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  1. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I have a few furry characters I could throw at you in DMs for you to look at ^^ Yea, I had to do a self portrait in my drawing class last year and it was hard as hell, ahah. Realism definitely isn't my strong suit, but people tell me I'm fairly good at it. I don't think you finished your thought on world-building there, ahah Popufur, ahah, that's a good one. Anyway, it's a bit stressful, but nice at the same time ^^ I like it when people seem like they want to talk to me I'll send you a friend request in discord and check out your deviantart ^^
  2. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I like opossums too ^^ they're pretty cute, but sort of scary, animals, ahah I've seen oil pastel work that is really top notch and full of great detail, but the medium generally just isn't my thing. I applaud people who can work with it, but I don't think I have the patience for it, ahah ^^""" I'll look into the comic thread, though I'm not sure if I'll post my comic there. I'm not sure if the comics are meant to be exclusively furry related or if it can be pretty much anything, but the story I'm working to illustrate for isn't related to anthro animals, so..egh As for the drawing idea; I really like that ;u; I will definitely do that
  3. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I'll check your podcast out sometime, ahah ^^ I'm sure I'll enjoy it Yea, fiction books in general can be a bit hard to get people to read, but I'm sure you can do it. I think the lore of the high fantasy book could be interesting to explore, so if you manage to get that book out I'd certainly at least give it a glance. I wouldn't have expected that horror would be a hard market to sell in, but I guess it makes sense. I guess you can take some solace in the fact that, though it's hard to sell books in that genre, horror that does sell sells really well. Dark comedy, I think, is the best comedy, but that's my own opinion. All your stories sound really interesting, man, I hope you can get them published and out into the world
  4. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    World-building is super fun, I think...I'm still working on getting better at it, but it's still something I tend to enjoy Ah, realism is fairly difficult, but I hear it's a good place to start for people who want to draw so they can get a good grasp on basic anatomy. I hope you can develop your style more and maybe we can exchange some art in PMs, just so we can get a feel for each other's style and whatnot. I'm not sure about doing an art trade at this current point in time, I have some stuff I already owe people in terms of art that I need to get done before I put more stuff onto myself, but I'll happily discuss ideas with you just to save time for later. I'm not very vigilant about checking this site, so if you have a Deviant Art and/or Discord I could reach you at, I'll be a lot quicker with my responses.
  5. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I think I'll enjoy your company, considering shitposters are typically fun people to interact with, ahah Anyway, I'll avoid starting anything with anyone. Though I sort of enjoy sitting back and watching drama unfold, being one of the people trapped inside of it tends to never be a very fun thing.
  6. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I'll take the putting words in digitally thing into consideration, seeing as I do know that my handwriting can be a bit hard to read sometimes. It'd be a bit difficult, I think, but it'd probably be worth it to make sure people can understand the story I'm trying to write out. Thanks for the advice though, I'm sure it'll help me out quite a bit. What's your podcast called? I don't think I'd submit my comic to you, unless I feel like I really need the help, but I think hearing the advice and criticisms you give to other people could help me improve a lot myself, if that makes sense. Ah dang, I hope you can get those books published, man ^^ what types of fiction do you write? I do have a Discord, so I'll consider joining the server for the forums...I was actually going to include my discord account in the OP post, but I got caught up in talking about other things and forgot, ahah Ah, I understand that. School is very important and should come first in most regards, but it sucks when it takes up all of your free time. Anyhow, what types of videos do you make? My Father's Day wasn't the best either, as I think I mentioned in the OP post. It started out okay, my dad took the family out on the boat, but then the boat broke down and we had to get towed back to the dock, ahah ^^""" not very fun...
  7. Just Some Thoughts I Have, Ahah

