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  1. Bit much normal stuff In this thread. I don't mean plain, plain is a form of minimal. We have just... normal. My mang though, Is looking CLEAN. Smooth like dry ice. And, Is very fancy if a bit overwhelming in the second. For me I have some old ones, because my current Windows is nothing to look at. Now that I'm running 10 Enterprise N LTSB 2016 (the highest echelon of windows you can get), it is clean enough by default that I leave things alone. Here is a shot of 7 as I was in the process of getting ready to install 10 Enterprise N LTSB 2015: And yes, you are looking at a shot of 6 monitors in an array. Right after I did install 10, I riced the fuck out of my Firefox: And then I riced it even more. The top bar was so thin! Only two bars thick with one line of tabs, here there are two lines. I completely got rid of the title bar. Bit of visual glitching where the close button was pushed into the next bar down clipping under other buttons. I eventually did my own custom colors for Winamp, too: Here is another shot, taken earlier than the 10 install prep one. It shows a 3d industrial design modeling / rendering workspace: On Linux I don't do anything special really, not to those familiar with linux anyways. I'm not like Sar who goes for very custom and lightweight. I used to run gnome 2 with compiz and beryl back in the day. I just turned on all the effects and called it a day. I do the same now a days with KDE5 with Kwin effects.
  2. I use Private Internet Access. They are a very good VPN that doesn't log. Fast enough for all my activities, both in bandwidth and ping time. Many servers to choose from, too. Other ones I can think of are AirVPN and ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN is by the same people behind Proton mail, a free secure and encrypted privacy minded email. Originated from people at CERN. Many to choose from though. Check torrentfreak's 2017 list. They are the ones I would trust to actually compile a list of actually privacy minded VPNs.
  3. In a world with no color, we create some with the over application of bits to disk. I am new here. I come bearing the gift or one of my truly favorite things, everlasting darkness and the glow of the neon city. A large compilation of trippy gifs, part 1: http://imgur.com/gallery/aVnAo A large compilation of trippy videos, updated periodically: Assorted trippy things: http://karmanistic.tumblr.com

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