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  1. Subnautica - AKA "Damn Nature! You scary!"

    Reviving this since it's hitting 1.0 later this month. I reinstalled it because it just would not run on my toaster mid 2017 for me when I bought. But now that it's extremely optimized and I can actually play it, I can enjoy more than I already did. And I have to say this is now one of my top 20 favorite games for sure. It's rough in some minor areas, but I still love it to bits. It's the best survival/crafting game I've ever played.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Holy shit, no one's cracked that thing yet? Isn't there 360 emulation?
  3. DBZ deaths are the BEST shit in anime. When someone in DBZ dies, these people fucking die. You understand me? That fight is over. lmao
  4. No no no, see you don't get it. Trump isn't going to repeal gay marriage. He's going to repeal gay. So...you know how you dance about these forums telling us you're gay? Well, buddy, you and your man ass gawking ilk are about to be looking like my friend Cell here...
  5. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    Where do you fucking find these? :l
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Only important thing announced today. People, if you don't have a Switch.......now's the time, my sons. He is here... EDIT: Also this is the worst thing I've ever seen hit a Nintendo platform since Tokyo Mirage Sessions and I silently, but scathingly judge everyone who purchases this. c:
  7. The Animu Thread

    An actually moderately interesting dog person character design in an anime... Didnt think I'd see the day.
  8. The Animu Thread

    That's exactly like SCP-939 minus being a bird.
  9. The Animu Thread

    I'll drop you.
  10. The Animu Thread

    I remember watching one episode but I had no opinion because I didn't know what was going on. I came in late. The main character was like being held hostage by some older guy; had a gun up to him while they were riding somewhere. If the music is anything to go by maybe it's not so bad. This is a point I tend to never take seriously when someone lists good points about anime because it's almost never the case. There will be 30 seconds to a minute out of 22 minute airings of actual fluent animation usually during action sequences, but the rest of the show will be incredibly dull in it's motion but compensate with excessive effects.
  11. New Themes

    Oh thank you, Jesus. Finally a proper dark theme with legibility.
  12. Games you played,but forgot the name of.

    I don't have any myself. All the games worth remembering from my childhood that I found well over 15 years ago and have fresh in my mind like SuperNova and Extreme-G. But everyone and I do mean everyone I ever talk to forgets Jet Force Gemini. "What was that one game on the N64? You played as like a guy, a girl, and their dog?" As soon as I hear "Guy, girl, and-" I immediately know what game they're talking about because everyone describes it the same way. haha Also, Out of This World is BULLSHIT. :C
  13. Favorite Cutscenes

  14. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    BattleChef Brigade is soooo muuuuch fuuuun. It's like Lumines and Mega Man Zero make this bizarre combination that just fits naturally together. Match-3 puzzles and 2D action combat in one game sounds so weird, but damn is it satisfying and neither takes precedence over the other.