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  1. You're pretty talented! Your character designs are really unique and interesting
  2. Y'all look super cute I'm so happy for you! Also lmao I have that same heart choker
  3. hmm I concede defeat I do think this ignores the increase in popularity of internet use among the common person but Well, yeah I guess it was always there in some capacity. You're right.
  4. iirc i could've probably kept that going but like why
  5. You're exaggerating it but kinda Prior to large scale social media, people posted on smaller forums for likeminded interests. A furry forum, a video game forum, specific game forums, anime forums, all sorts of individual smaller communities. People would have a set of specific smaller communities with some common ground in them that they'd visit. Consequently there wasn't constant discourse from people completely outside their own subculture knowledge. People wouldn't be flooded with unwanted kpop fancams or have politics shoved in their faces or have people with no understanding of their communities poking their noses in beyond the occasional troll that'd appear for maybe a week and disappear. There was no algorithm to make people see things they didn't want to see. I dunno, maybe I'm just projecting my own frustration with certain aspects of social media on others.
  6. Trad Catholics, kpop fans, politicians, furries, and degenerate weebs shouldn't all be in the same place forced to see each others posts i post on faf sometimes i come here to visit for some reason just cause if i start posting on a site its nigh impossible to get myself to stop posting on the site
  7. Battlechili


    Hello! Cute avatar!
  8. Congratulations! You should enjoy some cheese
  9. that's what vote by mail and absentee ballots are for what scares me is that you may not be wrong. Just as Hillary was unpopular as hell no one really wants Biden. I'm only voting for him cause I feel like he'd be easier to push left than Trump would; not cause I actually like him as a candidate.
  10. Not much, admittedly. He does want to make college free for people under a certain income bracket, and I dig that.
  11. I'm voting for Biden, though disappointedly. I couldn't bear another 4 years of Trump, and I've been told that one should vote for who they most want to fight against in the government, and that resonated with me. Would rather be fighting against Biden than Trump, as much as Biden sucks.
  12. Apparently you have to post a certain before you can get Red Lantern access. I dunno what the amount is though
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