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  1. Well, I like wolves. They have traits I like. And I am a Furry? Holy shit! Let the two mix! Boom, Drake was born. End of story.
  2. Every criminal to ever exist breathe oxygen. Clearly oxygen is the most common denominator between every one who suffers, too! WE MUST BAN OXYGEN!
  3. Not just a house. The house. Zelda: A Link to the Past ftw. <3 Oh yes. FMA:B is a damn good show.
  4. Weird. I have access to both. Literally refreshed before I saw your comment.
  5. Interesting opinions on the matter, and I thank you for taking your time to post in the thread, I appreciate it.
  6. Sounds really fucking boring, to be honest.
  7. The topic of child support, pregnancy, pro/anti-abortion, etc, came up on a different forum. And with it came a rather interesting topic: Male reproductive rights. Here's a scenario for you(it does happen, but will only be used as an example for now): We have a couple who have been together for lets say, 2 years. They've done a lot of stuff together. Including doing the deed in bed, and often too. But always with her on the pill and him with a condom. They've made a verbal agreement to get a kid(or several) when they are both stable and agree to having it/them. One day she decides to not take the pill(whatever reason(s) are currently irrelevant, unless people are interested in taking on those issues as well) and punctures the condom secretly without his knowledge. They do the deed, and a week later, she admits to being pregnant. At this moment the guy doesn't want the child. Should the guy be able to opt out of child support if he doesn't want the child? What are your thoughts on the topic?
  8. How do you manage to set schedules for when your enema decide to play a song of its people? Please, teach me the secret pooping techniques. :V
  9. And yes, that's 3 pieces from macmegagerc. Deal with it. :V
  10. OwO, what's this? Weeaboo thread? Hell yes! Top two favorite series are Log Horizon and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I am not picky on what I watch though.
  11. Yakamaru


    OwO, what's this? A fellow trash woofer have arrived on these forums too it seems. From a fellow newbie I welcome thee, love.
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