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  1. Yesssss fucking PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!
  2. Not really. Raving Rabbids became it's own series years ago. They have nothing to do with Rayman anymore.
  3. I just finished watching Interstellar...
  4. y
  5. It was the same person. He was temp banned and then perma'd.
  6. Naw. Just sit and do nothing then bottle it up to use as ammunition for later when yet another thread critiquing the forums pops up. Then we can pretend to care about new users. lol Seriously. If people are going to make it seem like new users are attacked immediately and consistently, don't sit and wait until a thread like this pops up where you can puff your chest out with self-righteousness. Mods need your help to catch this crap. If it's that big a problem, speak up when it happens. Don't wait until you have an opportunity to get likes for a wallpost putting blame on everyone else's behavior please. Doing nothing and passively letting shit happen just ensures whatever behavior you don't appreciate continues. :l And if you don't think the mods will do something about it for some reason, try to comfort the person and drown out any hostility. I remember someone thanking Grav and Feelwell for the warm welcomes and how it actually made a huge difference.
  7. There was only one other case I remember of someone being outwardly hostile to a new user and that new user ended up being him. (Although despite who it ended up being, it still sets a bad precedent since the person's identity wasn't known or even suspected before insults were thrown so it was still a shitty first impression of the general attitude here if someone were to see that.)
  8. Holy. Fuck.
  9. That's like Reinhardt bragging about golds in blocking. Like, bitch that's your job. Go on back to back 25+ killstreaks like I've been doing all day. lol
  10. MMMM! Get got. wtf "WHERE THE FUCK YOU GOIN??"
  11. Yeah, true about tech honestly. Much like traditional art gallery sites in the vein of DA, forums are a sort of living relic. The big ones that have been around will stay around because of their longtime established roots i.e. DA and FA. Forums might not be doomed now, but any new ones, irrelevant ones especially (like this place) won't be gaining any significant traction most likely regardless of how the community changes or how perfect the mods become. Social media and as you said IM's really are just the future of online interaction.
  12. it me EDIT: Part 2 uploaded
  13. If that doesn't work, just put a big ass on Judy Hopps and post it to Tumblr. Works every time.
  14. Mine are always in grown and cause me a ton of pain a LOT of bleeding. I've had 2 correction attempts done on them, but it's not working. About to just see if I can get the nails removed entirely.