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  1. Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, 4, and Reach are coming to Steam

    Halo AMA happening on /r/gaming right now! https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/b2yhk8/mcc_pc_halo_reach_and_halo_insider_ama/
  2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/ The Halo Master Chief Collection is coming to PC via Steam and Windows Store with Reach included! Additionally it was announced that these games will be releasing individually, with Reach being the first release to occur, and people will be able to buy these games individually. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-pc-halo-reach Features will include 60fps and 4k HDR support along with a supposed slew of other PC-specific options! I'M HYPE I've never really played the Halo games outside of 1 at a friend's house for a bit many many years ago. I don't even normally play shooters but I had so much fun back then I really wanna give these a try.
  3. Holy-o-fuck

    I just wanna have a place that doesn't have a 240 character limit that lets people discuss topics that don't magically vanish down a feed over time due to age and/or other people talking. Discord and Twitter suck Twitter actively discourages discussion, instead encouraging people to dunk on each other or post shitty reaction images or one word replies or block/mute anyone you don't like. In turn this has the effect of making people stop knowing how to engage with each other as humans, thus damaging one's communication ability. It also encourages young people and older people to engage in the same communities and that's really bad. Tired of running into 15 year olds yelling at adults. Discord encourages shitty inclusive communities of likeminded people whilst forcing topics to constantly change, thus resembling more of a casual conversation than any ongoing discussion. TL;DR: Old woman yells at cloud
  4. Final Fantasy

    Dissidia NT has gone free-to-play! https://store.steampowered.com/app/921590/DISSIDIA_FINAL_FANTASY_NT_Free_Edition/
  5. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Rimworld is surprisingly addictive. A friend gifted me it and forming a colony and trying to survive on such a rough planet is really fun. Preparing for all sorts of terrors, handling whatever comes your way...its great. Its a good storyteller too. Finally feel like I'm getting the Dwarf Fortress experience but in a game with a UI that doesn't make me want to die. On my own adventures, Bodyguard Gee of the Republic of Weebs in Kitty Town, whom of which is incapable of being social, threw a party after the local nurse successfully groomed a prisoner into joining our colony.
  6. WTF

    I've seen this one before https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/mayor-denies-discriminating-against-furry-councilman-forced-to-resign They found this man's Flist and it included "tolerates 'rape'" His people burned him at the stake so to speak The bastards ...Fair enough. No one would dare argue about such a thing publicly irl, lest they risk ostracization. (Unless you're speaking to the right group of people of course; I am lucky enough to have irl friends that endorse my views)
  7. The Knight of Flower, Dakini

    Chapters 7-9 now have a Kickstarter up to get translated! And its already been funded with 27 days left! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shibamotosho/web-manga-flower-knight-dakini-ch-7-9-crowdfunding
  8. The Knight of Flower, Dakini

    The Knight of Flower, Dakini is a Japanese furry webmanga created by the award winning mangaka Sho Shibamoto (Pandemonium: Wizard Village, Tsunousagi) about an aspiring artist losing his will to draw whose life is changed after he meets a warrior who is willing to fight after the town he lives in is attacked by ferocious supposedly indestructible monsters known as Sky Golems. The story is supposed to continue what was set up in his previous works and finally end the tale of the Sky Golems. To describe it from the mangaka himself: Now you might be thinking "But Battlechili, its not in English. Even if I was interested, I can't read it!" Well, as a matter of fact, Recently, Sho just launched a Kickstarter to have Dakini translated into English! This will be the first manga of his since Pandemonium to be translated into English if successful. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shibamotosho/webmanga-flower-knight-dakini-crowdfunding-for-eng I thought this manga looked gorgeous personally and I was thinking maybe, just maybe some others here might find it interesting, so I thought I'd share. Pandemonium was a wonderful if tragic story, and this looks to be more of that, so I'm excited. What do you all think? I've seen some people don't personally care for the art. Just to give you a taste, here's an example of some art and content in his manga taken from his Kickstarter:
  9. Holy-o-fuck

    You're not wrong, its just that forums are the far superior medium and allowing them to die will only cause the internet to further destroy itself
  10. Holy-o-fuck

    It is my goal to be the last person posting here and on FAF, so fear not! Your friendly neighborhood Chili will be here to the end! As for others, most people are on Discord these days. I recommend adding people on Discord if you wanna keep up with them.
  11. Cursed Images

    never post this image anywhere on the internet ever again
  12. Cursed Images

  13. Clean furry art thread!!!

  14. WTF

    Not talk people out of disgust; just out of assuming the worst in people. To convince people that maybe someone isn't what they think they are, and that something isn't as harmful as one would first assume. That the immediate connections someone may make about a topic aren't necessarily the correct ones. Which I've already successfully done before. There's no such thing as a human that can't be reasoned with; all you need to do is explain things in a way that someone can understand. Sure, you might fail, and in fact most of the time you will. But it IS entirely possible to convince someone to reconsider their stance on something they're disgusted by, and such has happened before. I know someone from this very forum who's had a complete change of heart on such content even, so I know you're wrong. But if you don't try, if you don't even bother making an attempt, you've guaranteed failure. The world isn't what I want it to be, and its my duty as a resident of this world to do my best to change it for my perception of what is better. I will most certainly not succeed, but if I can do even a little bit, change a couple people's minds, that is enough.
  15. WTF

