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  1. Also, going by history and the replies he's gotten to all the announcements he should have no trouble getting enough marks to support the site. FA was crowdfunded long before Patreon and a lot of the modifications that were made to the site during the IMVU years seem have been towards monetizing it (e.g. the "shinies" system). He's also talking about adding user tiers, but I doubt he'll be able to get it going that far. He has been literally nothing but an "ideas" guy the entire time and depended entirely on yak to do the bare minimum.
  2. he had a dildo made based on his digimon fursona so please don't joke about very real possibilities like that
  3. First, a reading between the lines: https://venturebeat.com/2021/01/25/imvu-relaunches-as-together-labs-raises-35-million/ IMVU, as we all know, bought FurAffinity in 2015 for reasons that are still completely unknown and not understood. You can speculate til the cows come home. Best guess is that someone high up is a loaded greymuzzle. (Maybe Will Harvey had a FurryMUCK account back in the day? Who knows.). Anyway, Kirkland Brand Second Life is restructuring and losing dead weight, and that means the free ride both in income and coding for Dragoneer has ended. It gets wackier: So he's bought FA back - for more than he paid for it, AND he's gone into debt, AND he's eventually gonna need (surprise surprise) your help paying for it all, once again. The grift is back, baybee! Dragoneer's constant upward failure and general maximal sleaziness have been a feature of the last 15+ years of furry. It's nothing to sneeze at, but it's also too much to go into here. In all honesty social media has been so much more poisonous for the subculture that I'm just glad people are still posting on sites owned by members of the community and not just the psychological poison casino nightmare land of Twitter. FA may be a disaster, but at least it's still our disaster.
  4. LEBRON'S STRUCTURE https://youtu.be/BKC988yGwpE
  5. I mean, it's gonna get run into the ground, co-opted, some terrible things and personalities could wind up launching from it, but that's OK because that possibility is still a ways down the road. It's still organic *now* and still worth it. The main thing is to keep thinking of new angles to hit The Man from, keep switching it up. The bad guys can only predict with so much accuracy and respond with so much speed.
  6. this is the best troll or the best bot i can't tell which
  7. so far the r/wallstreetbets subreddit is locked, the discord is down, and the glowiest ultrawokes on twitter are all calling a bunch of dudes who wrecked a predatory hedge fund racist
  8. j-furries pioneered better suits the same way they pioneered better everything else
  9. well not much school is happening right now i can tell you that
  10. I'm watching the original Gundam and it's making me more curious as to how the "mech" genre evolved. It seems to mark this transitional period between the kind of shows that were summarized by the Krypton Force Trailer Guy and later shows that took a more directly sci-fi/thematically sophisticated tone. It's well-written, the soundtrack is absolutely boss, but the animation isn't far beyond it's predecessors; beyond the two obvious iconic mech designs everything still looks very 70s. It's striking how humble it looks, how it doesn't measure up to the hole it's punched in Japanese culture. Sometimes things are just like that. Sort of the opposite of stuff like the original Star Trek, where it's immediately and visually obvious that it was something that was very different from the TV shows that came before.
  11. People are working themselves up over the fact that there are furries that actually voted for Trump when 20 years of experience in the subculture have taught me that furries, especially the younger ones, are perfectly capable of being dumb and gullible as all hell.
  12. He's gone and the celebrations are going about as you would expect.
  13. i keep thinking of posts to make but they are all incredibly bad posts
  14. c'mon there has to be something we can talk about
  15. Some fursuits were created to be ridiculous/terrible on purpose and this is Valid
  16. This is the last video game I have purchased physically, like in a box and everything: Saying it's the best Atari 7800 game is kind of a low bar, but it clears that bar by miles. It's very, very good.
  17. has the russian woodpecker fallen over yet
  18. I'm so sorry. This is hell.
  19. The j-furry invasion is nuts. It should have happened 15 years ago back when it would have really turned heads.
  20. I'd much prefer having the subculture of a subculture going after me than the entire internet. I'll take the worst forum mods of old over algorithms and traumatized outsourced third-world labor.
  21. Discord? Heh. An old-school forum demands old-school chatting. Make an IRC channel instead.
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