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  1. I legit bought a bag of cheese and cheese sticks the same day
  2. I just got my first paycheck on my first ever job and it feels great buying things with my own money The very first thing I bought was a figure of Sheogorath from The Elder Scrolls because I'm a fucking nerd
  3. Looting and rioting bad Peaceful protesting and donation good That is all
  4. From Windows to Linux to macOS. What an evolution.
  5. Aye bitches I got a new laptop after 4 years It's not exactly "new" in terms of hardware (2011 15-inch MacBook Pro) but it's new to me and it was a much needed upgrade. No bulli for using macOS I was too lazy to put Linux on it
  6. I got a plush of my husbando Do you know what this means?
  7. Modern problems require modern solutions and I solved it by drawing porn so suck it
  8. Ya know, a few weeks ago I was sitting here and I said, "Man, I have trash taste in fictional men. It can't get any worse, can it?" Well, it got worse! It is 2020 and somehow SidewalkSurfboard's taste has gotten WORSE. Here is a gif of new trash man. I am not joking. I am suffering. Happy 2020!
  9. Well, there's the Furaffinity Forums, but I'm not sure if they would be your style.
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