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  1. Discord is pretty cool yeah, its the only thing I use now that isn't Steam. I never used Teamspeak except for one time cos I was roped into it, but I remember it being hot shit several years ago
  2. I always read them in my head as Jaydubs
  3. I get that Skype was shit because it was a massive RAM hog and slow to start even for fast PCs, but what was wrong with TeamSpeak? Apparently that was actually good for a long time, did it shit the bed recently or something?
  4. It's exhausting, but I'm kind of liking my job right now. I spent the day helping dismantle our factory and its facilities to move it all elsewhere. Starting next week I'm getting loads more hours and pay, hooray. I'm gonna save aggressively for a while and maybe get an education after a year or two.
  5. shouldn't Stalina-sama be the one wearing red
  6. That and their worship of communism. If you're not a neo-commie, you can only be a balls-to-the-wall neo-pagannazi Sturmweiner and deserve a beating. Plus extra beatings for treason if your family is from Eastern Europe or China. There's so many things that people hate about Antifa and have done before Trump was even a thing and shoot down any critics as Nazis and only they can be righteous. They see Nazis everywhere. Then again I guess when you have your head so far up your ass, it's hard to see anything but brown. :^)
  7. I wouldn't know, I'm not into it. There's at least one person on this site that does it, though.
  8. That explains a lot, I've been interested in playing the bitcoin game but the barrier to entry is too high at this point. It's probably more sensible to just get into trading "normal" currency.
  9. People at zebra crossings. I know it's the rule that the driver needs to stop to let people waiting at them pass by, but there's always people who jump out from between the hedges and prance straight over, not even looking once while everyone else slams their brakes on to save a life. I don't know how anyone can do that in good conscience, you're supposed to wait for drivers to stop at every kind of crossing.
  10. Getting a little bit more than what I bargained for when i try to be a good member of the community Some delivery guy who couldn't speak english very well came to my home to deliver something intended for somebody else, and he couldn't get the directions right. I knew the person, so I volunteered to sign for it in my name and walk the package over myself. Not a problem at all, cos it means a leisurely hike for me and I get to be helpful and say hi to someone I hadn't seen in a while. It's not unusual, as letters and small parcels tend to get put in the wrong boxes down my way, I have no problem helping someone not get their new phone or book or whatever lost to a faulty mail system. And then of course, the guy promptly unloads a bulk order of three massive heavy boxes of god-knows-what at my feet, gets back in his van, drives off, and it immediately starts to rain. yare yare daze
  11. is it that kind of bullshit where its fundamentally based on people's faith in it or something maybe if we believe hard enough bitcoiners will become poor
  12. im serious, i havent got a clue, not trying to debate anything
  13. I've never understood this, what actually determines bitcoin's value? It seems so volatile. There's that one story where bitcoin was supposed to be a passing fad worth pennies, and someone had the datawhatevers for a bitcoin thing stored on a flash drive, thrown in a scrapyard, and it soon became a magical lost treasure trove worth at least 6 figures.
  14. sorry i should have put capslock on wait i vaguely remember something about the guy actually shooting like three people something about a police standoff, i dont really know
  15. im glad nobody insulted my opinion that dutuereute did nothing wrong the new page means that it that makes it fact