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  1. Roger dodger, well just so you know this place ain't really that active but welCUM regardless dude
  2. [SPEECH CHECK PASSED] How could I have been so blind... Of course it is! Should I ever lose a testicle in battle I'll go near you, fix me right up How the hell did you find this place anyway, btw? You don't even seem like a furfag, not that that's a bad thing, quite the opposite actually
  3. Now that's some hardcore shit right there, just stay away from me I don't wanna grow a third ball
  4. 1) If your users are that retarded then absolutely, in fact it's telling of my 200000000Q the fact that I'm not subscribed to that shitty site. I mean, I used to be but shhhhh don't tell anybody it's a secret 2) If I'm high then probably. I'm sure Mr Zucc took a few pillies for the nerves and even those barely kept him from bursting lol 3) Shit.
  5. I don't know man, I only see projections here. By your same logic Facebook should be dead since it's run by a soulless corporate robot, unless you seriously want to have me believe Mark Zuckenberg is in any way "charismatic" lol. Ergo, you don't need charisma to run a successful website. To clarify, when I say "personal" website I simply mean "made by me, with my rules", nothing more; it certainly does not entail a personality cult. Not that I'm serious about this whole idea anyway. 'Tis all just that: an idea
  6. Makes sense. Lumping vastly different people together with different aspirations is always a disaster waiting to happen. And this ain't, say, a country, where you've got to make compromises for the common good (or don't, and have everything go to shit): there's no need to share space together on the internet where you aren't bound by limitations in space or resources, unlike real life. If you don't like me (I'm saying in general, certainly not to you specifically Chili) that's fine: I can go make my own site, create my own space with my own rules. Here's a good thing about the internet that's overlooked, and that I'm seriously starting to consider myself. Maybe in some hypothetical future if I'll care enough I'll do something like that: set up my own server, my own site, my way, and all the dipshits I despise can go straight to hell. I'll call it... Outer Haven :v
  7. What'd you mean by "their humanity"? Their actual day-to-day way of being? The kind we'd see if we observed their interactions with say family and friends? And not their online persona, where they drop some retarded comment on social media (i.e. Twatter) as if it were a big official statement? Could you provide an example please? Not asking in a challenging manner, I'm simply curious what'd you mean with those exactly, sounds interesting It ain't bro. Misery loves company; what you just said is what those retards want you to believe so you keep showering them with attention they'd otherwise never get. It's not cowardice, it's mental sanity to refuse to engage with people who you already know will wholly shit on whatever point you make and strut about like they're victorious, no matter how well-argumented you may have been. Reasons vary: insecurity, venting, utter self-righteousness and lack of humility, engaging in arguments with the sole intent to prove how superior you are and belittle your opponents, plain stupidity... It's just a massive waste of time Expanding on what Zara said, I got two more possible reasons why the internet sucks donkey cocks: 1) news outlets, small or big, preying on oversensitive people to feed the outrage machine, on both ends of the political spectrum; 2) people just don't know or refuse to treat each other with dignity/respect And yeah, I've been guilty of these, but see it don't matter if only me or you try to improve as people and be better speakers, be "gentlemanly", as fedora-tipping that may sound, since there's way more people who have yet to also reach a sufficient level of maturity. At first I was like "there's too many young pepo on da interwebz, and yong pepo stupid and emotional and disrespectful yo", but then you see fully grown people also doing incredibly childish, petty high-school tier shit (I'm talking about internet "drama", blindly believing what the news say without question, doxxing, using buzzwords as a substitute for argumentation etc.) or even better kids behaving better than "adults" and realize that that ain't it chief: it's not the kids, it's just the mongoloids. Maybe it's my fault, maybe I'm imagining things or have been simply unlucky enough to stumble upon shitty people only or frequent the wrong sites, maybe it's because I don't go out much, but it really does seem like people only treat each other like shit these days. Again, I've also been guilty of being a cunt and I worked towards fixing it, and again it don't matter because we're surrounded by dickheads that don't look into themselves, don't see or ignore their faults and believe they're perfect instead and everyone can go fuck themselves because screw you I'm always right yadda yadda yadda. I swear, the mental growth of some of these shitsuckers stopped at like 14 And that ladies and gentleman is why... Seriously, I've been feeling best and got more done the least I frequented sites that are in any way "social". Just use the internet to watch cat videos and listen to music lol
  8. Pretty sure whatever official Discord group Peenix used to have has been shut down
  9. Me not being there is an act of mercy for them then 😎
  10. I and some other blokes still do, just for the occasional shitpost every now and then. As deserted as it may be and despite me coming to despise it in like 2016, Peenix is still miles better than the tumoral alternatives we got these days. "Social media". Twitter? Facebook? Or even worse... FurAffinity Forums?? That's gonna be a big ass yikes from me boss, fuck that shit. Better stay here away from all that bullfuckery
  11. Shit I'm sorry I forgot to introduce you to this forum's official theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbQrGaTm02Y Anyway, what vidya are you niggaz hyped for? Hitman 3 looking pretty tight to me, but other than that I've bought sooooo few games in recent years. They just ain't doing it for me anymore, partly because I'm slowly growing out of them I guess but also because gaming these days fucking SUCKS, so so full of disappointments that I'd rather not bother with it anymore for the most part. I just wanted another decent Fallout and another actual TES, no MMOs and certainly no mobile shit WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US TODD, WHY TODD WHYYYYYYYYY
  12. Ckiimyir


    The FAF intellectualoids are absolutely right: we ARE nazis, matter of fact we rally every saturday molotov in hand in to burn down mosques and jewish shops. The Untermensch corpses we've gathered so far have almost filled our first mass grave too, I'm so proud! Sarcasm aside, FAF sucks dicks and is comprised of nothing but ultra conformist schizos who genuinely believe nazism is on the rise again, perceiving as such anything even a single inch right-of-left lol. Sucks to be them, I couldn't live with the 24/7 neurosis those retards are affected by, shaking in fear and frothing at the mouth at the slightest hint of heterodox thought. XXI century puritanism at its finest, yikes! As for you, Artillery Spam sounds like something I've already heard, maybe, but my memory is waaaaaaaay to muddy on that. Anyway welcome fellow nazi man, to this place as active as an aircraft boneyard. Just like Tundra said, the General thread is the only one these days with anything going on, we occasionally use it to shoot the shit whenever we feel like it but that's it really
  13. @Sidewalk Surfboard I've heard the bad news. My condolensces, as an italian every pizza biz closing even 'MURRICAN ones is a tragedy (by the way that drawing of your boyo was made by @Misomie, good stuff)
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