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  1. I'll just wait til it crashes horribly and laugh at all its users and secretly buy some
  2. man I wish I knew how to get into bitcoin and also have a timemachine to go back to when they were just electric zimbabwean dollars i could put down a few hundred and come back to 2017 and trade it for truckloads of real money and gold
  3. This tbh. It makes me wonder about a lot of web communities though, like ones running for over a decade. Even videogame companies have their own discord channels overshadowing their own forums. Are they all gonna shut down someday or something?
  4. I wish public toilets had disposable gloves in them so i could wipe the seat without feeling double gross
  5. that's great news, how much are you planning to share with us
  6. I'd HEMA with you, it'd be fun as fuck
  7. Ayy, have a grand ol time in your new place
  8. I was gonna ask about that, what's in it? its slightly prettier for sure
  9. There's a lot of people who I am (was?) friends with but they've made politics such a big part of their daily being its hard to be friends with them cos they can't not bring it up and try to prod or challenge you over it as if they expect you to agree, and polite ambivalence isn't good enough. To hell with your opinion, to hell with your experiences, to hell with who you are, if you don't agree you're not a "comrade". The commies and alt-furry(!?) dweebs on twitter are unbearable. It's okay to have an opinion even if its a weird one but your personal crusade is a travesty. I used to be really big into international conspiracy (this was before Trump got crowned) but it all got so tiresome. When you get invested in such a thing you learn to see threats everywhere around you. You see the influence of "them" in all your buddies. I'm glad I quit. It's not healthy. It encourages people to build echo chambers with walls that continue to shrink.
  10. Dr. Doggo


    by living in a state that ain't commiefornia For real though glad you didn't get sticky soda all over yo threads
  11. I can relate, sorta-somewhat(?) When it came to tech (and videogames for that matter) my family usually got stuff late and cheap/pre-owned so I was always late to the party with that stuff. I have very vague memories of command line interfaces, DOS, floppy disks, and Amiga games. I'm quite sad I missed it and didn't get to properly appreciate it and the jump that Win95 onwards represented.
  12. While I never lived through the period, I love the aesthetics of 80's American stuff, especially technology and weapons. I'll never understand why, maybe I just watched too many action movies from the time.
  13. I was sad to see Ricky go. I didn't know him too well but we chatted a few times and he was always well nice to me and we had a couple laughs. He seemed like a helpful swell guy from what I remember.
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