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  1. Welcome, I hope you come to like it here.
  2. Bought my aunts old Lexus a year or so ago. Its an older model but in good condition to me at least (it runs). Its black cherry color and overall nice enough to go back and forth to work in. Very happy I decided to buy it when I did.
  3. Hi!, Thank you! I majored in Liberal Arts and minored in History.
  4. Thank you! Yes, I drew my icon though it's a rough sketch and not 100% what I want. My fursona is a Hyaenodon and though having hyena in its name there is no relation to them at all. They are called that because their teeth are like a hyena's.
  5. Fell into a mud puddle and needs a deep cleaning of the fur.
  6. Hi there, I was in the fandom a while ago but just got back into it now that I am done with University and have more time. I made my fursona and now I am looking to get more involved in the fandom. I hope to get to know a few people here over time. I'm not sure where to go with this next but I am figuring it out. I would love to go to a con someday but that needs to be planned out. I do not have many things in relation to my fursona either except for my icon right now. I hope to change that very soon and do more. I'm just happy I found this site while looking for some to join. There are many but this one seems wonderful. Happy to be here, Blight Hyaenodon
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