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  1. spread the word on twitter then. i don't care who we get. forums must survive
  2. anyone want anything on it
  3. Gaming insane asylum ResetEra just changed hands for 4.5 million dollars. A year before, the living corpse of Something Awful was sold to one of it's 100 remaining regular forum posters for 100K. Both completely mindfucking amounts of cash in both cases. We still don't know how much money Piche paid to get FA back.


    It's such a forced meme. The actual valuable asset isn't the image itself, since as far as I know you can't encode something that big into ~the blockchain~, the asset is being able to prove ownership of, get this, the URL to the image. Friendly reminder that Bitcoin and TOR were developed for the fairly obvious purpose of funneling cash and information to an intelligence asset located in a targeted foreign country without the target country being able to track them. The ability to prop up criminal enterprises is considered a mix of acceptable risk and added bonus, depending on how nefarious the u.s. government needs to be at any given time. Anyway, yeah. Crypto is fake and gay (in the counterstrike sense) and nobody wants it around. It is pushed by the worst idiots alive, no exceptions. It's pretty open money laundering too btw.


    what the FUCK is this SHIT
  6. they brought back the mask mandate, extended it even to the vaccinated, and in so doing went back 100% on their messaging, using VARIANTS! as the reasoning. this was tested in LA a few weeks back and is slowly spreading throughout the country. they always cite case numbers and never deaths, which seem to remain almost at rounding error levels. beginning to think we let the vampire beyond the threshold w/r/t lockdown
  7. it's got those macos 9 icon set vibes
  8. I have to agree with all of this. Still hate Twitter though.
  9. Twitter has a direct alternative too, called Mastadon, and it's worse and better in all the wrong ways. Human moderation! Federation! No post limits! Live feeds of everything on a given instance! Twitter was one big IRC channel for the planet and this fixes the "channel too big" and "messages too small" problem. The big problem is that Mastadon is heavily fragmented, the userbase is small, and as a consequence the nutjobs stand out. Since Twitter lets you be a pretty big nutjob you have to be pretty messed in the head to get banned from there and as such there are countless extremist-oriented Mastadon instances. Hopefully this won't get too bad but some of the extremist instances are worrisome.
  10. shoutout to nigeria for doing the right thing
  11. they made a tumblr-livejournal hybrid that might survive for a while if we use it more. you can do all of the things you used to do on either on it, good and/or bad. there's no required phone number or obvious algorithm/data collection stuff or intentionally evil ui design this time around, the "monetization" is just a shareware fee, basically.
  12. A lot of posts on places that are not Twitter tend to be about how bad Twitter is, and that's fine, because no website ever devised will be quite as destructive on a wide scale. Twitter's rise coincided with a period when people got a lot more sad, angry and desperate. It just took over more and more of the internet as the 2010s dragged on. It's at the point where if the place disappeared tomorrow, the damage it's done would linger for a very, very long time. It's certainly not a good sign that among most of the surviving active web forums the only ones where people are remotely doing OK are the ones that are dedicated to a specific hobby. I guess what really bothers me the most on Twitter are the suggestions. You can't turn them off. You can barely adblock them. I don't want to follow "topics", and I definitely don't want to know who or what I might like. Everything I see has this creepy algorithmic prioritizing, you know you're being manipulated but where else can you go! Look at all this rapid-fire Discourse!!! Anyway every forum now seems to have a thread for dealing with the social medias and how awful they are so I guess this can be the one for here.
  13. We shouldn't let forums die! Get some zoomers on here or something. If we have non-geriatric ham radio operators we can have forum posters under 30.
  14. crying because everything has been conquered, discovered.... are there no uncharted frontiers?
  15. ground floor on the first-ever punch-out yaoi
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