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  1. From Windows to Linux to macOS. What an evolution.
  2. Aye bitches I got a new laptop after 4 years It's not exactly "new" in terms of hardware (2011 15-inch MacBook Pro) but it's new to me and it was a much needed upgrade. No bulli for using macOS I was too lazy to put Linux on it
  3. I got a plush of my husbando Do you know what this means?
  4. Modern problems require modern solutions and I solved it by drawing porn so suck it
  5. Ya know, a few weeks ago I was sitting here and I said, "Man, I have trash taste in fictional men. It can't get any worse, can it?" Well, it got worse! It is 2020 and somehow SidewalkSurfboard's taste has gotten WORSE. Here is a gif of new trash man. I am not joking. I am suffering. Happy 2020!
  6. Well, there's the Furaffinity Forums, but I'm not sure if they would be your style.
  7. We're in the roaring twenties, but it's turning out more like the screaming and crying twenties
  8. Hello new person. The forums aren't very active, but welcome.
  9. I remember that I joined FAF just a few days before the big drama went down and I had a dramatic teen breakdown because of it and remembering it is killing me hhhhh
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