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  1. Found this artist on FB with this hecka awesome style
  2. Just sent everybody over, however, still no National Pokedex in SuMo itself. D:
  3. I was actually looking forward to a new game for my Xbox for once. Nevermind I guess. ._.
  4. My puppy is too smart sometimes. She just learned how to open the sliding door for the porch and can now let in the slower-to-potty dogs (she goes to the bathroom super fast and then wants back in asap). This makes me have to go get the others and toss them back out. If I don't, my mom's dog WILL wreck my floor and she has already ruined lots of it. For some reason this dog is still not house broken and she's 70 lbs so she leaves huge messes. What helps her go to the bathroom outside? My puppy Laika being outside. What does Laika hate? Being outside too long. Who takes forever to go potty outside? Miss 70 lb dog that hates being alone. That sliding door doesn't lock. If my mom's dog wasn't here I wouldn't mind her opening that door at all. Maybe this is mire of I hate that my mom's dog isn't house broken.
  5. @Saxon- That natural beown color is actually super pretty. I've never really liked how those guys looked (always seemed off) but I'm really digging it. The fish trade is another good example. Though I do buy fish from it I am very particular. Some fish refuse to breed in captivity and are injected with hormones so they reproduce (a good example being the Chinese Algae Eater). Then if course there are the defect fish bred to look silly. Balloon Mollies were from normal mollies that had a genetic defect that affected their swim bladder. Every balloon variety you see is suffering from that deformity. Fancy goldfish are also hecka screwed up with their bloated bodies and sometimes popped out eyes. Betta fish from pet stores are also severly inbred and often suffer from swim bladder infections and other diseases as a result. You also want to be careful with fish such as Neon Tetras. They were so popular that they were inbred like crazy to the point of getting sick/dying over the simplest of issues. The vast majority of pet fish have an average lifespan of 3-5 years (live bearers have a shorter one of 2-3 and some others live 15+ but the basic ones are 3-5). I'm just so disgusted over how people just get fish and don't take care of them (thus starting the belief that they barely live a year). I have a school of five year olds right now but most of my stock is 3-4 years old. I just added in a school of yearlings to get them used to the tank and to replace my five year olds when they finally pass away though but they are very healthy and are doing just fine (the oldest fish I had hit 7 before passing so I know it's bull when people claim they only live a few months). If you are going to get an animal you better take care of it. If not, people shouldn't get one at all, period. It is incredibly cruel to get pets and then just watch them suffer. @WolfNightV4X1- It sure is. I've joined a few groups for dog owners that keep intact animals and have learned a lot. Your aunt is lucky the dogs didn't hurt themselves. Dogs can be very stupid and can hurt themselves easily while mating. It's why many owners of intact females won't let even sterilized males near them while their dog is in heat. Hello ER vet bill.
  6. She's gone through a few heats now and each one is getting easier. She has no desire in him and he's mellow so that makes it extra easy. Though dogs are in heat about twice a year for a month, it is only two weeks (one week each time) that you have to watch out for. He lets me know a week or two before any symptoms show. During the first week or so she starts bleeding and marking on her walks. She is not open to males at this point and he doesn't try anything because of that. Then the next step is the discharge changes color and she's now fertile. I just keep them separated. When I lived alone, she was locked up and he roamed the house during the day (when I was at work) and him locked up at night with her roaming. This time, my family moved in and their dog had a synced heat with mine. Those two just hung out together in the living room during the day with my boy hanging out in my bedroom, then at night he was locked up while she was in the bedroom. I still would take them on walks together and let them play together under 100% supervision (this didn't happen after the first time cause all Fen did was annoy her). Intact show/sports/guide dogs all learn to behave themselves around in heat females. Mine is getting there at least since he seems to be learning that nothing will happen. There also are some things you can try that lessens the affect. Giving the female chlorophyll before her heat lessens its smell to the male and Vick's Vapor Rub (I think this is the right brand) applied to the male's nose and base of the female's tail is also said to help. The OSS I have planned will also make her less attractive during heats due to discharge lessening/stopping. I haven't tried any yet though as I wanted to double check with my vets first. For the other 95% of the year, it is business as usual. Laika has mild false pregnancies (all intact females have them but some are not noticeable to people while others lactate to the point of some owners fostering young puppies during the phase) and has no problems so far. Fen sounds like a bird during the peak of it but still eats food and acts like a dog (the second time a lot less "bird" calls). I did the whole wait through a few cycles to see if everything was fine and so far so good. It's a bit more work than if she was spayed but it is for such a short time and pretty predictable so I can plan out trips around her (like what I'm used to doing for my own junk myself so I see no difference).
