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  1. New Themes

    The new pitch black theme looks fantastic. I love it.
  2. We desperately need a dislike button on posts. Opinions?

    Kazooie, maybe you just shouldn't come here if you get that puffy any time someone breathes in your general direction
  3. guise i want a pet

    Get a snail. Or a robotic pet.
  4. What crazy job would you rather do?

    I wanna make abstract paintings on actual canvas and sell that shit.
  5. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

  6. Things That You Don't Understand!

    "Nonbinary Boy" or "Nonbinary Girl" is short for "I'm cisgendered but don't want to admit it"
  7. We desperately need a dislike button on posts. Opinions?

    I think he's trying to sound smart
  8. We desperately need a dislike button on posts. Opinions?

    @kazooie Just so you know, literally nobody here takes you seriously.
  9. Rave: Moving

    So, I'm finally moving. I'm gonna get my own god damn room. I know y'all probably don't give a shit, but I'm excited.
  10. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

  11. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    So, went to the doctor on Friday, and I ended up getting prescribed Zoloft for depression and anxiety, and melatonin for my insomnia. I'm really nervous about starting Zoloft, even though I know it'll (hopefully) help me. I heard the side effects can be terrible.
  12. Why I'm misanthropic and why I hate hunters.

    Yo dude, you know who'll listen to you screech about how bad humans are? A therapist.
  13. Sidewalk Surfboard Draws Shitty Shit

    I've been on a Parappa the Rapper kick recently. The last time I played it was 14 years ago, when I was only like 3 and had no clue how to play. This is my first time ever drawing him. I had the world's worst lighting when doing so, that being my laptop's screen and nothing else.
  14. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Oh, I haven't been on that website in a long time. It's the website that unintentionally introduced me to the band Art of Noise.