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  1. In what world do you live? Militant atheists have long ago stopped so much as mentioning Christianity. The "skeptics" who started their careers bashing creationists all have become anti-SJW reactionaries who focus solely on Islamophobic fearmongering. In the meantime US Evangelicals or European Catholics merrily torture homosexuals with electroshock therapy, murder young girls by refusing to abort their abnormal fatal pregnancies and deny basic civil rights to trans people, without a peep from them (if they don't actively cheer these activities).
  2. "Oh sorry, did we say 'alternative digital currency'? We meant tradeable commodity, our bad!"
  3. How to polish a turd: https://twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/944612596237389824
  4. Bitcoiners are very normal men with very normal brains. https://twitter.com/i_zzzzzz/status/944379028642893826 https://twitter.com/i_zzzzzz/status/944382521701273600 https://twitter.com/i_zzzzzz/status/944719481812799488
  5. EXA


    EXA here. My fursona is the 2003 Opte Project map of the Internet and my interests are science, anime tiddies and the inevitable triumph of communism over the failing capitalist system.
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