  7. I see it from that stand point, but there are other ways to sterilize your pet than straight up remove their hormones. Plus, there are plenty of adoptable pets that come pre spayed/neutered for those that don't want/can't keep intact animals. I just have a huge disdain for what it does to animals to the point that it will prevent me from taking in anymore that aren't intact (an exception being maybe an older animal that had the procedure later in life). I just don't see it as the ultimate cure-all that people praise it as. Luckily my vets don't harass me about my pets being intact cause they know I take good care of them. Spay/neuter is so pushed around here that I'm just kinda sick of how its cons aren't addressed and instead people are led to do it when the answer was more training, more walks, ect. Permanent solution to a fixable problem (mostttt of the time).
  8. On the whole spay/neutering thing, I agree that people are obsessed with it. The procedure is barely better for the pet, especially in dogs. I own two intact pups (one turning four in May and the other 2 in July), my male has never sired a litter and my female has never been pregnant. It's not that hard at all. I have NO plans to alter the male (except maybe a vas to get him counted as "fixed" on his registration) and for the female I only intend to have an OSS done (removal of uterus and cervix but ovaries left intact) just cause pyometra sounds terrifying. I will be bringing her in for ultrasounds once she hits five to watch out for mamory cancer. It is because of this fixing frenzy that I will refuse to adopt from shelters and rescues unless they are sterilized through vas/oss. Those hormones are so incredibly important to dogs. Taking them away jumps up joint and bone problems, all cancers (except mamory, testicular, ovarian, ect), allows for spay incontinence, potential for coat, can alter behavior negatively, can turn a slighlty timid/aggressive dog to a hyper timid/aggressive, and lowers metabolism. Pediatric spays/neuters are even worse on the dog. Owners should wait until the dog is two before making any decision if they truly want what is best for the dog. Cats haven't had as much research on them but are a lot more wild than dogs and pretty much need to be altered. It is because of this that I'd gladly adopt cats than seek out a breeder. I don't plan on getting any cats for several years though because I don't think they should be allowed to roam (they wreck havoc on the native wildlife) but I do want a large (I do mean large) outdoor enclosure for them so they don't have to be inside their whole life. I do have one cat that I inherited from my dad (which he inherited frkm his dad) but she's my last for awhile (plus the feral cat I have been taking care of for several years moved in with the neighbors).
  9. Took Roark out to cut Christmas trees, got super cute pics~ X3 Two years ago in January, I began process on him. The suit is turning two soon~
  10. The pokedex tells you which patch. click on the area for the pokemon displayed and it zooms in and tells you which specific patches they are in. I was able to find one this way
  11. Has anyone beaten the game yet? I have to very late game evos that I'd love help with evolving (they'll be holding their rare candy). That or does anyone know of a trustworthy place to do so? I'm taking my time and goofing around but omg do they evolve hecka late. X (
  12. I too grew up with the no doctors/vets thing unless it was a concern. To be honest, before I got my promotion I was basically doing the meal thing except it was with tips. If I didn't get enough for the day, I didn't eat.
  13. I would never get pets anymore if I wasn't willing to pay their bills and care. One time Fritz was playing with Fenrir (about 2.5 years ago) and they were running through the house. Fen could turn really quickly and sprint off but when Fritz was trying to do the same and catch up, something went wrong and he tore something in his leg. No one bothered bringing him to the vet and I was unemployed so I couldn't do anything. We put him in the crate to rest but that was about it. My mom also had a rabbit that got an abbsess on her neck due to a fight with the other but she was never brought in for vet care. I thought it had healed but my sister pointed out that it had grown and was still open and oozing. We decided to bring her in and split the bill next check but she passed before then (at the time she also developed what looked like a respitory infection with gooey eyes and snotty nose). Both of the adults in this situation could have done something but didn't. I know they had the money for it. The wound on the rabbit especially. Laika cut her face and the whole thing cost me $70 to examine, clean, and prescribe antibiotics (it looked minor but was an under the skin cut- you could pull the detached skin up- and had swollen over night). My vets take care of rabbits and probably would have charged a similar amount. Yeah, that's true. The reason he was brought in was because we weren't sure if she crushed any organs. She didn't bite the chest area by the neck but rather over his back and lower rib area. She could have easily broken something especially because he looked like he was hobbling and hunched up and would cry out whenever touched or if he moved wrong. Plus since he pooped, we weren't sure if he did it out of fear or because she forced it out with her pressure and crushed an organ in the process. She initially didn't want to take him in but everyone else disagreed because of all the above. He actually stayed in a state of shock for the whole next day. I gave him his meds today and he still seems shocked but is acting a lot more normal. If he didn't go in then, he probably would have been brought in later anyways. I do see what you are saying though.
  14. Yeah, they even ran specific tests but they kept coming up as negative. He was vomiting though and I heard dogs can't vomit while experiencing bloat. His stomach was obviously putting him in a lot of pain to the point that he wasn't even trying to hide it anymore. It would be nice to know what it was though to make preventing it in the future easier.
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