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  1. Arts in Progress: The General WIPs sharethread

    Promo art of the main characters in my comic...work in progress.
  2. Arts in Progress: The General WIPs sharethread

    Just finished this one but figured I'd share it's WIP~
  3. Clean furry art thread!!!

    Oh gosh thank you <3 That's really sweet of you to say~ My confidence has been boosted!
  4. Clean furry art thread!!!

    Just got my first two comic pages done :3
  5. Things that you hate! v2

    You know what grinds my gears? Fucking ex's who fuck around with you, try to ruin you, do shit to you, etc etc, and fucking get away with it. Even worse? People who are biased and take their side without even thinking twice.
  6. Clean furry art thread!!!

  7. What have you submitted recently?

    Flat color commission for a friend~
  8. Hiya

    Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll get to know people pretty quickly~ :3
  9. New artist/car collector here! :D

    Thank you :3
  10. My daily was totaled

    I'm sorry to hear about this...I've been in several wrecks, and still dealing with one today that happened over a year ago when I was driving my classic, a restored black 1973 Buick Electra, 4-door. Was in incredible shape. Built the engine a second time, took it for a test drive around my block around 11pm...didn't come back. Some dipshit asshole (I'm about to sue him a second time, I'm milking him for every penny) ran a redlight at 60mph and t-boned my rear driver side quarter panel, fucked the entire car. Would require around 50-60 hours of work to cut, weld, and repaint to fix it. Not even mentioning the bent axle, snapped torsion bar, and ruined rear skirt piece. Was a horrible experience...
  11. What have you submitted recently?

    Battle between my fursona and his brother who has fallen.
  12. Best Budget Track Car?

    Something American or a Honda... If you're willing to put in some work.........I'd say a Fiero is a good choice. They're dirt cheap, parts are cheap, and are fast little cars, especially if you engine swap them. There are hundreds of different engine swaps you can do with them...a lot of them within your budget.
  13. Me IRL

  14. New artist/car collector here! :D

    Heck yeah! I love the idea of a trade sometime :3 And you know Bit? That's awesome! She has awesome art and her style is very different~
  15. New artist/car collector here! :D

    Thank you <3 Love your art as well! Really love your painter's style! Might have to do a trade some time if you're up for it :3