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  1. Nova is German. He has said on one occasion that his posts are confusing because he is a native German speaker and has to use translation software to help him translate some of his posts. I think it is pretty cool he is trying to muddle through with it and learn English.
  2. Spoken like a pervert who wants to hurt little children in the bathroom. You are all choosing to turn a blind eye to what could come out of such a thing. No such language governs that it will enable child molesters to act upon their predilections and victimize little girls in the bathroom, but it does not take a genius to figure out that a jerk in trouble with the law would not use the argument as a crutch to get out of prison. Lawyers have one goal, get their client off without serving jail time. It does not matter if they are guilty, The 'system must be maintained" and if justice is raped in a case, then it is the system fails; not the sleaze-bag lawyer using weasel tricks to get around and skirt around the law. Most of the child molesting cases are really terribly hard to prosecute. The lack of evidence, the fact that the child who is hurt is too hurt and ashamed to come forth right away. Oftentimes it takes other periphery behavior patterns to catch such people. And I have only looked at one side of this, not the other. I have only covered the side where a man walks into the women's bathroom, not a woman walking into the men's bathroom. There is the possibility of women going into the men's bathroom with with the express purposes of fulfilling contracts for sex and prostitution, which is illegal in Texas. If you want prostitution there is Nevada which has had it for a while now and Maine as I understand it has within the past few years legalized prostitution. The problem with having a public bathroom with both genders in it is that it will eventually require police presence in the bathrooms. The current law where only one gender per bathroom really keeps that all in check currently.
  3. Handy is the German word for cell phone.
  4. I don't know what it takes to make this fucking clear! I don't!! Why is this not clear?! There is nothing wrong with Men and Women using the same restroom, In proper context. There is a bar my brother likes to go to. It is in the for the lack of a better term, Houston's "gay district." It actually has three bathrooms, a Men's Women's and a Unisex bathroom. But then each of these bathrooms is fitted with a single fixture for single occupancy at a given time. That is not a problem because it will not allow more than one person in the bathroom space at a given time. I didn't say that transgenders using the bathroom is perverse. You thought that. This is the problem. People are wanting to see a war where one does not exist. I do not think that transgenders would be the problem with hurting children. First off, is the statistics of it. There are so few transgenders among society. how many are there in 100 people? 1,000 people? 10,000? I believe the number to be few. So I do not think that the transgenders are the problem. The problem is a PERVERT wrapping him or herself in the mantle of protection that such a law would provide. If for instance a child molester molests a little girl in the girl's bathroom, is caught finally, goes to jail, is hauled into court and is facing charges to put them away for 5 or 10 years, don't you think that maybe they might say they were transgendered and had a right to be in the bathroom in the first place? Do you realize with that law, that the police arrest is therefore null and void, the prosecution has to throw out that case and then the perverts goes SCOT Free to victimize again? That is where it turns to perverse. .
