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  1. Not gonna bother making a rant for this. I hate that I have become Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods. I dropped out of university and currently I'm visiting my parents. In the town I was born in we went to a mall that used to be pretty well visited last time we went there, now most stores are empty, there er very few people shopping and it's gonna be closed for good soon. That game hit pretty close to home way too much anyway. But that was pretty awful. If you don't hear from me again I was killed by a murder cult that worships a Lovecraftian demon goat.
  2. So it's a "fact" that vaccines cause autism, right? All people I know who have autism also have friends. I have no friends, but also no autism. So clearly friends cause autism!
  3. So the last two months or so I've been spending way too much money... In no particular order: Sigma 100-400mm lens, 829€ Lowepro Flipside 500 AW, 120€ Ticwatch E, 127€ Be Quiet! Silent Base 600, 90€ (really nice case, highly recommended ) Zotac 1050 Ti Mini, 140€ Sennheiser PXC 550, 285€ (I love them, they are amazing...) Also new clothes for a total of about 200€. Edit: 300€. I need to stop DX
  4. Let me show you something about the bird and the bees...
  5. I didn't want to prove anything, I don't get anything from volunteering (that's why it's called volunteering). I was simply disappointed by that situation.
  6. What "chain of command"? o_O I posted something according to my personal opinion and they felt so threatened by that they tried to get me "fired" from a place I never even mentioned there and don't even work for. Their response wasn't an explanation of why they do what they do, they just went nutjob American on me and tried to nuke me. It was pathetic.
  7. - We decided to delete all negative reviews and posts to stop the shitstorm from spreading. This was done so it doesn't spread to the conservation networks I am in contact with. -Yes. I did. You don't have to visit a place to point out flaws. - My friend isn't a "zoo expert". He is a guy who studied ruffed lemurs and wrote his master thesis about them. The reason I was afraid this could get back to me was because a) they lied to the zoo staff and b) because the zoo staff doesn't handle bad news very well. They thought I mentioned the zoo even though I didn't. I didn't even mention that I volunteer there. - I thought no more insults?
  8. I really really like Blair's sauces. Sure they are mainly just ridiculously hot but unlike Tabasco or other generic hot sauces they actually taste great. They are concentrated pain but also concentrated flavor I made some chili for some friends a few years ago. I just added a small drop, that was more than enough. It wasn't too hot but it improved the taste so much!
  9. Say it, don't spray it. But to actually reply to you, yes, I did delete my negative critique. I said that I did. I did it because I got sick of all the negative feedback I got, my phone was going mental. And no, I did not write it in a way that would come back to bite me.
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