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  1. somebody hold my hand :|

    I'm glad you're still alive, i was worried about you. Keep living man, we only get one life. I know how hard it is to face the day sometimes, but keep living. I'm sorry i'm pissed and want to die myself right now but be positive ok, we only get one live so live it as best you can. I don't know what's going on with the rest of this thread. Sorry, i'm so sorry for everything.
  2. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    Cereal? It may actually be something worth discussing dude.
  3. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    But waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait. One question, does she even want to be a mod anymore? She's stated in the past that she might just not log in again and in the last thread outright stated that she doesn't care if the forum dies. Now considering what certain users are suggesting regarding mods being proactive it might be best to take one on that will lead by example. So if she doesn't actually want to be around anymore...you see where i'm going with this?
  4. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    No worries, just try to refrain from doing it again. Such exaggeration will only contribute to the problem you're trying to avoid, and for what it's worth i'm trying to do the same thing. I could bring up points and an idea if you'd like, as long as people here won't take it the wrong way and run with it. It verges on a not gonna happen suggestion but it may well be a valid one depending on certain factors.
  5. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    Now i like you, and it's rather annoying that more people don't listen to you or when they do just twist your words. The mod issue, in the long run i can see it as a positive if two current staff members were removed and i believe i know who should replace one of them, but if i bring that up it's just going to cause drama because people evidently aren't ready to consider that. I'd push for it myself but considering the last thread the community really doesn't need to focus on an issue that'll just cause a split between members and won't accomplish anything else right now. Enough people don't want to consider this that it'll just cause problems. You haven't been walking, you've been standing still with your fingers in your ears. It's why certain users have so much animosity under the surface. You're right, but it's better to focus on positive ideas that the entire community can get behind right now. The potential ad campaign and ideas that'll likely cause people to join the site in the first place and end up staying. New members, new mentality, new approach to dealing with old issues. We can't do anything with the mods other than see them as a necessary evil that we need to find some common ground and work with atm, that's the reality of it.
  6. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. I'm going to attempt to be as diplomatic as possible and say that anything brought up in this thread should be considered from a purely intellectual pov and not influenced by emotion or past/present bias. The lazy selfish assholes statement was unwarranted, Flynn wasn't saying that. I can understand why Flynn is saying what he is because i've noticed it myself, it's a question of mentality. People are free (and maybe even encouraged) to dislike it but voicing that belief in this thread will accomplish nothing. That mentality is ingrained and part of the forum's culture, shame as that may be. It's an issue that's too large to try and tackle now so save it for another time and focus on ideas that the entire forum can get behind. Sorry to say it Flynn, gotta walk before you can run.
  7. E3 2017

    Oh dear, the hype. I have but one thing to say. *Adopts thick Glaswegian accent* Modern games are shite! *ahem* Having said that if they're genuinely bringing out a new Ape Escape there may be some hope left for the modern console industry.
  8. What happened to this thread?

    If you have the desire and the time, post those thoughts here. People might actually listen to them this time around. EDIT: Well the link's fucked for me. Community Mood Thread: Take Two in the Watercooler is the place to go.
  9. Community Mood Thread: Take Two

    Haha, you're learning. Be the change you want to see. :3
  10. What happened to this thread?

    Selective memory is common amongst people that give over to negative emotions. Clarity is often hard to grasp through a fog of anger and people fail to understand that antagonization is sometimes necessary and can ultimately be fuelled by good intentions. The thread can be considered a failure only because of that. Ignore the shallow anger over the hostility, let's try to recap. What were the good ideas for the forum that came about in that thread?
  11. What happened to this thread?

    That was a mistake, i'd explain why and "callout" the flaws in the mentality presented in the larger post you've made in this thread but evidently that's a bad idea. It is rather annoying that i no longer have the opportunity to counter some of the things that were said against me however, that was a rather severe mistake you made but that's irrelevant now. Little piece of advice, stop taking things personally. My statement about users leaving because of the thread wasn't about you or the thread itself, the thread was simply a catalyst. ...No it's not worth it. ;3
  12. Hail Satan: The Metal Thread

    Obscure one man black metal? Well fuck yes, will be checking him out when i can find the time/energy. May have to start contributing random shit to this thread myself now that i know it could be appreciated.
  13. Hello!

    Now from this snippet alone i can tell you're pretty cool. Welcome to the forums, it's...certainly interesting here, and hopefully it'll only become more interesting with time. I haven't read any webcomics in years but i'd certainly be interested in reading this from the description of the world alone. Wish you the best of luck with the story.