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  1. i know this post is from 2017 but i sincerely hope against hope you are still rocking this incredible combination today
  2. Since Marble Madness II was finally dumped after a wait of 20 whole years the other day, and just a few weeks before that the 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever finally got leaked, what games are you looking forward to actually playing someday that are either lost, unplayable without some kind of translation, or otherwise stuck in development hell? Here's a couple of mine: - Zeta. A bleak, intensely cerebral hard sci-fi adventure game released for the PC-98 that ooses style and aesthetic from every pore. Even through a rough-draft translation the writing is pretty interesting and hits hard on philosphical themes, especially near the end. There's also a sequel called Nirvana that's even more obscure, but no less great. A fan translation is being worked on, and there's a playthrough of what's been completed on YouTube: - Vertexer. An incredible space racing arcade game. Picture a combination between Galaxy Force and F-Zero and you're mostly there. There were very, VERY few copies built, as they were designed to be run in a rare, Japan-exclusive motion cabinet called the IDYA. The MAME team has been searching for a copy for years. New footage has recently surfaced:
  3. I watched people literally become more neurotic and depressed within months of setting up shop on Twitter back in 2010-2012. By the same token around 2016-2018 I saw forums just get completely taken over by their craziest posters, because the less unstable people got drawn out to like-button-dopamine-land. Very bleak times!
  4. Honestly if you take one look at Twitter the subculture has basically been ruined by it. It's so bad now that it's not really challenging or productive or even fun to point it out.
  5. i should have posted here more when it was alive
  6. Oh I know that now, I just wasn't able to assimilate that knowledge then.
  7. He was elected to fix and reverse all the jaw-dropping shit that dubya did and did none of it. I dunno, it just feels like there aren't human beings really at the helm of the ship anymore.
  8. I can't even be bothered to figure out when the Amerikan government went fully on autopilot, but it sure was on autopilot for most of Obama, the entirety of Trump, and barring some corrections, very much afterwards. Trump's attitude towards killing was a bit different from other presidents besides the usual 46 bombs-a-day autopilot military global dominance. He wanted it to be personal, he never did the woe-is-us reluctant dance before taking people out. He approached it like a mob hit. He was very proud of Ginsu-bombing Soleimani, so proud that he searched for that blurry American flag JPEG all by himself before posting it. He made sure none of those last-minute death row pardons happened. You really don't get too many overdramatic, hilarious supervillains in the real world, you just get banal evil. Everything he says is just completely funny, for example he just got a hole-in-one and made a fucking press release about it: Everything about this man's prose is fucking incredible. Everything is quotable. Nobody will ever forget the Lolcow President, no matter how hard they try. In speeches he has mastered comedic timing in a way no other politician has bothered, sounding at times like a stand up comedian, or other times like a cross between a carnival barker and a cenobite. He mesmerized his supporters to the point where they will Care Very Much about the crimes of the Clintons, and Bill's epic bromance with Jeffrey Epstein, but completely blank on Trump's obvious connection and collaboration with the same. The White Hat Pedophile. (Patriots in control!!!!) Of course, he didn't actually *do* much of anything, other than Post and cover his and his friend's asses. His big beautiful wall was in fact Obama's wall, all he did was try to finish/enhance it. Obama deported more immigrants than he did, just with a mournful phony Democrat performance, courting the same racists he did but in secret. Trump pandered to them openly, stealing them away through his becoming the Biggest Birther. (Remember that?) I remember CNN and all the legacy media slobbering all over him leading up to the election, too. He was supposed to be a joke. From like six months before the nomination until the minute he was banned, every time he fucking Tweeted everyone knew what he fucking said. He made Twitter what it is, everyone went over to get a chance at a crack at the Poster President and his fans. The idiot they loved to hate. The figurehead for America's rottenness that they could just pin all their bad feelings to.
  9. if this is the most conflict you guys are capable of getting into you've got a long way to go before this place becomes 1% of 1% of 1% as hostile as twitter
  10. i hate the Five Websites!!!! i hate the Five Websites!!!! i hate the Five Websites!!!!
  11. https://soundcloud.com/dusthillresident3/newpenisroom
  12. spread the word on twitter then. i don't care who we get. forums must survive
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