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  1. I know this is late, but...

    "You're a human who can't stand humans. Do you really think you're in a position to claim that furries can't dislike furries?"

    Being a furry is a choice. Being human is not. If you dislike furries so much, then why the hell are you a furry to begin with?  No one's forcing anyone to be a furry. Humans who hate humans have no choice but to be human. So, no, not an oxymoron.

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    2. BennyJackdaw


      Are you fucking kidding, Vae? You have no right to tell me whether I get to come back or not. Besides, I'm not harassing anyone, I just stumbled upon a topic I commented on and saw a comment I felt needed to be elaborated on, I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. And when I said: "If you dislike furries so much, then why the hell are you a furry to begin with?" I was NOT refering to Battlechilli, but to any given person who calls themselves a furry, but also says they despise furries. I was trying to explain why that's an oxymoron, but not misanthropy.

      Of course, I could elaborate further, but apparently you think anything I say is going to be "harassment."

      I also find it suspicious that you even commented so quickly, are you stalking me or something?

      @Battlechilli's recent post.

      ...I suppose you do have a point, there. I couldn't hypnotized myself to not like anthros if I got the Men in Black involved, so I could see where one would say it's not a choice. ...Then again, I could still argue whether you associate with the fandom or not is.

    3. Vae


      I don't know how I commented so quickly.

      It is truly a mystery.

      I don't care about who your comment was directed to.
      But I absolutely can warn you not to repeat behaviors on this site that have gotten you banned and ostracized from other communities,
      as a mod of this one, because I've seen them happen, and I'm familiar with your patterns.

      My warning still stands.

    4. BennyJackdaw


      I'm continuing this on your page.

