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  1. iZombie. Trying to wean myself off watching all of the Marvel stuff on Netflix by... watching something adapted from a DC comic instead >_<
  2. Here you go Hope you like it
  3. Disney strikes again...
  4. Kaizo Mega Man? What is that?
  5. Sure, I've never done anyone with cybernetics/robot-parts, should be fun =) Might be a couple of days, but I'll definitely draw something - you got any ideas for a pose/setting, or just want me to wing it?
  6. Gosh darnit, I got excited for a second!
  7. Here you go @U-235, hope you like it
  8. Yeah... I barely ever slept back then, so that doesn't surprise me. Bar work is hell Hmmm... much as my 'sona is based on me, even I can't see the resemblance here lol
  9. Here you go @willow I'm quite happy with it (hopefully you are too), but it's a bit simple... so I'll try to do Willow too, at some point, if I have time
  10. Most recent selfie I have is this one from a couple of years ago. I don't really do selfies unless I'm drunk, and I don't drink enough any more
  11. Only thing I've commissioned so far has been this cute lil icon from JetPuffyChest/Shibawuff on FA. Was my first time commissioning art, and their first time being commissioned for it - so that was pretty cool.
  12. Comic seems pretty dope from what I've read so far. Kinda bummed that it's gonna be pure text from a certain point, from what I've read here, but hopefully by the time I get that far into it I'll be too invested to care =3
  13. Oh goodness yeah, those are just a few ideas. I'd prefer the colour scheme be similar, but other than that dress him up/down how you like
  14. There you go
  15. Will probably do something with Aida, cause he looks really awesome Trade sounds good if you've got the time =)