-kitty if I were to sell them all rather than hoarding them. To get Proudspire you have to do the usual job for the Jarl, then eventually you can buy the property through Falk Firebeard up at the Blue Palace. Will cost you 25k gold, though.
  13. @Jtrekkie That work?
  14. I have both of those, still sometimes you get a site that has obnoxious shit on it, I also use multiple browsers.
  15. Well fuck it, I have like $7.00 in credit card reward I can apply to cover the cost so Im doing it Might play some tonight
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hussie also has a habit of drawing things out to extremes, so I hope that isn't the case here. Otherwise you're looking at something that's going to take until act 58 until it gets anywhere meaningful in the story. And then rush to finish with no resolution to large story elements because "it's too long and cluttered now." I just hope it's handled better than the comic was.
  18. Back in my day websites asked you if you wanted frames or no frames! D:
  19. Samus Returns, itself, was fantastic. Full props to the developer, because even the mechanics I was iffy about turned out to be really well done and fun in gameplay. I hope this game gets some good scores, because I really want the classic Metroid line to develop upwards from these new elements. And I want more classic-style Metroid games just in general. I thought things like Fusion mode, the art galleries, and the sound test would be unlockable either EARLY by the amiibo, OR by beating the game. Nope. You need both. You need to beat the game, and then use the amiibo. God, get fucked Nintendo. Who charges $12 for a sound test? Those have been free in games ever since the NES days. Hell, there was also free unlockable art in Prime 2. It gave you incentive to complete more of the game, because then you unlocked more art. You know, unlockables? Those incentives for replay value? Fusion mode would not bother me as much if the amiibo were actually obtainable and not shoved into a $20 retail price set pack. And also did not have their own unique game endings. So if you want all 9 of the game's endings, you need to pay $20 (minimum) now. GG. The Zero Suit amiibo should have unlocked a suitless game mode instead of a fucking sound test of all things. It sucks, because these shitty practices are attached to such a stellar game. Between this and the fact that the US market got basically nothing, not even a special packaged amiibo set as a higher-priced preorder option, the marketing side of this game has basically been a giant shitfest that doesn't know what it's doing. It just offputs me from buying any of the newer Switch or major title 3DS coming out, period, because it just convinces me that these kinds of practices will continue the longer they're supported.
  20. It is??? Oh man, I mean I've been a homestuck fan for at least two years, it's one of the best interactive things I've been obsessed with an had a community around. My interest in it has died down and waned but I still absolutely adore the story and characters and everything, I had a lot of good times with that stupid ass comic Now that you mention it I might pick it up, hopefully it's not super underwhelming
  21. Ayyyy congrats, braces do kind of suck so getting them off is always great. First thing I did is lick my teeth because feeling them smooth is so weird, haah
  22. I miss my one hunter friendo from high school. Every season, he came back with BAGS and BAGS of deer goodies he'd make himself. That shit had me salivating like an animal. Dude would bring like two separate bags. One for school and a smaller one stuffed with all sorts of differently seasoned deer jerky.
  23. Me after I got my braces off
  24. Yeah, it is out, but I'm too broke so i have to wait for youtubers to pick up on it. It is kinda short, Expecially if you go straight through without clicking on absolutely everything. It is only act 1, after all. Hussie does that.
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