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  1. Dead forum is dead. Is this place usually this inactive??
  2. I've had several sonas throughout my life, as I've always been enthralled with the idea of an anthropomorphic animal, and representing myself as one. My "first" sona was a schnauzer dog- likely because I grew up with schnauzers. My second was a raccoon because I played in a video game as a raccoon. My third was a bear, because I became obsessed with anthro bears after reading the Seekers books. My fourth was a wolf, because.. wolves. My fifth was a dog, because dogs. My sixth was a cat, because I fell in love with warrior cats, and had a really cute design. Now my first "official" sona (the one I got after officially joining the fandom) is a wolf. I like wolves, especially anthro ones. Therefore, I am a wolf. Honestly, people put too much thought into what species they want. Just pick whatever speaks to you :3
  3. Why do I spend so much money to have people draw pictures of a humanoid animal...?
  4. Interesting topic, especially since he doesn't know what she's done.. I'd say yes, he should be able to opt out legally. Should he? No, I don't really think so, but that's on a moral basis. Since it is his child, and theoretically, shit happens. (as you do have to understand that even with precautionary measures, pregnancy can still occur. Plus, he's unaware that she tampered with the condom) Thus, he should know that if he really loves her and cares for what is his offspring, he wouldn't leave a kid fatherless and pack up. If, he did know that she tampered with things, absolutely he should say fuck it, and leave.
  5. *scoffs and points at the new guy* what is he doing here? welcome old friend :3
  6. Hello there evil woofer!

    1. Yakamaru


      Hello, love. Fancy seeing you here. xD

  7. Ginza


    Hello all! I'm Ginza :3 Some of you may recognize me from FAF I'm just your typical furfag, nothing all that interesting about me. I decided to check this place out as it seems cool enough. I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I hope to meet some of the fine folk who reside here-- Hope you've had a nice day
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