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  1. I mean, millions, but certainly not me. That's literally the main reason it sells because it's one game with a bunch of IP's in it. No one cares how bad a game is if they can physically play as X anime character and live out their edgy DeviantArt crossover fanfic of Sephiroth fighting Joker to Megalovania on Final Destination.
  2. To think I was so hype and then I ended up hating this game. lmao Rivals of Aether owns.
  3. Tsuujou


    Yeah I remember you from very long ago. (Pachi)
  4. You say this like you were offered nudes or something.
  5. Yeah, I saw a bunch of trash like this the first day it was reversed. I have the anime tag blocked and I still saw a shit load of games like this just flood the new releases. lol
  6. .............. He didn't give me SHIT. :[
  7. These days yes. We've fractured up and split off to various Discords and have no means of bringing in new crowds since we're just a niche offshoot as it is.
  8. It's worthless for anyone that wants to learn any fundamentals. Everything there just teaches you how to draw the same featureless, plastic anime style rather than how shit actually works.
  9. Think this is my favorite song in the game.
  10. Oh hey! Pixiv launched a section for free tips on how to draw! Cool! Let's che- >Exclusively anime tutorials Oh, so it's worthless. c:
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