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  1. I just wanted to say this here because I can't comment on the Reddit thread: there are so, so, so many absolute simps over on Reddit. I am wholly unconvinced that the customer "came in frequently to berate them." This entire establishment seemed to be in a state of pure chaos and I've never seen a larger failure of customer service and mature adulthood in all my years on this planet. I say this as someone who has worked in the service industry doing both management and customer service for upwards of nine years. Also, if the above part is true: that she is 19 and was asked to come back in to close... 1) calling the cops was a horrible idea (because underage drinking + being drunk while on the clock)... 2) flashing your boob in public like that is indecent exposure and she could've been arrested on that basis alone. I'm saying this to everyone's parents: the parents of the Redditors, the parents of the employees at this establishment... raise your kids better. So much "nope" transpired from this situation. Like *hell* she/the people commenting about it aren't painfully mentally ill.
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