  2. There's really no secret: it's someone who thinks anthropomorphic animals are cool and usually has one as their OC. Generally they like to see things with anthros in them. They don't have to like everything with them, however if they absolutely HATE everything with anthros in them and hate everything related to anthros or furries, then they're not furries. Also, true furries understand the dark side, but realize it's not the entire fandom, nor is it as humongous as you seem to think. Also, pedophiles have little to do with furries.
  3. By that, do you mean actual furries or furry haters masquerading as furries to seem less bias? Yeah, there is a gross side, but the problem is that it gets zoomed in on, and the lighter, more common side, gets ignored. There's hundreds upon thousands of furries that don't poop in hotels or **** each other in fursuits, but because people focus on the louder side, that leads to innocent people basically being treated like scum, and you buy into it with the "Most furries are gross" stereotype. Not to mention, there are horrible people everywhere, furry or not. Also, I might have said this before, but there is absolutely no proof as to how big the awful side of our fandom is. I kind of figured this was another anti-furry site masquerading as a true furry site, just like Fur Affinity Forums and Weasyl. ...Though in Weasyl's defense, it only became that way once the FAF members moved in and shat all over the place. I'm fine with not liking every single thing about the fandom, but when people act like they hate everything about it and everything that has talking animals in it, that's when I have a problem. Sue me. And that's what I don't get, why "furries" feel the need to spend their entire time online bitching about everything furry and anthro.
  4. Probably ten or so. The gross side of the fandom is greatly exaggerated. I don't get why people, especially "furries," need to demonize the fandom when, really, most of it is normal. Even most fetishes and porn, while somewhat weird and kind of gross, are more or less harmless.
  5. Yeah, but compare furries to other random interests. How many forums are there just for furries? How many art sites? How many groups on Deviant Art? It's just an interest, but it's still a somewhat popular one. Several billion is a lot of humans. Even if furries do take up less than 1% (Mind you I've seen no proof of where we stand as a fandom population wise) that's still tens of thousands of people. That's why they still make anthro games and they still sell well, because it's so totally a bad business decision. This whole logic is ruled by the misguided impression that only a furry could possibly enjoy games with talking animals, which unfortunately is incorrect. It's also ruled by the opinion that most people care all that much about the star rather than the game itself besides some furries, furry haters and the limited pool of other people that even give a flying fuck. Bad game design and reviews, biased and non-biased, are what hurt a games sales: not anthros. Gee, if I'm as obsessed with furries as you say I am, then surely I should have heard of it before now. It's true that I look for every good furry/anthro game I can find, but I've never even heard of that one till it came up. Besides, a few "Big Name" furries is still not the entire fandom. Let's see... You're talking as if you're angry, you're shoving one bad example of a furry game in my face, you're using theoretical logic that probably has less truth than you make it out to be (mind you a lot of my points are theoretical as well, but no less valid or invalid) and you're talking in a way that suggests about you a lot of the things you are refuting. I'm not twisting words, I'm only using your own. You said so yourself "human-protag games have really good character design." and compared it the lead in Major/Minor, with Gary Stu usually being used to describe very poorly ballanced and/or perfect characters. Even if you aren't intentionally using those words, you suggested that you believe the characters in Major/Minor are Gary Stus. DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING!!! We have a winner, folks! "I don't know why you keep misreading my posts, because I'm not a fucking vague person. But please learn how to process words, and stop making shit up in your head that I never stated." Words said BY YOU that you've contradicted in your posts by saying "I'm going purely by the context and attitudes you present," which is the very thing I've been doing to you the whole time. You say I'm speaking as if furries are pure, yet I hate to point this out, but you've been speaking and using logic as if you think very much the opposite. My problem is not only that there isn't enough quality anthro games, but too often humans in media are portrayed as god's perfect little snowflake, and only they can have any good morals or rational thoughts (which is untrue even in the real world), as well as the bias surrounding a lot of reviewers.
  6. I hate to mince words, but honestly it sounds like you are talking out of your ass. Yeah, I'm ONE person, but I'm one person in a group of people that you're treating as an insignificant minority that's actually not as small as you make it out to be. If we are such a minority, why are there so many sites dedicated to furries. You say making a game with "furries" is bad, but again: only furry haters are going to care that much about the game staring anthros. You make Major/Minor out to be the entire fandom, when it's just ONE game... supported by a limited group of furries... Not to mention, the maker is the reason the game sucks, not the furries who supported it. There are still furry games out there people put work and effort into that actually ended up being good, so making an argument by zooming in on one game isn't a very good argument. No, that's just asinine logic. What "good character designed human-protags" are you even talking about? Your entire post is basically degenerating to the idea that only furries can be Gary Stus, yet a big problem I have with most "well made human-protags" is not just because they're human, but because a lot of them are, sorry, Gary Stus, and a lot of the ones that aren't are still very generic. Human or not, video game designers generally don't put a lot of thought into their characters. Just because I hang around furries doesn't mean I ONLY hang around furries. Don't make asinine assumptions, please.
  7. I see a lot of people complaining about Gary Stus/Marry Sues. I'll admit, it's not easy avoiding them when making a characters. Often times I'll draw a character without thinking to much about their personality, but when it comes to writing a character, well, I'm learning. I remember when I first wrote my currently unreleased book Benny and the World of Mythica (Now called Gaidens of Monstrum) I went to a forum to advertise the story and it's main character: an incredibly kind and gentle unicorn rabbit, and people complained that the character was a Gary Stu. After thinking about it, I realized they were correct. In addition, the character was a hobo who lived in poverty, which has absolutely no connections to unicorn rabbits. Eventually he evolved into a character I liked more: Benny Jackdaw: a giant quadrupedal rat who is usually nice, but bitter about his life. He is weak, has no magical abilities (Always was and never did) and a big character quirk is that he hates fat people, for he blames them for his famine, the reason he gets little to eat. The story has quite a few fat characters, and while I haven't incorporated Benny's disdain for them yet (been too lazy to finish the book) I plan on using this as a flaw. And yet... I still wonder if this is enough. Another character I'm working on is part of a graphic novel I'm drawing/writing, which is a tasteful fatfur-related comic called