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  1. Tsuujou


    Yeah I remember you from very long ago. (Pachi)
  2. You say this like you were offered nudes or something.
  3. Yeah, I saw a bunch of trash like this the first day it was reversed. I have the anime tag blocked and I still saw a shit load of games like this just flood the new releases. lol
  4. .............. He didn't give me SHIT. :[
  5. These days yes. We've fractured up and split off to various Discords and have no means of bringing in new crowds since we're just a niche offshoot as it is.
  6. It's worthless for anyone that wants to learn any fundamentals. Everything there just teaches you how to draw the same featureless, plastic anime style rather than how shit actually works.
  7. Think this is my favorite song in the game.
  8. Oh hey! Pixiv launched a section for free tips on how to draw! Cool! Let's che- >Exclusively anime tutorials Oh, so it's worthless. c:
  9. Wait until you turn 21. You'll not just be able to double jump, but space jump too. Like me. :^)
  10. When the bass drops... Also this is probably the most beautiful music video I've seen since Ken Ishii - Extra
  11. Probably. Etalus and Absa were the game for the last.....year? I believe. Now the thing is that the story mode only revolves around those 6 launch characters which my also confuse folks. Not sure why they did that. But the game isn't guaranteed to stop development anytime soon. They still change stuff (Wrastor got a new nair about 3 weeks ago). I think they also said something about a second guest character and most people are speculating it to be Hollow Knight, which sounds likely but nothing's been said about it yet.
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