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  1. Thanks! Were you on FAF? Haha, I'll do my best
  2. Thanks! Nice to see you too
  3. Hmmmm, well I quite like black eyes, not sure why. If it were possible I'd like to see some stygian blue eyes too (that's blue which is impossibly as dark as black but still blue at the same time) What's your favourite century? (e.g 20th, 10th, etc.)
  4. I'm sure people will keep coming back to forums, as at the end of the day they provide a calmer, more sophisticated break from the edginess and dizzying speed of Discord for instance.
  5. G'day everyone! I'm a regular Aussie Striped Hyena who's decided to take a peak at this forum after already spending a year on its cousin FAF. I'm not just a hyena, I'm also a fox (Ravo) and a few other species which I haven't developed a coherent fursona around yet. Glad to meet you all and can't wait to chat!
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