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  1. Battlechili


    Hello! Cute avatar!
  2. Congratulations! You should enjoy some cheese
  3. that's what vote by mail and absentee ballots are for what scares me is that you may not be wrong. Just as Hillary was unpopular as hell no one really wants Biden. I'm only voting for him cause I feel like he'd be easier to push left than Trump would; not cause I actually like him as a candidate.
  4. Not much, admittedly. He does want to make college free for people under a certain income bracket, and I dig that.
  5. I'm voting for Biden, though disappointedly. I couldn't bear another 4 years of Trump, and I've been told that one should vote for who they most want to fight against in the government, and that resonated with me. Would rather be fighting against Biden than Trump, as much as Biden sucks.
  6. Apparently you have to post a certain before you can get Red Lantern access. I dunno what the amount is though
  7. I follow people with similar interests that post a lot of things I like, occasionally reply to them if I have something to say, and conversations grow from that. At some point we typically wind up following each other and interact with each other's posts more often, eventually becoming friends. From there its easy to make friends of their friends.
  8. Discord, Twitter, and FAF I've somehow made a great deal of friends just from Twitter alone. The site isnt that great though, I dont recommend it. Even Tumblr was better.
  9. Ohhhhhh I remember this now It wasn't just that it was that you were essentially using propaganda pieces to make generalized claims about LGBT culture in general. The criticism would've worked a lot better and not been deemed offensive if you had just made posts something to the effect of "I think some of the issues with LGBT acceptance may come from kink sometimes showing up at pride parades. Its not unheard of for people to be wearing BDSM pieces and thongs at pride events and those can give people a negative view of LGBT culture; I think if there was an active push to keep kink out of pride things would be better"
  10. https://twitter.com/4thleft/status/1217069117368176641?s=20
  11. this forum could like actually attempt advertising itself
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