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  1. Fun thoughts, you say? Not trying to let little Anthony send you to the Cornfields, huh?
  2. Wouldn't be the first one. Sometimes, Nintendo just makes gorgeous furry bait.
  3. Ehhh, freedom of speech, plays a part.
  4. Everyone's stupid.
  5. Yeah it's a mess. I don't have any deep opinions on it. That sort of blatant racism was really fucking...surreal. I don't give a shit about some dirty ass statue. But the mob was just a frightening sight. Turn photos of it black and white, and it's all indistinguishable from the photos of lynch mobs from yesterday... That asshole in the challenger plowing down those people can seriously get fucked.
  6. Fucking. Finally...
  7. Took the time to try Sine Mora again because my friend got it for me as a gag gift a good while ago. I was going through my library and noticed it got some big update since I played it 5 years ago. "Sine Mora EX". I guess the "EX" is short for EXtra shitty because this game has not changed at all and still sucks entirely beyond it's art direction and beautiful but overdone visuals. If there's any reason I've ever been given to avoid Grasshopper Games, it's this miserable excuse for a shooter.
  8. I gotta directly deal with it. :C
  9. I like 'em chunky.
  10. First statement is wrong. Second statement is a blessing for him.
  11. Its something I've picked up from the games I play. The specific detail styling I go for anyway. Thank you. 9v9