  5. Okay, now I have been silent on this board for some time because there are a great deal of you whose opinions I do not agree, but when it comes to this and the parroting that is being done of news media, you just sound like DAMN FOOLS about this topic! The Hero Bill is a long and convoluted history. If you want the long and short of it, The vast majority of the bill was a good bill. The only part most of Houston had problems with, 61% of those who voted on Tuesday November 3rd, had was with the clause regarding bathrooms and locker rooms. In reality what it said was that a man could enter the women's bathroom, shower room or locker room. Now with most transgenders this isn't a problem really once you get down to it. Short of groping a persons crotch or running an X-ray machine by the front door into such places, how is anyone going to know? A guy dressed in a woman's sun dress is not going to arouse much suspicion. Now if that man looks like a man and dresses like a man and goes in the women's bathroom, he will. That was the complaint. A Person could just decide to say "Oh. Today, I am not Samuel, I am Samantha and I am going to use the women's bathroom, even though I look like Samuel." If Samuel wants to be Samantha and act like Samantha, he needs to have an outward portrayal of Samantha and people may even call him Samantha or "Ma'am." Otherwise, he looks like a pervert walking into the girl's bathroom. It really is the major complaint. And if you had young daughters in the bathroom using the bathroom, you as a father or mother would want some level of protection for your child(ren). HERO Bill Timeline. -May 28, 2014: HERO Bill voted on by City Council by 11-5 vote and is announced by mayor Parker. -Between May 28 and July 3, 2014: HERO Bill comes to the attention of voters -Several Prominent Greater Houston Area Pastors are ACCUSED of having sermons directing members to sign petitions at church supposedly “blocking the HERO Bill.” It wasn’t about blocking, only putting the matter up for public vote by the citizens of Houston. -July 3, 2014 Petition is delivered with 50,000 Signatures. Only 17,269 are needed for a topic to get on a ballot. Local ABC Affiliate on Channel 13 Story. http://abc13.com/news/city-of-houstons-equal-rights-ordinance-(hero)-suspended/877936/ Mayor’s Press Release: http://www.houstontx.gov/mayor/press/broad-based-group-ready-defend-hero -Petition is “lost” by Mayor Parker. I say "lost in quotes. opponents claim she discarded pages. That fact is not made 100% clear. Houston Press Story: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/anti-hero-organizers-sue-mayor-annise-parker-7642969 Houston Chronicle Story http://www.houstontx.gov/mayor/press/hero-repeal-petition-falls-short-required-valid-signatures-ballot -Annise Parker Subpoenas the Pastors’ Sermons for scrutiny The Blaze News Story http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/08/03/houston-pastors-hit-back-against-mayor-with-lawsuit-alleging-their-religious-freedoms-were-trampled/ Houston Chronicle Story http://www.chron.com/news/politics/houston/article/City-subpoenas-pastors-sermons-in-equal-rights-5822403.php -Outrage over the violation of the 1st Amendment right in American to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of religion Houston Chronicle Story http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Amid-blowback-city-walks-fine-line-on-pastor-5828210.php Houston Chronicle Story http://www.chron.com/news/politics/houston/article/Parker-calls-ERO-sermon-supboeana-overly-broad-5824816.php -The matter goes to Texas Surpreme Court: Houston Chronicle Story: http://www.chron.com/news/politics/houston/article/Texas-Supreme-Court-says-city-erred-on-HERO-6452930.ph -Annise Parker Drops the Subpoena: Huffington Post Story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/29/houston-mayor-sermon-subpoenas_n_6070650.html -The matter goes up for vote on November 3, 2015 and is clobbered by overwhelming majority Houston Chronicle Story: http://www.chron.com/politics/texas-take/article/Texas-Take-Nov-4-2015-6609845.php Finally a Snopes.com Link http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/houston.asp The problem is not with transgenders, and this is something fucking liberal fuck-tard idiots do not fucking get!!! It is with PERVERTS using this law to escape proper lawful prosecution using these laws as a shield to look up women's dresses, molest little girls etc. That is why it would allow perverts. No one said anything about the transgenders being the perverts. Lib-tards said that to twist and contort the argument into an argument of hate, an argument of the Christian right versus everyone else and you all ought to be ashamed for repeating it.
  6. That's cool that you can play with it. My brother loves both bass and electric guitar and can play with a few songs as well. Thank you for sharing.