Splendimals. The main character, Pierce Tonda the Prehensile Tailed Porcupine, is one I'm really trying to flesh out. He's almost the opposite of Benny, and has a strong bias in favor of larger creatures, adopting somewhat of a Size Superiority Complex. This is shown in his thoughts, as he's often smug whenever he gets one over on a smaller creature who happens to oppose him, but is also uncomfortable that his boss is smaller than him. In addition to this, his best friend is a Nutria named Denny Dunkel, who became his friend after Pierce scared off people who were bullying Denny when they were young. ...But their relationship didn't start out pure. Denny started out as a suck-up, doing whatever Pierce told him to do. On the other hand, Pierce exploited Denny, treating him as an inferior due to his small size and making him do his bidding. They became true friends when Pierce starts to feel like he's going too far. He realizes Denny's really trying to be nice to him, and that he's been treating Denny like dirt. Over the years, Pierce still has a size complex, but he still cares about Denny Dunkel. I'm trying to balance Pierce out as a character, and I feel I'm doing okay. I feel like I'm getting the idea of what a Gary Stu is and how to avoid making them: Characters who are generally very nice, as well as super powerful (optional) are considered Gary Stus, from what I know. Also, self-doubt is generally a very weak character flaw, as it's normal to feel that way. Whiny-ness over a situation also seems kind of week, as it's another obvious flaw. I feel like the best way to make a ballanced character is to realize no one is perfect. No one can be likeable in every sense of the word. Anyone else have any tips? Perhaps a character of their own they might like to share as an example?
  8. No, I have not, actually. I've not seen this world-wide phenomenon where people were begging for non-caucasian males or females in games. Most people I've met don't even think about the main star. As for "relating" to an animal with "human" traits, generally I relate to animal characters that have "human" traits that, honestly, I rarely see in humans anymore. A big reason I don't relate to most human videogame characters is because most of them ONLY care about the human race. They ONLY fight to save humans, killing everything else in their path without a thought. Elephants and dolphins? Don't matter. If they are in the way of saving one species, they'll be killed. On the villain's side, they are usually quite shallow: ONLY wanting to kill humans. If I was evil, I wouldn't care what I killed, but a lot of villains target specifically humans, while the heroes, who happen to be humans, will care about little else than their own species. ...That, in no way, is relatable for me, who cares deeply about other life. Non-human stars usually exist with other non-human races, and often fight to protect their fellow non-human races. Yes, I understand that someone who absolutely needs a non-human protagonist to fully enjoy a game is a minority, however I think you are exaggerating the amount of people that absolutely need humans. Yes, a lot of people will bitch because "Furries ruin media!" but at the same time, they too are a minority. They make up a very loud minority who can easily influence a large group of people, but a minority none-the-less. Most people will love a really good game whether it has a human OR an anthro.
  9. I've heard that argument a lot, but frankly, I don't buy it. I, personally, find videogames as a way of escaping reality. and playing as an anthro takes me away from one big thing I want to get away from: My own species and its burdens. Playing as a Space Marine or a Dragon Slayer actually shoves me back into that very uncomfortable place I play games like Sonic and Spyro to get away from, which is why I don't play games like Destiny or Monster Hunter. I also don't know if that many people really think that way, of needing to play as a human in order to get their "Own hero" in a videogame. A lot of people can relate just as well to their favorite animals or something new. Some people, even further, don't want "themselves" in a type of media, but rather someone they can learn about and grow to like. One bad example =/= "Furries are horrible at character design" ...Especially since people who make human characters can (and have been) just as bad at this.
  10. ...Huh, I have never even heard of Skylar and Plux or One Shot, and Super Lucky's Tale... isn't that related to that VR platformer from a while ago? Haven't played or watched any of those besides Rivals of Aether, but been a Sonic/Skylanders/Crash fan for a while. I have to bring up the whole "Gary Stu" thing for Major/Minor: I must say that avoiding Gary Stus when making a character is difficult. It's really easy to just make a generic "nice guy" character, though with most heroes: that's how they start out. It's easy to just do that and call it a day, but going beyond that is difficult. I, personally, feel like I've gotten better at making characters than I used to, but I'm still learning. ...But yeah, Gary Stu's/Marry Sue's are very annoying. Even in a lot of media they're quite common. O_o
  11. Except for Zootopia, all of that is quite old. It feels to me like "Has anthro goodguys = automatic suck" is a somewhat modern mindset, and I notice it a LOT more in today's media than I do in older media.
  12. Ugh, it's not about, and I quote: "dirty hyoomins vs pristine perfect furries," I just notice a suspicious trend with gaming. Also, I just recently got into Rivals of Aether. There's going to be two new characters tomorrow, and I plan on getting them as soon as I can find a Steam Card. ...Though that's not relevant. (Also, never heard of Major/Minor.) It might just be that I pay more attention to game reviews than movie reviews, since I'm not a big movie goer. I wouldn't mind seeing an example of what you're saying, though, I think it might be amusing to see what kind of junk movie reviewers can come up with.
  13. Speaking of videogames, I feel like I'm the only one not hyped up for Super Mario Odyssey. While I admire the ability to play as a goomba or a hammer bro (Though I don't know yet what limitations each costume come with) I've never enjoyed Mario games very much. They feel too slow and methodic for my tastes, and I've always preferred Sonic cause I feel like Sonic games tend to have more twitch and action to them that Mario games usually lack, and I generally can just pick them up and play rather then having to worry too much about jumping from enemy to enemy and such. Plus, Mario games always feel clunky to me, yet fans will always say the games are factually perfect in controls: I just don't see it. I even got Super Mario Maker 3DS reccently, and it's honestly become one of my most regretted full-price purchases for a videogame. That being said, I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion anymore or not, but I played Sonic Adventure for the first time recently, and I have to say that the game is terrible. I like the Chao Garden to an extent and the fact that the game always has new stuff as you go further, but that's about all I liked. The gameplay's not that great, the cameras are bad, the minigames are a joke, and the dialogue is cringe-worthy.
  14. Yeah, I talk about why people have to be jerks for no particular reason, if that counts, and if it's any consolation to you, I kind agreed with a lot of the points you made on movie reviews. To be honest, though, I disagree when you say they're inherently worse than videogame reviews. I see a lot of reviewers for games will try to pick every piece they can apart with a game while hiding dumb reasons for disliking the game, while at the same time glancing over real problems with a game they love as if it doesn't exist.
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