    I'm going to try and be as active on this forum site as I am on the Furry Forums, but I make no real promises, I guess. I'm mainly just wanting some people to talk to, so I'm going to talk about some random things and hope somebody approaches to have a conversation about one, two, or all of the things I bring up. I want to start drawing my fursonas more, but I don't really have much I can use them for. I drew a birthday card for my sister that has my opossum fursona on it, and I drew a ref sheet for my snow leopard bby, but that's pretty much all I've done and I feel bad. So, I suppose, maybe give me suggestions on things I should draw them doing? I'm pretty open to drawing most things, though I draw the line at heavy NSFW. Just throw ideas at me, I guess...I might even draw other people's fursonas with mine, if people would be interested in that sort of thing, and I'll post the drawings here for people to see ^^ On a different note, I'm drawing a comic. It's not furry related, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while anyhow. I have the front cover completely finished, a sketch for the chapter one cover done, so now it's a matter of keeping myself motivated enough to draw pages that people can read...and remembering to make sure my handwriting is easy to read, ahah. So, for those of you who also make art, what types of things do you create? Drawings, stories, something else? I'm mainly centered around drawing and occasional storytelling, though I have dabbled in other mediums like painting, sculpting, and ceramics. Sculpting was only something I did back in middle school because it was a requirement in my art class, though it wasn't something I disliked, just not something I loved either. I was in a ceramics club in middle school, and that was pretty fun. I worked with one of those spinning wheels and I made some pottery...I don't think I have any of it, but it was still a fun club. As for painting, I had to do a bit of that in my drawing class, technically, last year, and it's not something I particularly like. It's not that I dislike painting, it's just a bit too messy and hard to control for my liking. Oh yeah, I've also working with chalk and oil pastels...the chalk wasn't that bad, just super messy, but the oil pastels were a disaster, I think. I wanted to have a lot of detail in the piece I was trying to make, and I learned pretty quickly oil pastels aren't built for small little details...at least, the ones I was working with weren't. I'm sure if I was more experienced with that medium, I could've pulled off that piece, but, as somebody who works primarily in pencil and colored pencils, that didn't end well. Anyway, that got slightly off topic...to recap the question: what types of art do you guys make? Moving on from art, I guess I'll ask about the very loved topic of school. How do you guys feel about the schooling system where you live? I, personally, think that there isn't a lot of issues with the curriculum as much as there's an issue with the teachers that are teaching. I wish that the county would be more diligent about who they're hiring, considering lunatics and people who don't know how to interact with kids are frequently slipping through the cracks. I remember my third grade teacher was just awful...I don't know why she'd sign on to be a teacher if she didn't have the patience to deal with eight-year-olds in a way that wouldn't leave them traumatized. I remember there was this kid that got scared of her to the point of fainting where she stood and wound up hitting the back of her head on the whiteboard. The kid was fine, but that doesn't change the fact that she fainted. There were many times in that class where I made myself physically sick because of how stressed she made me. I don't know. Hopefully the county is working to make sure people like that don't get hired anymore, but you never know. Goodness, this is turning out longer than I meant it to...if you don't want to respond to any of the other crap, I guess I'll just ask how everyone's Father's Day was. Mine wasn't too great, some bull shit happened, but that's besides the point. How's everyone's day today?
  8. Aesthetics are cool, ahah

  9. Howdy Folks

    I tend to swing more for fantasy and science fiction ^^ often times, a good dystopian future story is pretty good too, but a lot of them are pretty tired at this point and kind of blend together, I find. Been meaning to read 1984, but haven't gotten around to it yet. If you'd like a general idea of the things I read, look at House of Leaves (need to finish that book) and Welcome to Night Vale (the book, not the podcast...the podcast is pretty good too though, ahah). Fossas are pretty cool animals. I don't know much about them, but they've always kind of interested me, ahah I don't game that much, I find I don't really have the temper for it, ahah. 3D rendering is cool though, what type of stuff do you make? As for books, I tend to enjoy science fiction and fantasy, sometimes dystopian future stories, though there's not that many original ones out there at the moment. What types of nonfiction do you tend to read?
  10. Howdy Folks

    Well, I usually tend to enjoy drawing and roleplaying from time to time, sometimes I read books and whatnot, but I'm picky with the things I read, ahah. What sorts of things do you enjoy doing?
  11. Howdy Folks

    I have already made a post and interacted briefly with some people, but I'll make a proper introduction ^^ Hello, the name's Lee, my main fursona is an opossum (as can be seen by my profile picture), but I have a secondary snow leopard fursona I might use every once in a while. I don't know how active I'll be here, might only check up on the site once a day, but feel free to contact me for conversation anyway, I'll be sure to get back to you whenever I see your message. I'm more active on Skype, Discord, and Deviant Art, so, if you want to ensure I respond quicker to your messages, go ahead and ask about those platforms and I'll give you my username so you can follow me there (if those places don't work, I can give you my email, but I probably won't reply very often). Anyway, hope this post didn't bore anyone to death. Feel free to contact me, either through private messages or a simple reply to this post, and I'll get back to you ^^ -Cheers
  12. Bit New to Furries and Whatnot

    (I'm only putting this here because I didn't think it qualified as an introduction, more of a long winded question) Um, howdy, folks The title kind of speaks for itself, I'm aware of furries and I vaguely understand them, but I've never considered myself a furry up until somewhat recently, and, even then, I wanted to consult the general population(?) as to whether or not I should even be calling myself a furry. You see, I do enjoy drawing anthro animals, I have quite a few characters that are bipedal and have humanoid characteristics, Hell, I even made a fursona for myself a bit ago, and am considering making a secondary one just for the heck of it, but I've never really called myself a furry, in fact, I've stated on many occasions that I'm not, but I'm thinking about changing that. The problem comes in when I consider the things I like and the things that most furries like and where we stop connecting. The majority of furries enjoy fur-suiting and seem to really connect with being an animal, but I, personally, just like drawing anthros and looking at characters that are anthro and have no real intent of ever making myself a fur-suit and walking around in it, bit too much money for something I'm probably never going to wear because it just doesn't interest me (plus it's too hot where I live and I'd probably pass out from heat exhaustion, ahah). But I digress, I still like enjoy having the fursona, even though I'd never dress up as that fursona, and anthro characters are super interesting to me. On top of that, I'm very interested in being apart of the furry community (you know, drawing art for it, maybe going to a convention someday, blah blah blah), but I don't know if I even would qualify as a furry. I guess my question is this: should I call myself a furry or just say that I'm a person who likes drawing and looking at anthro animals? I'm posting this on multiple forums so I can get an idea of what the general community says and I'll make my decision from there. Personally, I do think I can call myself a furry on some level, but I want to hear what everyone else thinks.