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  1. I miss Dragon Saga and Dragon Nest. I remember when those games were played.
  2. https://twitter.com/noronorii/status/878015356257918976
  3. New Daft Punk song. https://soundcloud.com/parcels-music/overnight-1
  4. I don't really know or care about this character, but I figured some folks here would be interested to at least see this. And hey, a new character for my favorite fighter. That's always nice.
  5. I'll try to get good at something and spend a few years on it. I don't get anywhere beyond average. Drawing has made me sad since 2012 and even the stuff I like to do, I'm not good at. I stagnate and struggle in everything while younger folks just breeze through it with no effort and say it's easy. Then they get involved with things that are lucrative and prestigious before they're 21. But I just lose contacts once they see how little worth I output. I miss opportunities because I'm not good enough for anything and I know it. Everyone is so much faster and more capable than me. I really just hate myself.
  6. I don't know, I haven't played any Dead Rising games. Prime 2 was about split dimensions and stopping an evil one from consuming it's counterpart and then spreading across the galaxy as well as stopping the Prime series antagonist substance from accelerating it. Samus kinda had to juggle 5 things at once in that game being the Ing, Phazon, Metroids, Space Pirates, and Metroid Prime (Dark Samus).
  7. ??? ...Where do you get this stuff?
  8. You posted incoherent run-on sentences with random uncommon phrases peppered in. Pull back on the snark. Thank you for the translation.
  9. That's basic supervision. Helix was a third party. I'd have been worried if Capcom didn't scream at them over their IP.
  10. Hey man, Double Helix made Strider 2014. And their track record was shit before that and KI.
  11. Considering Prime 1, 2, and 3 were golden and is being made by a totally different team headed by Kensuke Tanabe who didn't really have much to do with Zero......I think there's reason to assume it's not gonna be a garbage abortion of a game.
  12. We don't talk about that game. Please die. c:
  13. The Metroid memes coming in hot.