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  1. Combine that with getting screwed over monetarily and it fits perfectly with FA tbh
  2. I like a lot of different kinds of music. I don't like white guys rapping. I like this song. Oops.
  3. I think it's reasonable to be upset considering the price (not getting what you paid for) so I'd press them for a refund tbh. Yeah it's not the shittiest thing ever but for $33 for a haunted house? I better fuckin' die, irl
  4. I hate that I'm going to be taking 6 Full Sized classes next semester because I don't want to go to summer school. I also hate one of them is in the theater, which is about a mile walk from the main campus because it's literally across a bridge through protected wetlands. MY NEXT CLASS IS 15 MINUTES AFTER THAT ONE. But...if I do it now, I never have to take any more classes in that building ever lmao. At least I have a car.
  5. Going off some random ideas I tried my hand at designing a sona so here's some shitty doodles, thanks thread. I ended up going with something I've not considered before so - crossing fingers! They're a squirrel monkey named Nak. It starts out with a yell And ends with a reference sheet?? I guess?? Also ngl doodling squirrel monkeys when I should be writing essays is actually a good choice.
  6. So, I've been struggling to pick a singular fursona pretty much since I joined the fandom around 2001. I'm curious to know how people both came up with their fursona, and if there's any significance behind it. Here's a good article I came across regarding species choice in the furry fandom as well with a lot of entertaining ideas. What's interesting to me as a biology student is that the more I learn about various critters, the less certain I am in regards to species. I think part of that is because the generic, romanticized notions of some animals stop making sense in wildlife biology. Ex "lions are family animals" when lions regularly commit infanticide. I think that's a lot of me being overly analytical tbh too. It's a little bit silly but finding a concrete "identity" to represent myself with within the fandom is quite appealing, especially after a lot of failed attempts. Anyways! What's your sona, fellow weirdos?
  7. I haven't been able to stop laughing at this biology slide. It's tubes all the way down my dude
  8. Please relax my dude. I am also a gross furry
  9. Tsuujou's post reminds me that one of my closest pals for a while was a furry that was fairly average, except he wants to be a donkey irl. Totally chill dude, fun at parties, showed him how to make alfalfa tea, but he wants to go full Pinnochio and knows he can't. Settles for making his own human-edible "hay" pellets. Which makes me wonder even more: for every gross, creepy fur with super weird fetishes, how many are totally normal and just have that One Weird Thing they like and only talk about to close friends? hee haw
  10. Agreeing with what most people here are saying. There's a certain level of professionalism you have to maintain - especially anywhere with your real name - and doubly so regarding critique or criticism. The private zoo, though obviously sketchy, is a place you have not actually visited, therefore a negative review is not the way to criticize them. I'm not saying they're within their right to lash out as strongly as they did, either, but I don't think they were the only ones being unprofessional here. If you actually wanted to criticize them, send them an email. Ask what their accreditation is. Ask about safety procedures, vaccinations, etc etc. Ask your "friend" to ask if you yourself are not qualified. Contact local wildlife/ASPCA offices with concern. By "trolling", or leaving negative comments on Facebook, all you're doing is making them defensive, nothing is going to change, if anything they'll just double down. If there is a legitimate concern then you have to contact legitimate ways to have it resolved. And I know. Procedure sucks. But if you want what's best for the animals, you have to follow it - legal threats are pretty much the only thing some people will listen to. Your "friend" should have known better as well. They're not randos on tumblr, they're people with a forward facing business - which is why credible legal issues are much more likely to get their attention than some person on facebook being like "u suck this place sucks & i know more than u". Sidenote: no one is impressed about starting internet fights unless you're Gordon Ramsey and the Faceook page is Amy's Baking Company because that meltdown was amazing
  11. I didn't wanna say anything but just like....dude. You sound incredibly self hating. Have you tried sewing? Instead of unhealthily obsessing with not wanting to be something you are? Sewing's super chill. Really hard to do with paws.
  12. So most people know Griffin McElroy from The Adventure Zone, or My Brother My Brother and Me, but I recently came across a podcast he has with his wife and holy crap they're adorable together. Relationship goals~
  13. Niche: A Genetics Survival Game. My last playthrough did not go well: