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  1. Cyberpunk 2077. Also interested to see how badly Bethesda is going to fuck up the next TES title. And I heard that basically everyone moved to Discord or something. Anyone mind sharing some server links?
  2. ASTA


    They mainly just whinge about how this place was the destination of a bunch of fascist-minded posters after some big dust up occurred sometime around 2018 that saw a lot of people banned or something. I don't know. I'm not going to pretend like I know precisely what they're referencing because A) who gives a fuck and B) I wasn't using FAF in 2018 because I was too busy feeding my TERA addiction to bother with furry forums at the time.
  3. The stunning lack of Nazis on this board is horribly depressing. I was lied to.
  4. ASTA


    Not surprised by the migration to Discord and Twitter to be honest. Forums as a community discussion platform have been in terminal decline for a number of years now. Discord is pretty much the main "social media" that I use. I'm on Facebook too, but I'm really only on there in a superficial capacity just to browse the classifieds on Facebook Marketplace. I don't care much to keep in close contact with IRL friends or family through it, though. They have my phone number if they want or need to interact with me. There's also Twitter, but I dislike the overall culture there and the user interface isn't to my liking at all whatsoever. I use it mainly to browse pictures of cute fursuits and goofy furry animations. All of the political garbage, both lefty and righty shit, gets muted and blocked because I'm not terribly interested in hearing milquetoast Twitter dorks give their steamy sociopolitical takes on aspects of Western society or some current event that I barely care about. Anyway, I appreciate the welcome. I don't like the users of that forum all too much, frankly. That dislike isn't founded upon the opinions that they hold, mind you; rather, it has more to do with the extremely potent black-and-white perspective that they seemingly apply to basically anything political. And in case it wasn't obvious enough, I don't think FAF's users are immoral or anything, they're just way too preachy, self-righteous, and far too inexperienced at how the world works outside of the internet for my liking. The unbelievably high levels of neuroticism and legitimate autism that runs absolutely buckwild throughout that place don't help anything either.
  5. ASTA


    So, according to one of the more eminent armchair intellectuals on FAF, this is where a bunch of Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, and Proud Boys members fucked off to sometime around 2018 after a bunch of bans were handed out or something. I don't know if anyone still remembers me but I'm Artillery Spam. I also went by Tank Abuse at one point. I used to hang out with Lucy, Zara, Pachi, and a bunch of other people from Old FaF on Skype back before it would lose its status as the number one casual live chat client to Discord. I'm fairly certain that I made an account here once but I can't remember what it was called, the email it was attached to, or the password to the account itself, so I made a new one. How is everyone?
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