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  1. Like a Clone: A Discord Drama in 3 Acts

    Its important for moderators to let everyone know the rules in how to act in a server (this sounds like what he was doing), and typically with regards to servers/forums/etc, when one has an issue with another, one should go to either that person in private and/or said moderator. Yes, a mod could and perhaps should in some cases message individuals that are causing trouble, however just as well its important for people to go to moderators for help when things get out of hand. Also insulting someone instead of having respectful dialogue doesn't help anything either. why does hitler need respect
  2. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    One forum I visit only has two regulars (me and someone else) and we only post like once a week. This forum is still kicking for now, but it definitely needs some life breathed into it.
  3. New Themes

    I don't mean the sidebar is missing. I mean that everything is centered in the dark theme. To explain, this is what the default looks like for me: While this is the dark theme: Notice how the dark theme is centered. On the main page the sidebar is still there, its just farther inward with the left and right sides of the screen being as you see them here. This isn't just Chrome either; it happens when I try and use Firefox as well as IE, so I don't think its a browser issue. I just personally hate it when the whole screen isn't being used. I've always stuck with the default because it actually uses up the entire screen instead of creating pointless space. The dark theme looks great! Its just this that I can't stand. For the record the only other one that uses up the whole screen like Phoenix Red is Midnight Blue. Everything else is centered like the new dark theme.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Yep 360 emulation still has a long way to go but its making good progress and there are quite a few games playable on it and many more ingame. OG Xbox emulation has like....2 games I think that are ingame but not fully playable and that's it.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch emulation is now a thing That was fast. It is currently able to play 0 commercial games, but I think its interesting this popped up so fast. Meanwhile in OG Xbox and Vita land: "We want the Dead or Alive audience" At least the art is cute.
  6. hit paste

  7. The Animu Thread

    Steven Universe?
  8. The Animu Thread

    The now airing Trigger anime Darling in the Franxx had a REALLY good first episode. It felt like watching one of the Eva rebuilds but with Stardriver x Zoids style-mecha and a female lead that reminds me a bit of Future Diary. No idea where this anime is going to go but it had an interesting start. It seems to me that Hiro should be a bit more concerned with what happened to his original partner though. Not that I can blame him for being distracted by Zero Two. Zero Two is uh....she's interesting. (slightly NSFW):
  9. Final Fantasy

    <http://store.steampowered.com/app/595520/FINAL_FANTASY_XII_THE_ZODIAC_AGE/> My favorite FF is now coming to Steam. Curiously they seem to be putting some effort into this. Its confirmed to have/be: 4k support Ultrawide support 60fps Three soundtracks (Original, Remastered, and CD) New Game+ New Game- Not even the PS4 plays it at 60fps, which is really weird considering its a remaster of a PS2 title. PS4 version also only has two soundtracks. Well only isn't really the right word, but it has less. Square is really trying here. I'm a bit salty it has Denuvo though.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    First off I'm going to apologize because I really have only played about an hour of Star Fox 64 (got the first ending and then didn't play it anymore). I really was being unfair towards 64. Not a huge fan of the game but I'm certainly not being fair towards it. However.... NINTENDO DIRECT Dark Souls Remastered, The World Ends With You Final Mix, Ys VIII, Payday 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Hyrule Warriors are getting Switch releases. Pokken Tournament is getting new DLC with playable Blastoise and Aegislash. Kirby Star Allies has a demo out and comes out in March.
  11. You can be grating sometimes, but I don't hate you if that means anything.
  12. The Animu Thread

    Unrelated, but I just wanted to say that I've been watching Made in Abyss and its REALLY good. Its what my avatar is from. Its refreshing having a show where the characters are just young children. Not the usual teens like you often get. It does a decent job of making sure to not put off children as being completely dumb but also still making them child-like and innocent in some ways. The show also has inventive environments and monster designs that help convey the mystery and horror of the Abyss. One creature in particular that I thought was really cool was a bird that mimics the cries of help of its victims to attract more prey who would go there thinking they're helping someone even though they'd already be dead. It also has really good music. I can't help but wonder what awaits as they head deeper and deeper into the Abyss. Supposedly the horrors get much worse the deeper they go. I did not know this. That explains a lot with regards to how their shows are animated. Sunrise tends to do a pretty good job too.
  13. The Animu Thread

    That's fair I suppose. I guess what I mean is in comparison to most other anime. You ever see an anime that has moments where it gets really choppy, or anime that never have any moments of fluid animation? A lot of Bee Train (.hack//Sign, Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicles) and Gonzo (Samurai 7, Last Exile) shows suffer from this. Gonzo in particular even frequently goes a step farther and gets really inconsistent with its animation where one scene might look gorgeous and then the next will be an action scene with powerpoint presentation levels of animation. Also they have a tendency to mix 2D animation with really bad CG animation. And alternatively there are sometimes shows that'll just have really broken looking animation. For example, this scene in Soul Eater Not: Which is sad because the previous anime had this (forgive the gif quality): I guess what I'm saying is that Eureka Seven doesn't suffer these problems and has moments where it shines animation wise. I suppose that's true. Sometime shortly after episode 26 it started explaining all its terminology and such. Though I personally took that as the show telling the viewer the smaller terms that probably slipped by through most of the early episodes, thus giving the viewer a reason to rewatch the series and realize/learn some things they might not have picked up on the first time around. It was just really pleasant to not have that for a good while. At the very least it means you didn't have to suffer through lots of boring exposition early on. It made it easier to get into the show. I haven't watched any of those yet and currently the only Gundam I've finished is still 08th MS Team But does having good things that also appear in other shows not just mean that its good like those other shows?
  14. The Animu Thread

    >doesn't spend time explaining things to the viewer for a significant portion of the anime, instead having the characters act like they know the world they live in, thus allowing the viewer to piece together the setting just by watching (and thus not treating viewers like they're dumb) >every character grows and changes as the show progresses in response to the events surrounding them; very few characters are the same from beginning to end >has slow and semi-realistic romantic progression between Renton and Eureka >Renton is fairly realistic as a young teen; he's very stupid, immature, somewhat innocent and clueless, and rash, but isn't Shinji Ikari levels of broken inside >extremely smooth animation with very fancy action sequence as per the usual Bones title (like FMA or Soul Eater) >high quality music why don't you like robots on surfboards piloted by anti-government hippies