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  1. Only reason I have 8 now is cause my new laptop had it pre-installed. Such a cruel joke. I miss XP
  2. Love the fact that I'm not the only one who does this
  3. Don't really have a favourite song, but the soundtrack to VA-11 HALL-A is pretty consistent in it's awesome-ness. Edit: Don't know/can't remember how to just place the video... if anyone could tell me how that'd be neat lol
  4. Feelin' salty tonight cause I ordered a white pudding instead of a red pudding at the first fish 'n chip shop I've been to in years and what should have been a tasty - if incredibly unhealthy - treat turned into 10+ minutes of me nibbling on garbage and whining about how I wish I had ordered the right thing
  5. *Bumping to make it clear I'm looking to do requests again*
  6. Gotta preserve the mystery somehow =P
  7. Not super weird, but in RPGs that let you customize your characters appearance via armour and stuff, I tend to get attached to something I find early on, and sometimes find myself playing a self-imposed Hard Mode due to my refusal to switch their equipment for better stuff that actually increases their stats Also, in Pokemon I have a tendency to play "Gym Leader style" and only play with Pokemon of the Water type. Not too bad later on when you can catch dual-types like Lanturn, but can sometimes lead to a bit of a struggle near the start - especially with Sun/Moon which didn't have many great ones near the start...
  8. Can relate to this a whole bunch. One of the tutors for my art course keeps giving us essays to write, and it's gotten to the point I feel like I'm writing more than I'm drawing >_< Hopefully they'll calm down on your end soon
  9. Replayed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for about 15 minutes... just to remind myself how much I hate it...
  10. Oh my gosh those boots look insane. Where's the heel!? D= Seconding the vote for resin - imagine that would probably work pretty okay
  11. Literally didn't notice this until just now @Caledonian... must have noticed the message that came directly after it and assumed it was the only new one I had at the time =/ Would be happy to do another request for you if you're still keen? (WIP looks great by the way =D) Sorry, never noticed this when you originally posted it @Tyranno I could give this a go if you're still interested... but in all honesty my feral art leaves a lot to be desired - in the sense that it's terrible. If you still want me to throw something together though I'd be happy to try.
  12. Gonna go ahead and slip these in here :3 Last one was a real beaut by the way
  13. Kept dreaming about scorpions the other night... I was in the garden of my father's house, playing as a kid, and get seeing progressively larger scorpions until suddenly I was hiding from absolute giants. I'm sure an argument could be made that scorpions symbolize something, but I honestly couldn't have the slightest idea what
  14. Was into the show a couple of years ago in a watch-every-episode-within-a-week-of-it-airing kind of way... but kind of zoned out by the time the last season started. Or, maybe even the season before that... I'm not sure which one is even out now to be honest. Might watch the movie at some point, and see if it restores some of my enthusiasm for the franchise.