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  1. I'll never understand the appeal of "clone" YCHs, which for the uninitiated it's those YCHs that are identical but with different coloring and sometimes even accessories! Usually depicting dicc, ass or tiddy so that the artist doesn't even have to waste precious energy drawing an actual face. Are people's standards really so low as to be okay to buy the same thing everyone else has? I'd understand if we were talking about a car or a game console or something but this is fucking art, isn't its entire point to be unique or at the very least present something under a fresh or enticing perspective? "Lol no just use the same base over and over but with my yiffsona's color palette this time pls kthnxbai". Bloody hell. It's their money, they can waste it any way they like but fuck me are people's tastes shit sometimes. This triggers my 'tism Actually you know what? I'm gonna open my OWN clone YCHs baby, ye-heah! If people are gonna be so dumb as to settle for such low effort shit I might as well take advantage of it too! LO LO LO LODS O MONE SHOW ME THE MONE
  2. Two words: Rule 34. Little ol' 14 y.o. me stumbled upon some porn of Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank and it was on that fateful day that my fate was sealed, and I was forever cursed to COOM to gay (and occasionally not gay) furry shit. I think I probably burned my dopamine receptors in the process lmao. Ah well, neurons grow back... Anyway it's always nice to hear people getting along with each other. Good for you man, me I find it difficult to relate to most furries since they tend to be annoyingly oversensitive and therefore unfun, Peenix bois here being an exception ofc
  3. Unrelated question: you don't happen to be THIS JooJoo, do you?
  4. So tell me Jack what'd you do in life? What's your stance on this putrid jizz-encrusted fandom, the furfag fandom? Only good for the porn or nah?
  5. what's with all the new members all of a sudden, first all the 20 or so guests always lurking now this COME FORTH AND IDENTIFY YOURSELVES RIGHT HERE OTHERWISE YOU'RE PUSSY BITCHES
  6. God I fucking love this stupid meme, I don't usually much care for them but Der Coomer is just too good to pass up, same for Gigachad. They're just... About doing whatever the fuck you want (at nobody's expenses) and being proud of it, you know?? Either in general or when it comes to COOMING, with this really nice pinch of self irony that however doesn't go into self deprecation territory. Yes just *kisses fingers* perfect, best 2 mems around, hands down
  7. By the way if possible can you let me into the porn section of the forums please? Come on admins I need to COOOOOOOOM
  9. Reporting in for duty chief 10.000 infected and counting here, can't wait to be next bay-bay oh yeah
  10. Ok yeah nah that's a good idea AHH *cums* thank you for your support private
  11. Ah yes the good ol' "evidence I don't like is propaganda" cop-out. I swear, I've seen that bullshit only on FAF. And what you suggested is exactly one of the points I wanted to get across (with my own wording, of course, which only someone who drinks the PC koolaid would genuinely see as "offensive", but then again to them everything is, so it might as well mean nothing at all), but of course when you present people with arguments that challenge their rose tinted views they immidiately go in denial mode, and that's what happened there: "WHOAAAAAH YOU CAN'T SAY THAT U NAZI FASCIST HOMOPHOBE BIGOT REEEEEEEEEEEEE" I told you, I'm done with that bullshit man, if they wanna have their little echochamber bubble all for themselves they can have it, ain't no skin off my back lol
  12. Lmao why am I not surprised. I was once called a fascist homophobic bigot for daring to criticize gay prides/parades (specifically their apparent lack of decency, as censored pictures I provided portraying men either naked or wearing thongs/BDSM gear in public testified) and the exposure of LGBT "culture" to kids (my argument was that kids should play with their fucking toys instead of being groomed into playing drag queen at like 10) and got banned for a month. I mean, look, if you disagree with me, even with stuff that I firmly believe should be common sense, that's... Fine, I guess, but banning me? Oh if only they knew I'm a fag myself but I spared them the embarassment and just left. I learned a valuable lesson that day: don't bother discussing any controversial topic whatsoever on the internet, ever, especially with those kinds of people... Yeah that's gonna be a big ass yikes from me boss Wise choice man. You'd either get banned or go insane there, or worse... You could turn into one of them... I don't know why it took me so long to ditch that piece of shit forum honestly lol Ah well, fuck 'em all. Here's some good vibes, been obsessed with this beauty for a while now:
