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  1. 1, May be related to changes in the CSS or it may be caching related. If cache 2. I've not noticed this yet. 3. So far the notifications drop-down is working for me on the 'Phoenix-Red' skin.
  2. Microsoft trying to be "friendly" with its error messages, when I'd much rather a STOP error I can search in a few minutes and get an explanation for it.
  3. I've got an account, I anticipated that a number of my social circle would migrate there so I set one up. First impressions/thoughts: It looks very like https://artstation.com/. It has a pretty but heavy design with somewhat confusing navigation, that stands to improve. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to be yet, they're seeking input from the community here. It isn't my primary and probably won't be. That's a question I asked when Weasyl launched, and now we have Yet-Another-Furry-Art-Gallery. I imagine the single killer feature they have is a way of handling commissions/commissioners in a way that offloads Trust to FN. Customer commissions an Artist and they start the process, when everything is agreed, the customer pays FurryNetwork who holds the money in escrow until the artist delivers the artwork, then they get paid. Considering I've been burned by artists before this is a nice idea but I wonder if some of the dodgier artists will use it? If the domain is owned by Varka, he'll be protecting his home address from public viewing. If the domain is owned by Bad Dragon, then it's the company management protecting the location of their office. Marketing, something Weasyl and other domains didn't do so well at. So have others, that's what makes "Weasyl or FN" a false dichotomy. That smells like a lazy excuse, and Bad Dragon are providing a CDN node to them, so I don't believe that.
  4. The more of this thread I read the more I wish I had given thought to better software. There may be plug ins to expand the functionality but they come at the cost of dependence; if we move to some different-hopefully-better system we would have to find similar plug-ins. Plugins can be found here: https://invisionpower.com/files/
  5. Probably an unwanted side-effect of how data is parsed for storage and parsed for display. I see that on a few other sites besides ours.
  6. That error suggests an issue within Cloudflare itself, if this server was unavailable you'd get a more generic 5xx error instead.
  7. I suppose that's a side-effect of the caching, not everyone experiences it so troubleshooting is difficult.
  8. I'm trying to figure out why the editor icons are mixed up, something funny with the CSS perhaps.
  9. Please wait while I make up a thinly veiled excuse first :V
  10. The "Krazed Kitsune" had a valid point that prompted me to check if the next release was out of beta. I checked, it was, I felt it prudent to upgrade with the option to roll back. Zara should not be permanently banned either.
  11. In a nutshell: A forklift upgrade to the latest release of the forum software, this was planned for earlier in the year but the release was pushed back so I was waiting. It has been in the plans for a while though. Yes there are a bunch of changes, the editor also has some improvements, the dark skin is broken (I'll look at fixing/updating it). No, to my knowledge 6tails did not hack anything here so don't blame him for raising his own valid concerns.
  12. If that is an off-by-default option I can enable it.
  13. Never. Not by design anyway, though that does not preclude bugs that allow that to happen. I suspect that Invision Power have abandoned that functionality when they adopted CKEditor as their editor of choice, the way I read some of the latest rumblings from them, they want to abandon BBCode as a thing altogether. Since the option of moving on to different/better software is always on the table; does anybody know if the likes of Xenforo support these features?
  14. I still have that issue even from legitimate service providers in our case though, the problem is in part the IP of the sender and I suppose it being compounded by the scumbags that try so hard to make their spam and malware email look more like legitimate messages.
  15. I am using commercial off-the-shelf software, something I happened to have a licence for. Perhaps the newer release will resolve some of those browsing-on-mobile issues?
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