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  1. Burn But forreal generally I just prefer well choreographed action with minimal special effects. Stuff like The Raid, both 1 and 2. Or some old Jackie Chan stuff if I'm looking for something less gritty and more fun. 'Course I'd be hypocritical as all hell if I said I don't like any special effects driven action, I am a tad obsessed with those Marvel movies after all. Still though, the Matrix films never did it for me. Always felt way too condescending and full of itself for a movie with writing a six year old could understand for the most part.
  2. Yeah, a clusterfuck of horribly dated effects is just fine :V
  3. Not saying it would necessarily be as good, or that I even think it should be done But Lady Gaga as the goblin queen, perhaps. I feel as far as artists with definitive styles/personalities to them go these days, she'd be the only one I feel could bring a unique weirdness to the role. And she also has American Horror Story under her belt, so we know she can act at least. Outside of that. I mean, idk, Corey Taylor? Just go full Slipknot with it all.
  4. I noticed that the last person to create an account on these forums did so a few days ago now. Which struck me as a little odd, considering up until that point we'd had a pretty steady rate of new accounts being made here. It was slowing down, but the complete stop seemed rather sudden. So, out of curiosity, I decided to try and make a new account yesterday. And after a solid hour of on and off attempts at creating the account, I got nowhere, as each time the security check CAPTCHA code I input was rejected. And these aren't complex codes, just three numbers. So I doubt I was making a mistake each and every attempt. I figured I'd give it a day, maybe CAPTCHA was just having an off day. Tried again today, still nothing. Not wanting to leave things incomplete, I also attempted to sign up using an audio code. Typed in each number I was given, tried it several times both yesterday, and today, and still no success. I figured this was something that might be in need of moderator attention.
  5. I mean, I'd fuck me But for srs bzns, I suppose it depends. When a person designs a character to be an idealised version of themselves, which is much the case for many people, it might be that traits they put into their fursona are the traits they personally find incredibly attractive, and ideally would love to exhibit themselves. So it could be that when someone designs a fursona, in the end the results are they aren't so much designing a character that is meant to be themselves, so much as they are designing a character that is, in many ways, the ideal partner for themselves. Intentionally or not, they create a character that is incredibly attractive to them.
  6. I have agoraphobia, so wide open heavily populated places always tug pretty damn heavily on my nerves. I've had more than a few panic attacks as a result. Thankfully my anxieties are somewhat alleviated by familiarity. If I have one of my roommates with me I can usually deal, or if it's just a stonesthrow from home and I know it will not be any trouble to get myself back home should things become too overbearing. Vomiting is another thing that has a horrid effect on my mentality. Hearing people telling detailed stories about times they've been sick is enough to destroy my appetite for days. I just can't get the imagery out of my head and it causes nausea and anxiety. And the awareness that I myself might be getting sick enough to reach that point has caused plenty of panic attacks as well. Similarly whenever I see it in pictures or videos online, and in movies as well. I refuse to watch anything Jackass related. I refuse to get drunk. It doesn't bother me so much in videogames however, not sure why. And finally, operating a motor vehicle. I've only been behind the wheel a few times in my life, and I was absolutely terrified each time. It's an assault on the senses, and knowing that a single mistake, and not necessarily even a mistake that I myself am responsible for making, can end lives, I don't want any part in that.
  7. It's really weird how things have gotten, because I'd argue that we actually have cartoons today that are of a far higher quality, both in animation, and in writing/storytelling, then there ever were pre-90's By law of large numbers, when we had a lot more to choose from, it's easy to say that there was more quality stuff back then. And in a way, there was. There was just so damn much on the air that you had to be good in order to compete. But today, you have to be genuinely great, especially when it comes to the waning interest in television that sweeps pretty much all generations that fall under the age of 40. Which is also what necessitates the more simplistic styles and methods of animation for cartoons today. Things just need to be cheaper because children's television just isn't bringing in the numbers it used to. But 'back in mah time', and the generation before mine as well, there was just a lot more in general. If a toy existed, it had a TV show. A habit that has its roots in 80's cartoons that carried on until the later 90's, and still has some examples today. Which resulted in a loooot of crap that we sorta just went with because we were kids and we didn't know better, and we liked action figures that you could do call Transformers-style shit with. Sometimes these animated marketing vehicles managed to actually pull it off and be decent enough to still be around today, but a lot of it we can look back on, and realise that while we might have fond memories of cartoons 10-20, even 30 years ago, we'd be for the most part lying to ourselves if we can actually say in all honesty that they weren't kinda stupid, cheesy, and sometimes even lazy on so many levels. Most relied almost exclusively on their concept, rather than the quality of the show itself. Some cartoons today do a pretty good job at still creating pretty, interesting, evocative environments in spite of being animated in Flash. My Little Pony does pull this off, it has some genuinely beautiful visual elements. Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time have managed to flesh out their worlds and stories through purely visual storytelling damn well expertly in spite of the more simplistic animation styles. And the sound design in all of them, particularly in Steven Universe, is right on point, and also serves to pull of some low-key hidden storytelling elements in the form of musical cues. Just... Fuck whoever was in charge of Johnny Test's sound design is all I'll say about that. Now, all that aside, if there was ever a show in my youth that was to be revived, visual style, themes and tones intact, perhaps for a Netflix only release, it would be Gargoyles. Please give me more Gargoyles. And maybe a cleanup, not a remake, of the Batman: The Animated Series for a Blu-ray release. I'd love to watch that in high definition. Such a visually striking, and very well written series.