  13. Just offer free yiff art on condition that they join and then back out on it when they do lol That'll be sure to attract new victims to torment users
  14. You're alright man but why would you wanna go there lol it's nothing but a pisshole. The feed is either: 1) welcoming threads: hai duurrr new furri hierrr owo ^^ (after which OP will never be seen again, possibly drowned in a pool of doggy jizz); 2) your dime a dozen TRUMP TRUMP NAZIS TRUMP POLITICS LOOK AT ME MY OPINION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOURS (fucking Christ these people still didn't get over Trump's victory, did they); 3) yet another FURSEKUSHUN thread with some 16 year old getting upset that someone somewhere said the meanies over animal people. Either that or it's about "coming out" as a furry (God give me strength that shit was funny the first 40 times); 4) forum games (not necessarily bad, I mean if you like them good for you but personally they're not really the reason I go to a forum for); 5) another fucking request/commission thread, which at this point due to their sheer quantity have pretty much transformed the forum into a marketplace. The userbase is just... Your hubby dubby furry tier shit too, you know? There isn't a single bit of edge, it's like a fucking stale bubble where literally anything even remotely controversial is immidiately reported by these oversensitive weaklings and shut down by overzealous moderation. The sheer safety of that place is asphyxiating, like nobody can take a fucking joke, nobody can handle the bantz, not a jab, you know? Everyone's sooooo... Distant, since nobody dares personally approach anyone because anything you say CAN and WILL be misconstrued as offensive in a way or the other. Just let this here video summarize my feelings for you: I can't believe I'm saying this but I kinda miss this place, even if it's basically dead, even if I had come to despise it at one point. In retrospect it really wasn't that bad, it's like the entirety of the rest of the internet sucks big elephant dicks in comparison. Nah PF was never "great" but (most) of the userbase here was actually alright? Don't know if I'm remembering correctly, it's been four fucking years already (holy shit), but afair at least most people here did stand out in their own little way, didn't they? Which made hanging out here that bit more interesting. You had that 60 y.o. guy, the one that also chilled at the forum comics thread (forgive me for not remembering your name) which I was always amazed at how he was a furry despite his age, or that Nova guy was it? Or was it someone else? The one that made those fucking weird and often nonsensical threads but that seemed to be generally well liked exactly for those reasons. You had the shitposters (in a good way), like Zara and Surf here. But you too among others despite the definition I've just given you were and are also capable of more mature posts when needed, so what I wanna say is that when I call you shitposters I don't imply you're one trick ponies. "Mature" posts were more typical of guys of a levelheadedness such as Troj's, Onnes', Garth's, or Vae's, the latter of whose more cynical perspective I find myself sharing/agreeing with now, which is funny because I never saw that coming. If someone had a problem they were allowed to duke it out with the moderation leaving breathing room, which perhaps might have been the forum's downfall? The drama did seem to get a bit out of hand in 2016... But nah: if not here it would have been brought over to Discord. Actually fuck now I remember that it was all Discord's fault, yeah FUCK Discord man, sucking on my hairy throbbing cock is all DisCUNT's good for Bah anyway I'll stop right here with this nostalgia fagging "I'm an internet vet" tier spiel, I know it gets insufferable after a while All of you's penises not just the mods' are small compared to mine. You cannot dispute this fact Also let it be known that I do not hold any responsibility in regards to the content of this post: I drank a glass of wine six hours ago so that inequivocably counts as me being drunk and unable to understand and want. Cheerio
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