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  1. If you have never experienced any other financial conflict in your life, sure.
  2. Talk about songs you like in which the genre or artist is not really your usually thing. Not "guilty pleasures" but songs that just contrast your usual tastes. I'm not a metal guy. Like at all. Particularly with vocals. But I've liked Disturbed since I heard Decadence in Most Wanted back in the GameCube days. I don't know what it is, but I find it very palatable for how edgy it can be.
  3. I was honestly expecting something like maybe you were robbed, or someone sexually assaulted you, or maybe you saw something no one should really deal with. Not that I want any of that to happen to you and I'm glad it didn't, but...first world problems? I dunno. Like I guess that's unfortunate, but this isn't really what I'd call a "horrible experience". More like just an inconvenience.
  4. Hrunk ]:^{ Ooga ogg ugg ]:^{ Furry gud }^:[ Hun bad ]:^{ What? Geico? Me no work for insurance scam.
  5. Gee, no fucking shit, Fossa. Its almost like no one here said it was all furries or that this is exclusively a problem with this fandom.
  6. Yo, I'm not even gonna use the acronym for this. Just gonna spell it out plainly. I am laughing my ASS off right now at this. This man is fucking BAKED.
  7. Naw, he just dips out briefly. I think his Internet is unstable.
  8. That would be us....... :l
  9. True but most folks are still gross. Even some furries that make good content that I enjoy. This is about the people and not furry content itself.
  10. I know the majority of the furry fandom is a bunch of corny idiots with a fetish for being cringey and grody. But I do wonder how people just come across some of these folks in large settings. Like my friend just finds Discord servers and other big ass hubs with these creepy, nasty weirdos. I'm lucky that I avoid them.
  11. Oh wow. Really? That's interesting as fuck.
  12. https://twitter.com/hyaku1063/status/913721594261864450
  13. I can see the point of using games as escapism. But even that, you're in a minority if you identify with strictly anthro characters and should generally speak for yourself. If you connect better with animal characters, cool but it's a demonstrable fact that people generally want human characters in games as evident by the enormous debate in recent years demanding more representation of POC and female protagonists in gaming. You can't tell me you haven't seen this gigantic argument at all. Look into it. It's been everywhere in the last 5 years. Also, don't confuse relateable with appealing. Sonic is an appealing design, but I'm willing to bet most people couldn't relate to him in any respect even if they like him. If people relate to an animal character, it's really only because they're written well; i.e. given very human personality traits, or dealing with very human strife, or have believable human growth. Or the person is a diehard furry that doesn't care if the game/character/art is good as long as it's furry, in which they would probably account for less than a percent of people who play video games. Basically no one who needs to be taken into account when writing a narrative. Or they're otherkin in which they should be mocked, ostracized, and ridiculed vehemently. But we can all agree that if you play as a spaceship and there's no talking in the game, that's better than either human or anthros. But spaceships are an oppressed minority and don't get representation these days. I miss the 90's. You're not my mom.