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  1. It can be funny at the start, MAYBE, but it gets REALLY old really quick.
  2. A birthday present for my partner. I kind of want to stick myself in the eye at this point.
  3. I am finding it so bizarre that people think an actual stance is to let bigots walk all over you (as a minority) or else they'll get mad that they have to actually, you know, not be shitty people to minorities.
  4. A recent icon I made for my social media sites. Angry trans dog screams into void. More at 11.
  5. That's unfortunate because like I said, hognoses at worst are just dramatic. I have one myself and he's the bees knees. I've had him for... Five years I think?? Really my only complaint with him is that he gets really food excited and tries to eat whatever touches him (including himself) when he goes into his eating container. I had to revoke napkins from it because he'd try and eat those, too. Best advice I can give you for them is to keep them on f/t because live is more expensive + dangerous... And also, in my personal opinion, a pain in the ass.
  6. Absolutely. I also don't do monogamous relationships, either. I have only ever been in one so far, but my parents were also the kind of people that have been in a toxic relationship like that and I think as a whole, kind of put me off of that kind of thing. The best thing I did for myself was realize that relationships didn't actually have to be like that. I think that relationships are a bit more complex than what is emphasized and the parts that aren't heteronormative, even if healthy, are demonized as something bad. Like having multiple partners, for instance, or viewing sex + commitment to someone as two separate entities (as I honestly wish it would be). It kind of bothers me how polyamory is equated to "cheating" when I talk to people. It's like... No, cheating is when you don't talk about shit and do it without your partner knowing. I DUNNO man. Rambly rambly, but I guess what I'm saying is relationships have a lot of moving parts I wish would be acknowledged. I also feel like it's hard for me to put something of value down for some of these things because like... For a long time I though I was aromantic on the basis that I get really close to people but I don't know what is romantic?? Either way, I'm in a relationship with my two best friends and it's been a pretty good run (three years in Jan). It's been an open relationship so both myself and they are able to play with people so long as we all communicate about it.
  7. I guess I should make an art thread, huh? I have a commission thread elsewhere if people are interested in that sort of thing, but I figured I might share my art. At least the lot I can share until I gain access to the Red lantern lol. Oldest to newest! Some headshots I was working on for my fursona's new reference! Was trying to revamp an old OC. My first fursona, actually. A sketch commission for DevilTheories on FA. Did some world building with my fursona and partner. We came up with the idea that he was summoned once, killed a witch’s familiar because he’s a shit head dog (RIP bird) and turned into a doll as punishment. Said witch kept him on a shelf, and while the punishment was supposed to be temporary, they passed away, causing Mortimus to be stuck as a doll. Fast forward to the liquidation sale of said witch’s possessions: Andy chow finds this adorable doll with no instructions or context and takes it… And eventually winds up accidentally summoning Mortimus again. She enchants a collar and keeps him as her own and thus, they begin bonding. Ya’ll know my basic furry ass had to jump on the #reindeergames bandwagon. So here’s Mort as a reindeer. Had to get my secondary sona on that, too. My half of a trade with Home over on FA.
  8. I've commissioned a few things lately that I was happy with. WELL sort of one's a trade, but here we go: A part of a trade from Bitley of my fursona Art. By Mortalvis! By Oozegod! Those two are done by Coyoteprince, bottom featuring my partner's character, Radar. I have more of my bully but that's all I'll share for now!
  9. I would suggest a hognose snake. They're typically very harmless and easy to keep. And bonus, they eat about once a week. Just be sure grandma would be okay with some f/t mice in the freezer. I have one and they are pretty hardy and don't have a lot of temperature requirements. Housing for them is easy - some people set up tuppers for them because they are burrowing snakes.
  10. Honestly, I see that kind of shit rampantly romanticized, specifically (sorry if it seems insensitive) with straight couples. I fucking hate it. And I hate toxic monogamy culture in general. Not saying monogamy in and of itself is bad, but there's a laundry list of shit that monogamous people tend to find romantic or funny that isn't that at all. Most of it is toxic or harmful. That is things like the normalization of jealousy as an indication of love, the idea that intense love is enough to overcome other incompatibilities, the idea that commitment is synonymous with exclusivity, the idea that love should be sufficient enough that your partner ceases to be attracted to anyone else, the idea that your partner should be your source for everything and if they aren't, the relationship isn't that good... The list goes on. And I guess to further it, it doesn't necessarily extend to just straight people, it exists in queer and poly spaces, too, but again, it seems more heavily romanticized from what I've seen in straight communities and a lot of my straight friends dealing with it more than anything else. I think the more important thing you can do with any relationship is be upfront about things. Communicate, even if it's not something that your partner wants to hear. I feel like in relationships, monogamous or not, communication is key. None of that shit where you're supposed to read minds and figure out through hints or tests. That's straight up manipulative. And much like anything, you should be able to exist as two separate people outside of the relationship. Another trope I get really sick of is people romanticizing the idea that you're a half searching for your half until you're whole with another person. No. You're a whole! You can exist without another person just fine! Love isn't the ultimate goal and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in love for life to be successful. Anyway. Rambling I guess. I just. Have a lot of feelings about that shit.
  11. Merry Christmas! This one was a little... I don't know. I'm terrible and don't really like Christmas, but my partners seem to be enjoying themselves. I was unemployed and so was another one of my partners, so we didn't really get to do a gift exchange for one another. Well. I got them a couple of small things, but. Yeah. Anyway, hope everyone else's is better than mine haha. Thanks past trauma.
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