  8. I used to have stacks of sketchbooks once upon a time, Traditional being all I knew for years, and I was... Okay at it. I mean, I was 16 when I started on digital art, and I had only really been heavily focused on drawing for four years before that. I learned how to do things fairly decently with nothing but 2B pencils, at least, as well as you'd expect from a 16 year old who drew mostly Pokémon and anime girls, and sometimes anime girls dressed as Pokémon, y'know? I got my first teeny little Wacom tablet when I was 15, but I rarely really used it for the first few months. Learning curve was steep compared to what I was already used to. Eventually, though, I figured I should try and get some use out of it, so I started scanning drawings, and colouring them up in Photoshop. They looked pretty awful, lines were choppy, colours were flat, and I had no idea about resolutions or DPI or which formats were best for saving my work in. And it took me a little while to realise that layers were a thing. Sometime after I turned 16 though, I had to get surgery on my spine. Which was pretty hard-hitting on my life for many reasons. For the first few weeks of my near half-year long recovery, I was bedridden. It became harder to do things traditionally, especially considering most of my art stuff was back home, and my recovery took place at my grandparents place on a property in the middle of nowhere. I did, however, have my laptop, and my dinky little Wacom tablet. So the push to learn how to properly use my tablet, and digital art software, sort of became necessary if I wanted to continue my hobby and stave off boredom induced insanity. Thankfully, however, this was also around the time My Little Pony: FIM was starting up. Which gave my something to focus on, artistically. I became part of that community, I learned how to digital art through MLP fanart, which is a pretty good place to start considering the simplistic style of the show. It was easy to learn when I was building my own style upon one so easy to get a grasp on, and when I had this, initially, really cool and friendly community to help me along. Digital art is entirely its own skillset, that's what I learned pretty quickly over all of this. You have to learn to use new tools, new techniques, new methods. How you perceive and work with the spaces you do is entirely different when you make use of the many tools available that allow you to zoom, rotate, select, shrink, expand, and so on. And working with layers affords you so much more freedom with the order in which you approach things. But in the end, the theory is still very much the same. If you can do things traditionally, you can do them digitally. Your just switching from a BMX to a mountain bike, y'know? All these gears that can make the ride much easier, or a lot harder, depending on whether or not you know how to use them. And it's so much simpler to figure it out then it seems at first.
  9. And as for a character of my own design This here's Faira. Fox-Lamia, hunter, could eat a horse, likes punching jerks, sometimes gets overly maternal
  10. I have two characters that sorta stand in as my 'Fursona' in many cases, but I'll go with the usual one here The usual one being Keira, my demon Monkey lady, complete with lady-nip censoring black balls She was actually an adopted character. A few years ago I took a request for the original owner of the character, and she ended up being a character that I always had fond memories of drawing. A design I had fun with, and a palette I was really fond of . Sometime later, on a whim I decided to check in on the FA page of the original owner, figured maybe they'd like me to draw her again, and happened upon a two day old journal about how they needed to sell of some of their pretty dang large assortment of cool character designs in order to fun replacement parts for their PC I just sorta went for it, I'd never paid for a character design in the past, but I was just really compelled to snatch her up She's a character I intend to do more with, either as a lead character in a written story, or a webcomic. Whichever works best for me I suppose.
