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  1. Its Thanksgiving!

    This year my family ate at Denny's because fuck cooking at home for hours
  2. Rant/Rave: Looking back on your past

    I'm surprised people even reacted to this rambling shitload, but I'm happy you guys did. I didn't expect forgiveness, but I appreciate it. And it also doesn't surprise me to hear bad things about where I lived. It was never a place I enjoyed staying, really. I lived in a tiny shit trailer house with a literal mold room and the only interaction I got was at school with @Dataand some other friends. Moving back to Idaho was definitely the start of improvement, although it was a struggle. That "friend" I mentioned was awful and it took me months to realize how bad it really was. His behavior and gaslighting on top of my anxiety thinking that it was my fault led to me self harming (craaaawling iiiin my skiiiiiin) Even through the bad time with that shithead though, it led to becoming good friends with some very nice people. And, of course, realizing I used to be an awful turd. As I said, life certainly isn't perfect, but it's much better now. I used to think it would always be terrible, but that was definitely depression talking.
  3. unpopular opinions

    Reviving year old dead thread because why not Unpopular opinion: Cicero from Skyrim isn't annoying. In fact he's the only good follower. And he's hot.
  4. Rant/Rave: Looking back on your past

    For everyone who was on here when I was 15-16, I apologize for the absolute edgelord dramatic fuck you had to deal with. 2015 and 16 weren't very good years for me at all. I was trapped in Oregon and almost completely isolated most of the time. Solitude can drive a person mad, and it did me, definitely. Not to mention, undiagnosed and untreated depression and anxiety on top of that leads to a recipe I like to call the Shitpost Salad. Ingredients: Severely depressed, lonely teenager Small community of nerds A rant section Pour the bullshit into a bowl and whack it with a hammer a few times. The meal is ready. Suffer. Although life is nowhere near perfect, it's improved, and I realized being an edgy misanthropic little shit didn't make me feel any better. I realized this because someone I was friends with was exactly how I used to be, and he ended up verbally abusing me to make himself feel better. Made me realize how fucking horrid my own damn behavior was back in the day (and his too after I finally stopped talking to him). Moral of this ramble: Anyone has the power to grow and change as a person if they're willing to accept they have problems. I guess.
  5. How do we revive dead gay forums

    My controller works fine. Square just won't revive furry furrums so I'll press F instead ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  6. How do we revive dead gay forums

    It didn't work
  7. How do we revive dead gay forums

    I really do like the forum format, so I'm wondering if there's any way we could revive it somehow.
  8. I Am Bored and I am Here

    Damn who pissed in your Cheerios
  9. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Hello here is a random shitty drawing Dead gay furrums
  10. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Sidewalk's monthly post: Twitter is ghey I'm in love with a jester I haven't drawn my rat bastard in months It's Halloween
  11. How do I human

    Here is another drawing I did recently. I like this one more than the one above.
  12. Things that you hate! v2

    In this situation, yes, because she has a direct connection to all the Devil Gene bullshit and Steve Fox.
  13. Videogame Creations

    I make a ton of modded characters in Soul Calibur 5 out of sheer boredom. I'll try to post them sometime. My favorite is one I called Lizard King.
  14. How do I human

    I want to draw pictures of my human OC Iliana to go with a story I plan on writing, but I suck butt at humans. Here's a drawing of her from a few days ago. Obviously it's pretty shit. Got any advice?
  15. I'm officially 18

    I've been of age for a couple months now and I want to get a tattoo within a couple years because why not? I want to get this design specifically: