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  1. Good for you, spread the love dude. I haven't seen you around outside of this thread.
  2. Aeon, maybe there's a reason threads designed to address issues with the forum end up involving callouts. People have to take responsibility for their actions. Now while i'm not sure what to make of Vae on a personal level i wasn't posting just to be shitty. It's kinda my way to be abrasive but i can understand the issues other people have brought up regarding Vae and i gave my honest impression of him/her/it so far. Their way of being, especially given their role within the forum, has an impact, and i've only seen a negative one from Vae for the most part. It's obvious given this thread alone that this forum has some issues and all i can do is bring up what i've seen and try to explain why i've come to that conclusion...well apart from when i'm shitposting. Idk man, i'm just an outsider that's giving an honest opinion of the place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Agreed, but given your position it may be beneficial to lead by example.
  3. Ugh, as much as i want to stay out of this i guess i have to chime in here. I don't think there's a pervasive problem with intro threads specifically but given how this thread's gone some people here certainly perceive that there's an issue with the forum's overall attitude, and like it or not your mentality is part of that issue. Honestly you come across like you don't really give a shit about the forum or the people here. Now i've seen enough of you to know that isn't quite true but still, that's the initial impression you give. Remember the post that got me content modded? I gave you shit for treating a new member that chimed in with something (i don't bloody remember exactly what at this point but i can look up the thread if necessary) rather dismissively and in your response to me the first thing you said was that they were irrelevant followed by the usual "i don't owe anyone shit" spiel. Now, it's fine that that's who you are, but who you are does come across as a shithead at times. Fuck man that exchange led me to think you were an entitled prick that didn't value the opinions of others in the slightest. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but i'm just saying that's how you come across. Pretty sure that user that you referred to as irrelevant hasn't been back since either. I'd look into it if i actually cared but you may have been directly involved in driving a new user away from the site.
  4. When it comes to this particular drama, any news regarding blanket moderation of new members? It just doesn't work for keeping out users if they're supposedly as dedicated and malicious as has been claimed and i know first hand how it impacts new users in regards to feeling welcomed. Considering this thread was started due to a new user being driven off it seems like something worth talking about, because i guarantee that the content modding will also have an impact on newfag retention.
  5. That moment the nicotine hits and you remember why you smoke. Joy to the world America's retarded The progressives Are coming For your headdd Everyone is wrong Except me I'm the unparalleled Exceptional Yankeeeeee Don't need to explain Ain't got time for your shit The core Of the American Spirittttttt Joy to the world Can't stump the Trump Exalted leader Of this toxic Waste dumpppppp
  6. Well, retards do be retards. I can understand the view that to him you're just a random and thus irrelevant but that really shouldn't be a hindrance to an intellectual discussion, evidently they weren't interested in that though. Their response seems to be an unfortunately common one amongst our generation, blind dismissal of differing viewpoints instead of open discussion with those you disagree with. It's retarded. OT: Our generation is retarded and Facebook's impact on our social structure has been nothing but cancerous. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg.
  7. True, but unless you have some degenerative illness that's going to kill you in your sleep there always exists the chance for a better future. Have to ask, why can't you achieve any of those dreams? And what does it matter if you can't do all the things you wanted to? We're all gonna die so the way i see it there's no real point in cutting the only life you have short. Do the shit you can and enjoy it instead of wallowing over shit that'll never happen. And if you're simply dying then...good luck mate, see you on the other side.
  8. Listen to the Melon, it brings great wisdom.
  9. Now i was gonna write another wall that would have brought up some more constructive criticisms but after reading through all this...Jesus, no i can't be arsed. Here are some facts: Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus. This place is entertaining for all the wrong reasons. It's a shame you're going to let a community that once had a positive influence on furfag's lives drown in shit. This dog is cute: If Vae and Lemon aren't replaced as mods this forum won't be around much longer. I'm gay.
  10. Well by your own admission you are dangerously cheesy.
  11. Just noticed what this was about and i feel it's important to say, lol. I wonder if anyone else will pick up on the vein of irony nestled in the second hand post mechanics of the quote.