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  1. Modern social media was crafted in such a way as to subtly turn everyone into cops, and cops aren't very popular these days. Everyone can see each other's shit, dig through each other's likes. We had people digging through post histories and being terrible on the old forums but nothing as bad as now. Twitter has no edit button, and everything you say can and will be used against you if some random person decides to try and collect the general bounty on everyone else's head.
  2. boy howdy do i miss forums and the concept of forums
  3. We could create a section (or at least a thread) for discussing legit bad things that are happening in the subculture, with the purpose of attracting people who want nothing to do with twitter or kiwifarms.
  4. I saw the accusations roll out pretty much as they happened. There is a lot of material that just plain doesn't exist anymore, or is incomplete, but the gist of it is still there. A "conspiracy" to level false allegations against Z-Dogg simply does not make sense given the sequence of events much less mesh with how the victim(s) behaved. Coupled with some independent reports of Wan creeping on the ladies that were made beforehand(this is probably the only surviving one), it kind of sealed the deal. The worst thing, the thing that keeps me ranting about this like a madman, was watching people just clam up and give up. Dragoneer almost sounded like he was buying it in the PMs and then reversed course once everything was out in the open, even though his S/O at the time said that Wan had creeped on her too (both of course retracted that later). There were supposed to be even more women coming out about Z-Dogg's nastiness but many of the artists chose to keep their mouth shut, probably in the interests of deflecting backlash. Ferality got basically ratfucked because powerful people in the subculture who could have or were going to back them up decided to not rock the boat after all. The message to anyone else who's been hurt or abused by some "popufur" was loud and clear. The furry subculture prides itself on being better than this when it proves time and time again that it isn't. I want it to be better than this, as does everyone else, but the evils of outside society keep creeping in and doing tremendous damage, and it's happening more and more. It's rightfully regarded as a crisis when some regular furry douchebag is revealed to be violently raping dogs or heiling hitler, but it seems to just be "drama" if that same douchebag doing shit just as evil can draw cartoon animal wang on model. Because that makes people money.
  5. Adam Wan raped someone and boasted about it on Twitter when he was found out - and he was found out against the victim's will through a hack of FA that's never been solved. Other women independently came out with their own sexual misconduct reports before and after. Nobody worth anything in the subculture defends his actions or likes him, except for his half-dozen or so artist peers that somehow continue to do so and the 1,058 (at current count) glow-bathed masturbators who support him on Patreon. Wait - funny, that's both bigger and more influential than altfurry and all the known dogfuckers put together. But I digress. Over the years between 2010 and now he's twisted that notoriety into what the kids call a Brand; the cub porn was simply an accessory product line at first. Now it's all he's got. Part of me still believes that putting icky sexual fantasies on paper is not in and of itself evil. But it starts getting fucked up when a dude with multiple harassment and rape accusations independently levied against him decides he's gonna go whole hog on the cub and the incest with a wink and a nudge in order to chase that furry porn dollar.
  6. Something I've noticed in our community: Furry's always had a huge brain drain problem where most of it's members - especially the stable, smart, somewhat talented, and otherwise neurotypical ones - "age out" around 30 or so. I used to think it was because they get tired of all the shocking subsurface nastiness and roiling immaturity, but it could also just as easily be a consequence of your average person getting significantly less Horney by that point in their life.


    That also kinda squicks me but having grown up with the internet not being publically available until the end of middle school kind of gives it a special air it probably doesn't deserve. I know I'm getting old, but you can't just use the internet as a babysitter the same way you once used the TV (which was itself also a bad idea). I imagine people that do are simply repeating the mistake their parents made.


    actually i think calling it elsagate is kinda hilarious I think [url=https://medium.com/@jamesbridle/something-is-wrong-on-the-internet-c39c471271d2]this[/url] is the post that really helped kick it off. I've barely even watched any of the videos; the entire concept of letting anyone under 14 much less under 5 access any part of the internet is kind of terrifying to me even though it is now the norm. The best and weirdest part of the article is how it sort of tries to dig through the algorithm-generated stuff, and how crazy things get when you have people stitching together videos and such based on the recommendations of something not much more advanced than a chatbot in a desperate bid to grab as many precious clicks as possible.
  9. "DRM refers to Digital Restrictions Management. That's the practice of developing software specifically to restrict the user" /
  10. most people who claim to be on the zx spectrum online are either subtly making things up or have been convinced that they are that way because they're extremely undersocialized and pop culture blares out the message that you need friends and dates 24/7/365 for things to not be wrong with you
  11. furries have always brought on the political cringe since like the dawn of furry time (the late 1990s)
  12. They really need a better title, otherwise people will just mistake the game for some kind of satire.
  13. oh shit he's stumbled on the next Soylent!!
  14. A friend of mine snagged a PowerBook Duo (that worked) from a flea market. I think it was the 200 series, with a color screen and 040. Score, right? But it gets better: there was period-appropriate 90s vintage furry stuff on the hard drive. I didn't get much time with the machine so all I could recognize was stuff pertaining to Bernard Doove and his Chakat stories. We had a good laugh over that.
  15. making austria great again i see
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