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    I mean, furry cons allow convicted child molesters on their staff to handle identification that may include children so I don't expect them to enforce something like this.

    Nope. lol Honestly, for all the shit I give weebs, I didn't see this crap in the 5 years I went to anime cons. The worst I hear about from any other con is someone saying something that "offended" some weak sauce losers or pulling the fire alarm as a joke (which is pretty shitty and costs cons/hotels a LOT of money).
  3. Rivals of Aether

    This game and 3/5 of it's DLC characters are now on sale for 60% off totaling to just under $15 for the full package of the game and all 13 characters.
  4. Zaush in some hot water again

    The sheer amount of it weirds me the fuck out. And they shove that shit in stuff I've liked for a long time which is actually legitimately annoying.
  5. Zaush in some hot water again

    I didnt see this. I'm fucking weak right now.
  6. Zaush in some hot water again

    I've wanted to ask this somewhere for a long time, but I guess now is a better time than any. Honest question: If being a pedophile, or if having the label of a pedophile as it is currently defined, a sexual attraction to prepubescent children, did not come with the stigma of being a heinous taboo...would the term still be too general? Because any other paraphilia and sexual alignment is fairly clear to everyone and is never disputed despite being similarly generally worded... Vorarephilia - wanting to be eaten whole Trichophilia - sexual attraction to hair Podophilia - sexual attraction to feet But, pedophilia seems to always be the one people say is too vague when it seems to me very direct; as direct as the other three listed. And we are talking about pedophilia and not hebephilia or ephebophilia. Do you say a trichophile is not attracted to real feet if the majority of the feet centric porn they consume is anime?
  7. Zaush in some hot water again

    When you want something with a perspective in SAI, select the layer, use free deform, set the perspective slider to 100. To shield jump as Brigitte, hold your shield, jump and shield bash at the peak of your jump into an angled object for height otherwise unobtainable. If a plastic shell has yellowed from UV rays, try smearing a salon cream with 40% hydrogen peroxide on the surface and placing it in the sun for several hours (with plastic wrap over the object to prevent evaporation of the cream). Congrats, you've learned not one, but THREE things from a stranger.
  8. Fuck this stupid fucking Statistics fucking class

    Gee Bill, how come your mom let's you get TWO houses?
  9. Zaush in some hot water again

    I...don't think he was being serious about forums actually dying for this reason.
  10. Zaush in some hot water again

    Yeah, shit can stay there. lol
  11. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    This is the funniest thing I have seen all month. https://assypoo.tumblr.com/post/172025058650
  12. Zaush in some hot water again

    I actually brought this up with a friend. A lot of people who claim to care as much as they do were taking shit up with the wrong people in the wrong outlets if they did anything at all. Maybe you don't need to go to the FBI, but you could at least start small to get him snuffed out from places where he's breaching guidelines. Places where it will affect him. Which, surprisingly, is what people ended up doing to his Patreon to some moderate success. I think Zaush is a smug asshole, but I'm not personally invested in taking him down so I'm not arm flailing. But for the people who were going HAM about it on Twitter, Tumblr, Change.org, you would think they'd have gone above and beyond to see about getting an investigation started if they were confident he was a predator. (Tell you what, he should have been banned from FA a loooong time ago. But if Dragoneer is YouTube, Zaush is Logan/Jake Paul.)
  13. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Everything about this video is awful. Which seems to be the case with this entire channel, because this is the third video in row from him that's just completely and utterly shit. lmao I keep getting recommended them. I'm not touching another. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hQSLCMp9e0
  14. Things That You Don't Understand!

    I don't have a problem with anti-abortion/pro-lifers inherently. I don't agree with them at all, but they can have their belief. I do understand where it comes from I just don't buy into it. What I don't get are the people who try to undermine gun control...with the counterpoint that we still have abortion. I don't find the two comparable and what the point is in trying to undermine the movements to keep our children from being murdered during class.
  15. Post a pic of your gaming setup.

    Never saw this. The OPTIMAL taste in Pringles.