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  1. I'm officially 18

    Happy late birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

    Are there any furry conventions that are safe from this kind of hell?
  3. If hell was a discord server.

    You said that minors are posting dick pics in the server If that's the case then entering this server isn't something anyone should be doing. Instead it should be reported to Discord.
  4. If hell was a discord server.

    but why would you post an invite link
  5. toad affinity forums

    I just had trouble seeing it lmao Thanks. Phoenix is now back to normal.
  6. hit paste

  7. toad affinity forums

    Okay its no longer April 1 pls end this madness
  8. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Happy Easter! I like Toad Although real talk Rosalina is my favorite Mario character
  9. toad affinity forums

  10. Just stuff

    I want to try and say some kind words because I can relate. I've already lost my biological mother, so I know what its like to lose close loved ones. And looking on the future with bleak eyes, fearful of what's to come? Such fears are constant. I'm in college right now, and I often wonder if I'll be able to pass all my classes. I worry that I'll wind up failing, wind up not being able to receive the funding necessary to complete college, and in the end wind up being a dropout. What would I do then? I don't know. Having talked to others about this, I think that its probably best to not dwell on thinking about the future. Take each day at a time, only thinking about and handling each day's matters rather than worrying about the far future, since the future does often seem very bleak. Time can be cruel, but the thing about time is, is that you can't see the future. And if you can't see the future, then maybe things can get better, y'know? I realize that probably sounds cliche, that a million people have said that. If it makes you feel any better though, things like Alzheimer's and dementia aren't guaranteed, and there are ways to help mitigate their effects as well as ways to make getting said things less likely, and the future always has a chance of coming up with a definitive cure for that. Also find a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist. Having someone to talk about one's problems with really helps. Just being able to tell somebody else how you're feeling, just having someone out there know can bring peace. And while I haven't taken any medication for it myself, I've been told that (and from what I've seen) oftentimes depression is part of a chemical imbalance in the brain. That there's medication out there to help that, so if that's something necessary, someone like a psychiatrist may be able to help you work towards getting help in that manner too. But most importantly, above all else, its important to have people to talk to. Holding things in only makes things worse, and one can feel so very alone if there's no one else to tell these things to.
  11. Zaush in some hot water again

    Oh yeah, if I sounded like I'm saying he should be immune to criticism then I apologize, as that's not what I mean to imply. A lot of people's opinions come from ideas that he draws something more vile than he actually does imo is all, and people actually went out of their way to try and report him to the FBI and actually did go around saying that he views and owns CP. From the get-go most people thought the content in his conversations was CP, and that's a view that spread around even after he explained otherwise. It took much verification to explain otherwise, as people seemed to want to assume the worst (due to past history). The claims of him being a pedo come off as extreme overreactions and also possibly libelous in nature due to it being within the realm of art, and the quotes taken from his conversations frequently disregard the commission context with which the situation all occurred. People are basically attacking him for thought crimes regarding fictional content, and that rubs me the wrong way for the aforementioned reasons, something I see as a threat to icky art in addition to the desire to cause Zaush trouble. Its especially weird Zaush in particular gets this attention when the whole of Inkbunny exists, which leads me to believe that people really want to beat down on Zaush in particular for whatever reason, and admittedly that's not something I'm knowledgeable enough about to understand why.
  12. Zaush in some hot water again

    My beliefs and values are the result of an adamant desire to protect art, free speech, and creativity whilst holding onto a belief that reality and fiction are far jumps from each other. I stand by everything I've said here, as I truly believe that a fondness for something in fiction has no bearing on reality. Feel free to look up and read comic author Neil Gaiman's (Coraline, The Sandman, etc) online journal entry "Why defend freedom of icky speech" where he talks about things like "lolicon" and such and explains why such should be defended in a much better way than I could ever hope to convey. In this regard, my posts on an anime forum have no relevance with regards to my arguments. I realize this might sound like I'm trying to shift away or shrug what might appear to be damning evidence of a bias; but I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to really comment, since my opinions remain relatively the same regardless of my posts about cartoon porn on MAL. In fact the one saying "its okay" was just a lazy retelling of what I've been saying here that's a result of the fact that the site has "Is loli immoral threads?" once every month or so and they usually go on for 5 or 6 pages before just being reinvigorated again on the next month (in fact there's one right now in the Anime Discussion section), so it gets tiring reposting the exact same arguments over and over again. I just did so here because I had a brief moment of not feeling depressed and lazy and because seeing people yell at Zaush about cartoon porn upset me. I just can't stand the idea of criminalizing thought crimes or acting like cartoons have the capability of being immoral or reflect some kind of dark inner moral compass on the creator of said art. The idea has always been insane to me. As I said before: "Do video games cause actual violence?" and all that jazz.