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    Let me show you something about the bird and the bees...
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  3. I didn't want to prove anything, I don't get anything from volunteering (that's why it's called volunteering). I was simply disappointed by that situation.
  4. What "chain of command"? o_O I posted something according to my personal opinion and they felt so threatened by that they tried to get me "fired" from a place I never even mentioned there and don't even work for. Their response wasn't an explanation of why they do what they do, they just went nutjob American on me and tried to nuke me. It was pathetic.
  5. - We decided to delete all negative reviews and posts to stop the shitstorm from spreading. This was done so it doesn't spread to the conservation networks I am in contact with. -Yes. I did. You don't have to visit a place to point out flaws. - My friend isn't a "zoo expert". He is a guy who studied ruffed lemurs and wrote his master thesis about them. The reason I was afraid this could get back to me was because a) they lied to the zoo staff and b) because the zoo staff doesn't handle bad news very well. They thought I mentioned the zoo even though I didn't. I didn't even mention that I volunteer there. - I thought no more insults?
  6. Things that you love! v2

    I really really like Blair's sauces. Sure they are mainly just ridiculously hot but unlike Tabasco or other generic hot sauces they actually taste great. They are concentrated pain but also concentrated flavor I made some chili for some friends a few years ago. I just added a small drop, that was more than enough. It wasn't too hot but it improved the taste so much!
  7. Say it, don't spray it. But to actually reply to you, yes, I did delete my negative critique. I said that I did. I did it because I got sick of all the negative feedback I got, my phone was going mental. And no, I did not write it in a way that would come back to bite me.
  8. That's my whole point really. I left constructive criticism and got flamed pretty hard. It's not like I told them that "THEY ARE WRONG AND HERE IS WHY" but I explained why keeping endangered animals as pets, showing how to keep them and then claiming that you want to keep people from keeping them is just completely flawed. I didn't tell them to stop keeping them but instead I *suggested* that it would be a good idea to stop actually portraying them as pets. I think it's wrong what they are doing but as long as it happens behind closed doors... And as I said, the first comment and also some after that implied that I'm jealous because I can't have my own Catta. So I really was right, their methods are entirely ineffective. They also called one of the conservation networks I support "extremists" and compared them to PETA. All they do is fly to Madagascar to do research on how to keep them from going extinct. Oh and no, I don't think I have to worry about anything. I actually deleted my negative review to calm the shitstorm and I don't actually work for the zoo. They just assumed I work there which is crazy enough as it is.
  9. I had my very first shitstorm last week. It was fun at first but got pretty scary the next day because it almost got me into actual trouble. Early last week I found out about the "Wildlife Wonderland" in Florida. A small private zoo where they keep endangered species and want to teach people about conservation. Sounds awesome, right? It's just what I want to do! I actually regularly volunteer at one of the local zoos. I help the staff look after the lemurs, I make sure the visitors follow the rules in their free ranging enclosure and I also use that opportunity to tell people about lemur conservation efforts. But then I noticed the photos and videos the folks at the Wildlife Wonderland share on Instagram and Facebook... In that content they show how they are keeping their lemurs as pets in their own home. They show how to put diapers on them, how they feed them with noodles and how they are taking food from their plates while they are having dinner. So they want to keep people from keeping lemurs as pets but they are essentially sharing photos and videos that show how to keep them at home... This photo is especially telling in my opinion: Nothing says conservation like a lemur playing with a winebottle... Or this masterpiece: The kid actually sits on the lemur's foot and he struggles to get away. This has NOTHING to do with conservation. When I showed this to the higher ups of an actual conservation network they were shocked. This is exactly what they don't want to happen to endangered animals. It's wrong on so many levels! So what did I do? I gave them a bad rating on Facebook and urged my friends to do the same. Moments later I started receiving insulting comments from their visitors! They were so pathetic it was actually very entertaining While I was blocking them I looked at their profiles and noticed a lot of Trump voters... Anyway. One of my friends, who wrote his master thesis on ruffed lemurs, left a negative review as well and was called an idiot who has no idea about lemurs. That was fun as well. A few hours later I noticed a new post by them. Apparently someone launched a "negative campaign" against them. They also claimed to have contacted the zoo where that person works. This is where the scary part started for me... These people actually dug through my Facebook profile, found photos of me and lemurs that were tagged with the zoo where I volunteer and they really did contact that zoo. The next morning I actually got a mail from the representative of the zoos friends' association. He chewed me out and told me that the Wildlife Wonderland sent multiple emails to the office of the zoo director and they also tried to call them multiple times. They complained about me and warmed them about the "dangerous person" they are employing. It was absolutely insane! They stalked my profile, they blew my negative critique way out of proportion and they lied about me! I was actually afraid of being banned from the zoo because of this bullshit. However, the negative comments I received did show me that their approach to conservation is absolutely useless. The very first comment I got was that I am "jealous because I can't afford to keep a lemur". So I was absolutely right. Their awful videos do nothing but show people what "great pets" lemurs are. One thing is for sure. Florida just got added to my list of places I will never visit.
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  13. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    I got slurped...