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  1. And he's gone >.<
  2. Because as furries, it hurts even more when other furries cause trouble or do something gross or bad. People on the outside look at these furries and form opinions about the fandom as a whole as negative aspects of things are more noticeable and newsworthy to the general public. People don't want to be associated with people that do gross or bad things, and whenever furries do something bad or gross, it makes the rest of us look bad to the general public. Note that while I'm explaining this, I don't personally think that's fair since that just means the people looking at all this bad stuff and assuming such of furries are all just wrong and not being fair to furries on the whole, but this is largely a part of why furries might feel the need to demonize furries. People don't want to be associated with bad things. Distancing yourself from bad stuff and discouraging the bad stuff in the hopes that the bad stuff happens less many might see as a good way to combat the problems the fandom has. To give an example regarding FA, people took offense to Chase, an alleged practicing zoophile, being made a moderator of the site. Artists, even some professional artists, use FA as a gallery for their work. When a moderator of such a site has such a shady background, that makes the site and those who use it appear more shady. Plus, no one wants when they're searched for and trying to advertise their art to have news of alleged zoophilic practices pop up. If you're trying to be a professional and sell yourself as an artist in a professional sense, its harder to do that when your associated with such shady things. People don't want to be associated with gross stuff, and gross stuff is much more noticeable to the general public than the good and mundane. You're a human who can't stand humans. Do you really think you're in a position to claim that furries can't dislike furries?
  3. My dog died today ;_;

    This little guy passed away due to Lymphoma


  4. ctrl+v

    >not using notepad´╗┐
  5. Tbh I think animal MCs ARE something that's somewhat frowned upon (though I don't see reviewers dissing things because of this, moreso just certain specific groups of people), particularly for larger games, but when we're getting stuff like Biomutant it definitely starts to seem like things are getting a lot better. I mean its pretty much a AAA action title with a furry MC. I can't get over how unexpected and out of nowhere it seemed when it got announced. A little rough around the edges, but I'm hyped. Its a really atmospheric rpgmaker indie game from 2014 developed by someone named Nightmargin for an RPGMaker contest that it nearly won. It got an updated and improved re-release late last year published by Degica (they typically do a lot of super niche Japanese games, though its worth noting that OneShot is Western). In it, you play a cat named Niko who wakes up in a strange and dying world. With your help, you have to figure out a way to get Niko back home while exploring and learning more about what happened in this world and why you're there. Its gameplay is mostly puzzle based and its otherwise a walking simulator, where you explore and find items that you can combine together to create new items that helps you progress. What makes OneShot particularly special is the way you interact with it as a game; some of the puzzles and things in it interact with your computer directly, so you might be looking outside of the game to find a solution to a particular puzzle. Its short, around 3-4 hours in length but has multiple endings and routes to help mitigate that. (note that this only applies to the new and improved version; the original game only let you play it once, as you only had one shot). It also has REALLY good (and atmospherically fitting) music as well as adorable dialogue. I'd highly recommend it.
  6. This is the problem with almost every open world game out there and is an argument for why fully open world games shouldn't be made. Open world games in general suffer because they try to have these really massive worlds to explore almost seamlessly, making it extremely hard to actually make anything in the open world meaningful and have proper level design with stuff to do in it. You can't make a game like that and make the world full of life, quests, interesting things to find and explore, and in general stuff to do. It's simply too much work, so instead you get mostly empty worlds with a few interesting things here and there. Its why I cringed at the thought of Nintendo mimicking Skyrim back when they first announced it, and hearing all this, its depressing to hear that the game seems to suffer exactly that.
  7. This game is apparently getting an HD remaster in 4kay' on PC and PS4
  8. It was pretty great! It was also a collection of film and game tropes I've already seen before in other works, but nonetheless, it was great. Tempest made a great antagonist, and her song towards the end was pretty excellent, though I'm a sucker for songs sung by villains in these sorts of films. She was threatening and made her power very much apparent to the viewers, yet at the same time the movie did well enough (if a bit too easily) to make her endearing and not just evil for the sake of evil. She had a reason for her being the way she was. The Storm King was pretty cool too, though he unfortunately didn't get much characterization. He was just your typical evil villain character, but he was at least funny. I will say though that while the animation and art themselves were excellent, they used CGI a lot to give locations the appearance of having depth and also for certain magic scenes, and it just looked really out of place. The movie was also tonally bizarre, and I think it might've scared one of the kids watching because towards the end one kid in the theater started crying and her father had to take the child out. Its just strange, like its trying so hard to be serious at parts while still trying to be cutesy in others. Overall I liked it though, and despite needing to be at least a bit more creative and original, its something I could recommend.
  9. IT IS TIME I'm heading to the theaters now
  10. My dad just called me over the phone to let me know that he found and bought a random anime called "Crying Freeman" at a thrift store for me. He said it was good and that he liked it but that "this anime isn't for you if you're afraid of titties" My dad is 60+ years old
  11. THREE I don't keep up with the show anymore, but having fond memories of the show and seeing that there's a (relatively speaking) big budget film coming up for it has reinvigorated my interest. 2D animated films in the West are too few and far between anyways, so this is coming out during a stale time in Western animation. Plus, its not like the show ever stopped being good. Its just hard to hold interest in such a cartoon for a lengthy period of time.
  12. FOUR DAYS UNTIL THE MY LITTLE PONY MOVIE COMES OUT IN THEATERS F O U R D A Y S O U R So who all is going to theaters for this?
  13. Slightly NSFW but
  14. (not pictured is my 360 controller I use for this bad boy)