  11. Honestly Sometimes I DO forget to do these things for content creators I follow. It isn't as if I go into a CGP Grey binge watch session with "Gosh I'm gonna like and comment SO hard" at the forefront of my mind. Chances are I just have the playlist fullscreened on one monitor while I'm playing a game on the other. So when the dude takes a second a the end to be like "Yo, did you like that shit? Buddy, friend, please take like a tenth of a second to hit a button for me so my content can reach more people who might like it too eh, pal, mate, chum?", you better believe that if I did like that shit, that I'm gonna take a few seconds to pause the video, hit like, and then resume the playlist. And for people on YouTube who create said content as their actual job, and primary source of income, reminding what I'm pretty sure is a far larger number than just myself that these buttons have a genuine effect on how easily their content is found for the tens of thousands of people that might be interested in the stuff they produce, is fairly integral to both the growth of their channel, and their ability to pay the bills and feed themselves. And yes, of course the like system has so much utility beyond just upping their place in the search rankings. It's a pretty damn solid indicator of what content a viewer base enjoys most, which is tied directly to what is going to make a content creator more money. So, often, it's pretty well necessary to remind the several thousand viewers who've likely forgotten, that there are buttons to hit that help them have a say in what their favourite content creators put more focus and effort on in the future. I know plenty of us would like to believe that we will always have the faultless presence of mind to do all these tiny, easily overlooked things while you're clicking on a bunch of cool ass videos showing what happens when you drop balls of white-hot Nickel into different shit, but you know you're always forgetting. Taking this ridiculous "Well if they keep telling me to do it, I'm just gonna NOT want to do it" attitude is a tad childish, isn't it? Taking this contrarian attitude all because you don't wanna do what mommy the Let's Player politely asks you to do if you want to do it?
  12. I never played Kingdom Hearts in my youth. I recently tried it out, what with all the hype over KHIII being announced And it was awful. Like, I suppose in the context of its time, it was sorta like this big deal crossover event with characters from franchises that a lot of people loved, and it caught a lot of people on that basis alone. And kids are more forgiving I suppose, so it was easier to enrapture them with big bright loud colourful levels. But playing it without any prior experience with the franchise, and zero nostalgia factor for any of the characters (I was never a Final Fantasy OR Disney person, I spent my time with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and Pokémon was the only turn based RPG I ever had any interest in), all I got out of Kingdom Hearts was this ridiculous AU crossover fanfiction with this self insert Sora character and some seriously conflicting themes and tones that made it impossible to take the supposedly serious moments seriously. Whose dumb idea was it to put Donald Duck and Goofy into dramatic scenarios and expect the audience to feel anything? Honestly I feel like if that game had come out today, it would never have taken off. Only reason I can imagine people are actually looking forward to a new entry is purely because of those dang ol' nostalgia goggles. Nowadays I hear nothing but disdain from former Square Enix fans. And, while yes they have recently come out and cancelled the 'augment your preorder' campaign, Square Enix actually thought the Augment Your Preorder campaign was a perfectly fine and acceptable thing to do. On that basis alone I'd probably say that Squeenix are pretty low ranking. Maybe not the devil incarnate, I still think Ubisoft is technically doing worse, and while EA has been getting better, they're still pretty bad, but Square Enix is pretty bad at the moment.
  13. Yeah, but they don't have guns, so they have to get up really close to us to do it
  14. As unfortunate as it might sound to a lot of people, Tumblr was the first place I was really exposed to Transgender people. Tumblr has its glaring issues, especially with how it over glorifies LGBT+ people, they have good intentions, but in particular their encouragement toward people who invent their own pronouns and genders as a way to stick it to the gender binary has caused more harm than good. How it severely misinterprets, and has in turn destroyed the image of what Feminism is supposed to be for so many people (Mostly because of just how many Tumblr 'feminists' are young, highly impressionable individuals who look up to the older Tumblr Radfem crowd), turning feminism into this buzzword for misandry, rather than actual equality. And how it has fostered a dangerously over-nurturing environment that is raising a generation of hyper-sensitive people, some of whom have actually been convinced that they don't need to even attempt to get any help for any mental issues they might be suffering from, who are going to crash and burn when comes the time for them to enter the world and support themselves once they leave home. But I do also recognise that Tumblr can hold some responsibility for a great deal of positivity on LGBT+ and Feminist issues over the recent years. And, while I would attribute most of my thanks toward my actual transgender friends, I also am thankful toward some of the Tumblr crowd for helping me figure out my own gender fluidity. I also know that, while not a certainty, many transgender people eased into the idea by first exploring gender fluidity before reaching that point. So while I am comfortable with myself as things are, it may be that someday I'll also find myself there as well. And I'm glad that I have these people in my life that will be able to help me through it should that time come.
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