  7. To be honest, I have only ever worked on one of those. The Ford Pickup belongs to the mother of one of my furry friends. I have not done a whole lot with it but it does look like it could be an easier time to work on than most. This furry friend and his mother do not really know a whole bunch about engines, but her truck is tough as nails. It is a 1991 or 1992 and still runs so that is saying something. I like working on her mechanical stuff. She pays me with beer! LOL
  8. Christian metal is not an oxymoron. Grassfed above, mentioned Tourniquet. But before them was Stryper. And I have played this song for many metal-heads and they agree, It is a solid metal song. See if you agree. It is old stuff now though. Late 1980's early 1990's. The "hail Satan" name of the topic is a tongue in cheek name for the subject. Parents who don't understand metal or modern rock, always use the "Devil Music" excuse to bag and hate on it. I will never forget when my brother and I started getting into very aggressive sounding metal. The first bands we were listening to in my early teens were Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth. I remember my father shouting at us to "Turn that damn devil music down!" Mom asked me one time for the sleeve notes out of Metallica ...And Justice for All and read the lyrics, then passed them to Dad. Once he saw it wasn't evil, he was totally cool with it. He also thought it was okay for him to like it too. He did and even took us as young teenagers to a couple of each of those bands' concerts. My father has only recently told me he truly was concerned we were both getting into demons and devil worship. I guess he never listened to anything like that while he lived at home despite the fact he had the original heavy-metal bad-boys, Black Sabbath in his record collection.
  9. No not at all. I like Replicant (Electronic Sheep Edit), Demanufacture and there are a couple more on Demanufacture album that are good. And I like Edgecrusher, Where Evil Dwells and Cars on Obsolete. I like Playing Where Evil Dwells with my 15" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers and 500 Watt Amplifier kicked on full tilt, especially when some jerk is blasting his c/rap too loudly. It really rattles your guts. It makes those who like rap hurry up and move on too.
  10. I saw those You tube videos the other day. They were good. I still want a hover conversion for my favorite pickup.
  11. The worst part about Cinnabon in the malls is that it is $4.99 for a crap cinnamon roll. If it was $2.49 or less I could see why they would be crap. And as for Soda. I bought a Soda Stream which carbonates the water and the syrups have 1/3 of the calories and sugars of commercial soda per serving, that is if my brother and I do not make our own custom cola and other syrups ourselves on the stove. Homebrewing beer has given us a confidence with homemade soda as well.
  12. I had seen little small ads over the weekend telling me to tune into Monday Night Football to see the trailer. I don't watch football. I would rather just hang out with friends and family with the television off than watch it. So it doesn't look good then? That is too bad. I had high hopes. After looking at all I can about it there is a lot of holes in it for me. The whole picture will be clear in the movie, as the others were. Hopefully it is good. It looks like it has potential in some spots and needs to try in others.
  13. Gripping. It is more efficient. But Drifting can look impressive if done skillfully.
  14. My parents had a 2000 Chevrolet Pickup 2500 4 Door with a 454 Cubic Inch Displacement V-8. It was meant for towing and hauling and was a "white elephant" at the dealership. My parents had gone to buy a Chevrolet Suburban and had an advert out of a newspaper detailing a specific Suburban for sale. It was no longer available but they did show them the Pickup. While the Pickup was not really entirely what my parents went to the dealership looking for, it did do the job for us. It had four doors, large comfortable seats, could sit the family all of us are large and of Nordic and German ancestry, and had a cargo area big enough to be practical, even more so than a Suburban. My father was able to get it significantly cheaper than the sticker since it was someone's special order that fell through. It had a 10,000 trailer capacity and it was obvious the person who ordered it wanted it for hauling a fifth wheel trailer. It was in many ways all the measurable qualities of a Chevrolet Heavy-Duty Pickup before that model had existed. The gearing ratio in the rear differential, 1.73:1 coupled with the Allison transmission and the 454 powerhouse made it a BEAST when you really got after it. It drank gas prodigiously too. It could have climbed a wall if I put one in front of it. When I would drive it to the university on occasion, I would get under the hood and fix the throttle linkage to give me greater throttle response. I was routinely whipping Mustang 5.0's with it at red lights!!! Nothing was better than smoking these guys who had seen Fast and Furious and had dumped serious cash into hopping up their Hondas and Toyotas. Their faces were priceless. They would pull up and say "DAMN! What did you do to your truck!" I often told them "I have a 454, There is no replacement for displacement!" Now back to your Jeep: I know what power can be had out of 454. It was in a very heavy Pickup. What I was going to say is with the right transmission, differentials and axles, I bet the 454 Jeep is a total demon or it can crawl over rocks like an ant. Which do you like doing with it?
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