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  1. Interestingly, the coffee plant is closely related to kratom, a plant which works as a mild stimulant in very small doses and something akin to an opiate in large ones. But yes, delayed reaction to caffeine suuuuucks. @Jtrekkie Jesus. You OK?
  2. I think I like this artist.
  3. @U-235 That was rather pretty. I appreciated the attention to sensory detail. I'd offer further critique, as I do think there are things you could tighten up here and there, but I'm not really in the right headspace for that at this exact moment. Maybe this is a bit late, but I say go for it. Do be ready to edit yourself without mercy after you give each piece some distance, though.
  4. Explaining the precise context of this ostentatious motherfucker in the comic I'm working on would take a while, but I'm pretty happy with the design even if it's going to be a total bitch to reproduce.
  5. So I was hanging out in a Discord chat recently talking about writing lyrics, giving some people advice, and I linked one of my songs just for the hell of it. Some dude in the chat listens to it, then proceeds to buy the whole album for eight bucks and hits me up on Twitter saying it's the best thing he's heard all year. I have a fan now. That's fucking bizarre and kind of cool.
  6. So, um. At this point I don't really care if I'm doubleposting because I need to revive this thread to talk about just how astonishingly hard the other shoe has dropped with Made in Abyss. Were this a different week I would probably talk about Shonen Maid—which is, despite its dubious premise, exceedingly wholesome and earnest; I'm using it as something of a buffer/breather series—but I kind of need to share my trauma here. It's not the pointlessly sadistic kind of narrative hammer blow, but I think that honestly made it much, much worse. I mean, Texhnolyze is one of my favourite series. I love dark stuff. But this was actively upsetting in so many different ways, despite the fact that I knew that it was coming and expected something horrible. I was actually taken aback.
  7. I didn't get that far into that show but I remember it being really fun. I was also surprised yet not surprised that it was a comic adaptation.
  8. I wanted to post "The Man in the Moon" from this album, but I don't think it's on Youtube, which is a shame.
  9. Page 2 is mostly a burning pile of crap and bad memes but 3 has mostly been civil? I feel like we just need to ask certain people to tone it down and not act like assholes, which maybe takes longer than some blanket rule but deals with the real problem more effectively.
  10. I have started and stopped Baccano! something like five times, which is vexing, because it is a great show. The problem is that it is frantic and dense, and trying to binge it never works out. Speaking of dense shows with great music, Mawaru Penguindrum is fascinating, and while I get why a lot of folks don't care for it, I certainly do.
  11. That is actually amazing. I would be really afraid to do that, but seeing that is honestly really inspiring. Personally, I feel like forcing those who represent horrible ideas to either act on them or back down and otherwise undermining their bases of power is far more effective in the long run than actually laying hands on them, because it turns their own behaviour against them. You can't claim that you're the wounded party if you're beating someone who has done you no harm, and forcing those who might have some inkling of doubt or clarity of conscience to confront that can ultimately change their minds. This also reminds me: According to NPR, the organisation Life After Hate, which was founded by a former racist skinhead as a way to help people get out of neo-Nazi and other white supremacist extremist groups and move on with their lives, was the only anti-extremist group of thirty-three denied a grant by the Trump administration which they had applied for under the Obama administration. Just goes to show you what their priorities really are.
  12. Because their heads have been crushed by their own rectal muscles. Septimius Severus was black, for fuck's sake.
  13. There's something deeply weird to me about racists and xenophobes using Roman imagery everywhere given that the Roman Empire was an ethnically diverse bureaucracy which gradually shifted from speaking one primary language to another and whose royalty mass-converted to a messianic Middle Eastern fringe religion for political reasons.
  14. There is something of a corporatist or even fascist bent baked into the culture of Japan's government and civil service outside of the weird racist stuff, and it hasn't been doing the country many favours from a socioeconomic standpoint either. The Iron Triangle has been rusting for decades.
  15. I'll put it like this: People with terrible views have a right to speak so long as they are not directly inciting violence. The thing is, real fascists and totalitarians never stay on the right side of that line, because their goals are always intrinsically violent on some level. That being said, while violence in the defence of oneself or others is justified, violence is not the sole valid response to violently hateful people; and all told, I feel like a lot of hardcore anti-fascist rhetoric treats non-violent resistance as inherently ineffectual or naïve, as if considering violence a last resort were somehow an ill-considered and cowardly position rather than a thought-through and frequently difficult one. It also undermines and demeans a lot of pacifist anti-fascist groups who do a lot of good work, which is counterproductive and a bit insulting. Also, I hate to do this, but before it even gets there, could we please avoid any glorification of the USSR here? If any group rivals neo-Nazis in the atrocity denialism camp, it's tankies, and as a left-wing person with some actual fucking standards, I'd really rather not. I also don't care for liberal-baiting for a number of reasons—the irony of po-faced Marxists quoting Popper is astounding—but I feel like that's a whole lot less significant than "actually Stalin was all right." All this being said... I don't think I have ever been this afraid for my country before. Please, let this be an unmissed opportunity for positive change.
  16. It's at least scaly. I've always liked boys who could wreck my shit, so I approve.
  17. I think this conversation can be work-safe if it's kept to aesthetics, but I understand why some might think otherwise. Personally, my standards for what makes a character winsome don't really have a lot to do with weight, although I tend to be drawn to more proportionate characters overall, and in terms of what I find attractive past mere cuteness, I prefer lithe to rotund most of the time. Not a knock on fat characters, though; round can be charming too. But again, it's not a key feature for me.
  18. *boop* WHAT NOW, FOOL?
  19. I'm doing OK. How about yourself?
  20. It's beautiful, isn't it? And so are these tweets.
  21. I don't really know you but you seem nice enough? Someone count me in the other half if there is such a division.
  22. So, Mawaru Penguindrum. It's weird and really dark, even by Ikuhara standards, and I'm halfway through and have no idea where it's going. It's pretty cool.
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