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  1. Its the most important consideration because violent acts always supersede whatever beliefs a person has. If you take action to physically injure a person and its not in self defense from physical harm (as in, you are initiating the physical act of violence), you are more in the wrong than anyone else involved. Being able to speak heinous views must be protected for the sake of speech on the whole; the violence itself is the most important thing to take into consideration from this event. Allowing people to speak heinous beliefs does not validate them. You can tell someone their belief doesn't even hold value or merit without acting violent against them. Punching someone doesn't equate to anti racism. Anti racism is telling a racist that they're wrong while promoting equality. The reason initiating physical acts of violence is morally reprehensible has nothing to do with the law. The law simply upholds that already preexisting morality. Believing that two groups are doing wrongs does not mean the same as believing that they are equally wrong. It is simply easier to denounce everything wrong in one since, in the end, the amount something is bad is not so important as the fact that something bad happened. That everything wrong must be denounced so as to expose poor behavior and encourage behavior that does not reside within everything pegged as bad or wrong. Believing that two groups are doing wrongs also does not imply the idea that those with said belief lack any sort of conviction, and as such I do not believe its fair to call such people cowardly.
  3. I have issues with the length of prison sentences in the US. I cannot fathom how any sane man can convict a person to several years in prison. I believe the greatest purpose of prison is to act as a tool to reform lawbreakers and wrongdoers, that it exists to help people learn to better themselves so that when they leave prison, they can be productive members of society again. I'm under the impression that people look at small numbers and think "light sentence", but even a year of no freedom is a torturous thing. It does not take 25 years to reform a person. If one sentences another human to a prison sentence of such a length, then they are saying that said person cannot return to being a productive member of society, and at that point, they may as well be given the death sentence. As I believe the death sentence is a horribly barbaric thing, and as I believe that almost all humans are capable of bettering themselves (or at least should be given the chance to attempt doing so), I thus equally cannot stand the concept of someone going to prison for such a long time. I think the maximum sentence anyone should be able to be imprisoned is 10 years, and that's for like the worst of the worst of society. I do not believe crimes should be able to be added on top of each other generally speaking either. You commit theft, planned murder, and sexual assault? Those crimes shouldn't be stacked on top of each other to add years to each other. One sentence. People should be given the chance to become better people, not rot in prison. Prisons are overcrowded and expensive to maintain as they are anyways. It often scares me that there aren't any real mainstream political entities pushing these kinds of views either.
  4. This but not sarcastically People should be allowed the opportunity to speak their views without being violent. If they become violent (as is this case), then it is the job of the law to make every effort to arrest them and make sure they are forced to repent for their crimes (prison). The people at this rally were given a chance, they failed on their chance, and now they must be charged for their crimes.
  5. This new Shadowverse expansion is CUTE
  6. I do too but I wouldn't want to watch it 24/7
  7. And maybe a bit of Gumball in between. Cartoon Network's schedule for the upcoming week is horrifiying. This is CN's upcoming schedule: Don't believe me? I don't blame you. Its ridiculous. But....As it turns out, its real. Scroll to July 31 and go from there for reference. That's right folks. This is a real schedule for what's airing on Cartoon Network for the next week. So tell me: How do you like Teen Titans Go?
  8. My issue with Aqua is that her physical melee attacks are very weak in BBS. It made playing her a bit of a pain in comparison to the others, especially Terra. Personality wise, she's a bit too...perfect in my opinion. She's the only character that I think acts like a normal, kind person. Plus she has a really shrill voice. I haven't played 0.2 however, so maybe they made her more fun there.
  9. >second playable character AnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAquaAnyonebutAqua
  11. So @Imperial Impact was right and its the same Chinese company that did FFX/X-2 HD Remaster that did The Zodiac Age. The changes seem to be much better than X/X-2 HD on the whole but its not without faults. Here are some picture comparisons between the original game emulated in HD and the remaster. The left is the original game emulated and the right is the remaster: As you can see, text is higher res and the lighting is better as well as the texture filtering, however there are now black bars on all cutscenes cropping some of the scene, and backgrounds are even more blurry than before. The music changes though are incredible:
  12. The Zodiac Age is out and its soundtrack improvements are incredible