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  1. oh boy!

    Lunch. Okay fine, Space and Earth science. I like science and stuff. Space is cool, how there's literally nothing but it's full of everything, and there's so much room, everything's so big, there's a bunch of coo- Stop laughing. What's your favorite classic 80's movie?
  2. Run. Run while you still can. But hello! I'm doing not-terribly.
  3. *boops the somewhat terrifying bat nose*
  4. Hello, other person! Hello, World!
  5. Out comes a McDonald's cheeseburger. In goes Batman's bottle of shark repellent.
  6. It's more like a giant piss stain that I can't get out.
  7. Can we all just be friends now?
  8. I ask a question Someone replies I reply to them Someone else asks me about it I answer their question And now multiple people hate me Basically, people are treating my idiocy and arrogance as a serious and dramatic issue, from what I've seen While this is at the top of my screen: Now how do I delete my account?
  9. I tweeted about it, X replied, I DM'd X, X started insulting me, then X blocked me 'X' wasn't 6Tails, by the way. I don't think he cares. I'll shut up about the twitter, that's fine But I'm tryn to be nice with my rants and everybody's goin' nuts
  10. Ah, okay. I wanna thank you for not sending various Private Messages about how I'm naive and a self mediator just for trying to figure out what happened. Twitter is cancer.
  11. I know exactly what to do now. I was just making a joke with what I said. Les jus calm dow
  12. It's morely like a, "what is even happening right now," kind of feeling.
  13. I'm way too curious, and a little worried, somehow. Could anyone let me in on what's going on?
  14. Would've helped me.