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  1. Just tell them you'll do it when you finish the two projects you're working on. Yep. Pretty soon. Not long now. Just give me another week to get through this thing. Yep, should be right to start it tomorrow. What, you thought I was serious?
  2. I feel like you're making some rather hefty assumptions yourself here.
  3. I saw this on phone at work and then forgot about it, so if I can make one more suggestion before I dip out; Is it possible for one of you to gain these kind of permissions or has Carenath actively made the call that they will be on him only? I only ask because we see nothing of him, so we have no indication of how often changes like this can actually be made and it sounds like it could be days or weeks before he stops by to do anything. If it is more practical for one of you to have these permissions, and it sounds like it would be, then I would suggest that be the way to go.
  4. So was null the usual suspect or someone else that's been banned?
  5. If you can handle it, if the breeder is confident you can handle it, then the only drawback I can think of is the fact that rats tend to have pretty short lifespans. But then again if you've kept hamsters before I assume you're prepared to deal with that aspect as well.
  6. I have. So it doesn't. My bad. Well, I tried. Good luck.
  7. I have only a few minutes here so I'll be brief and follow up on these things after work. When I say lacking leadership, the main issue I have is that without a direction or a theme for the site the mods have no real means of directing the flow. We need to reach a consensus and decide what this place is. Are we a furry forum? If the simplest answer is yes then I say go with that. Advertise that. A furry forum that likes grown up discussions. Does that work? When that's sorted, the next issue is influence. Right now in our formless state the mods are reduced to basically cleanup when shit gets spilled. If we know where we're going then they need to be able to step up and lead by example. Plenty of us are willing to help out, but we will still look to the staff to be the figurehead for any solid endeavours the community wants to take, be it advertising, contests or any of the other things we've discussed. Mods mixing business with pleasure. I realize none of you get paid for any of this but that doesn't matter. Fact is you are in a position of more responsibility and you need to realize and act like it. Vae's differentiation between personal posts and mod posts is a good way of showing it, but I have to emphasize that the "I don't care" personal opinion posts are really not something we should be seeing at any point while you're wearing that purple title. If you think it, fine. But it's not something we should see. Like it or not, you're all figureheads and we need to see that you have the interests of the forum in mind. Aaaand I'm running late, so sorry if that was a mess.
  8. You're putting words in my mouth. What you infer is no doubt influenced by your opinion of me, so all I can say here is try to step back and look at what I'm saying at face value. This place lacks real leadership. We have SOTU threads for the introduction and discussion of community input ideas, but the only real idea of note that we've seen implemented is the community election of moderators, which was all but demanded as I recall. And sorry to say this, but I don't see their influence around at all. We might as well not have bothered for all it shows. And that's what I'm saying. We've done this dance over and over, and nothing has come of it but the ability to point out our many problems and shortcomings as a site and community. So take away what you will. But it seems bleedingly obvious to me that until the staff can actually step up and form a coherent team capable of making solid decisions, it is all but pointless to try making any other changes. This is the elephant. And it is right there in front of you. At the very least, it needs to be acknowledged and efforts made to fix it. What we are seeing is the issue being continually ignored by staff and users like you trying to pretend is isn't a real hindrance to site direction and growth. This is why we're not going anywhere. We've been walking for over a year now, mate. Time to pick a direction.
  9. You want me to be constructive, yet you want me to ignore a key issue that affects the whole site, ie: the people running it? I'm sorry, but if I see issues that can be improved, I see no point in glossing over them to avoid awkward conversation or hurt feelings. Whatever fixes we decide on making for the site, whatever changes need to happen and whatever we decide the future course should be, they need to be involved. They need to be willing to take the lead. They need to care. And I don't see it. We need some kind of acknowledgement on that front. That's just how it is going to be, otherwise we're on a ship going in circles on the water. Eventually, it'll sink.
  10. You asked that we not suggest the mods quit. And I'm not. I'm suggesting that like all of us, they need to be willing to change.
  11. Meds for Crohn's can be a trial in and of themselves. I've been on about eight different ones over the course of twelve years so feel your pain on that one. Regarding the other thing though, forgive me if you've answered this one elsewhere but have you seen a psychologist or such about it or is the doctor in your OP just a normal GP? I only ask because I have been in a similar position several times over now, between Chrohn's, Depression and Anxiety but several sessions of therapy did succeed in giving me a measure of control over the latter. It isn't always an easy thing to figure out but everyone has their muse, their best coping mechanism for this sort of thing and brain doctors seem to be the best at figuring that sort of thing out.
  12. This I agree with. But we've seen how they respond to suggestions that require change from them haven't we? Actually, to add to this point I would love to see the new mods be this example. If only to show that it can be done. I don't entirely blame the staff for how things are being run, the feel of the community didn't really change between FAF and here so it's only natural that old habits would resurface. And I know that some attempts to accommodate change are being made but it is still apparent that more needs to change if the site is ever going to have a real chance at growth. Unless we can provide a reason for new users to stay, then they won't. With no directly supporting franchise the only thing we have to offer is a friendly or at least tolerable community. And we cannot do that if there are members who perpetuate the kinds of things that drove people from FAF and have continued to drive people from here. In the same way that people with higher forum stats will seem more popular and influential to newly registered users, so too will the staff, if anything more so than anyone. So like it or not, the staff really need to lead by example here.
  13. This isn't practical with so few of them around. I did mention in the other thread that mods should at least think twice before posting and I will say that should count double for threads that they've issued warnings or other mod actions in, simply because a lot of users are going to equate that sort of thing with "I can't argue anymore." I know plenty of us don't give a shit anyway, but if we do want to attract new users we need to realize that not all of them will be aware of our collective dynamic here.
  14. Before you worry at all about ads, shouldn't we cement what the forum's actual identity is? I don't think "Old FAF but not really FAF anymore but sort of still is some parts" is gonna look good or even fit on a banner ad. Something that conveys general creativity would probably be the go if I was to suggest something. What policy is this?
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