    I think its very productive to try and explain to people the nuance between different kinds of fetishistic content, especially when to not do so would allow the ostracization of innocent people. 16k is babby's play for me I'd like to write an essay on this topic someday. This is definitely not an admittance that I'm terrible at being succinct
  16. WTF

  17. The Pokemon Thread

    Pokemon Sword and Shield announced! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdA22Lh6Rwk I'm really glad this one actually looks like a significant improvement over Let's Go graphically. It actually looks like a Switch game!
  18. Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Anyone play this? It came out earlier this month and I'd argue its the best horror game out there with tons of replayability. Its like if you took RE4's gameplay and combined it with the puzzle-solving/exploration/tension/horror/low-ammo conservation of older RE games. I finished Claire A and Leon B recently and its amazing how faithful this game is to RE2 while giving it a massive overhaul graphically and in terms of quality of life improvements. Plus it just keeps getting new free bonus DLC campaigns akin to Hunk's campaign which is great for speedrunning. Also Mr. X. The constant thumping you hear throughout the police station while you're walking around, wondering where he is...I love it.
  19. WTF

    You are not. However I have to answer this question with a question: Which would you be more upset with someone posting here: pictures of real humans being murdered and decapitated, or anime art of such? Is the former even allowed to be posted even in Red Lantern? If the dissonance and distance from reality does not matter, why even make the distinction between severity? I'd almost feel the need to point out the French art piece "The Treachery of Images" which argued that drawings are not the same thing as the actual things and should not be treated as such. As he put it, a drawing of a pipe is not a pipe as it cannot function as a pipe nor was it ever functional as a pipe (not a photo). That its just a representation. Or do you believe people sexually interested in guro artwork are sexually attracted to pictures of real people being murdered? Or at risk of normalizing such behavior in their minds? There's a basis in reality, but only in that they have character traits that they represent in the real world. There are traits that let you recognize these things as being representations of trees, of men, etc. But those aren't the only traits there, and the traits that aren't there are just as important. Do you not think there are people out there that maybe dislike penises unless they have those weird neon colors people put in such as you described? If so, why? If something's a penis, that would be enough right? After all, its a representation of one. Why focus on the specifics? I've seen people argue that these characters aren't even really "children" but just "characters". I'm not entirely sure I believe that because I do understand what you're saying that these drawings are tagged because they have some basis in reality. But at the same time, I legitimately would argue that people attracted to say, loli/shota/cub art, are not viewing this art in the same way they would view an actual child. They are very much seeing them more as "characters" in the sense that they can't take them seriously and view them as children. Because the characters with childlike traits are "cute" too. Just a kind of cuteness that doesn't exist in the real world (once again, I'd reference Japanese kawaii culture). I like cute anything. Cute adult characters are great. I'm saying that "cuteness" is attractive. What traits the characters in art have don't matter so much as that they're "cute", with a kind of overexaggerated perfect cuteness that doesn't exist in the real world (aforementioned explanations on how this art is typically drawn differently from realistic characters is what I'm referring to here) Sexually directed at themselves with traits of a child, not at children themselves. The idea isn't that children are attractive, its that the idea of being treated as a child and reminiscing about what its like to be a child is attractive. Which is still conceptually different ideas that don't imply a sexual attraction to children (or rather, there's no evidence to suggest from such an attraction that said people could look at an actual child and find them attractive as what is being fetishized is not children". Not exactly; I realize it looks like this, but I actually left for entirely different reasons. I had gotten banned on another site because I had an account on KF, with them saying that by going there I was encouraging and supporting a culture of harassment and doxxing. Since I didn't want to be viewed in that manner, I left, and in the end I came to agree. I don't know how I didn't see it in the beginning, but I don't wanna be associated with harassment and KF is basically a harassment forum that hides under the guise that they're the good guys or are just getting a laugh. I keep to myself in only that I don't talk about my fetishes everywhere and only save them for relevant topics; I'm open and non-secretive in that respect because I legitimately do not view this as having pedophillic interests. Because of this, I see no reason to "hide" myself, as to hide one's self would to imply they believe they're doing something wrong or are into something shady. Because I'm passionate about it Do you know how frustrating it is to frequently be accused of being a pedophile, of people suspecting I might be a danger to children? Or to see people you look up to and admire be ostracized and harassed for ages putting them into constant emotional turmoil when you see them as innocent? To know that people want to and are trying to get rid of the things that bring you comfort and joy? Its tiring and continuously frustrating seeing people refer to or look at this kind of thing the way they do, as if they understand what's going on in my mind and making assumptions about how I view the world. I'm tired of seeing artists I like in the West being ostracized and harassed endlessly for something that, in other fandoms, is outright celebrated. I don't want to see artists getting hurt. I want to see them create to their hearts content, to support their work and see what other wonderful things they draw. But these wonderful things, these things that make me go "d'aww" or "Wow!" are the same things that make other people go "what the fuck?" or "this shit's disgusting ban this". And I hate this. Seeing artist's hard work and creaitivity being thrown away as immoral garbage is simultaneously depressing and infuriaiting, and I hate the idea of standing idly by and letting it happen. That's why its so hard for me to shut up whenever this topic comes up. I'm tired of seeing real people get hurt over content that isn't. I'm tired of seeing people making assumptions about me without taking the time to actually understand my thought process and how I view the world.
  20. WTF

    An article with almost no relevance to the topic with effort put into discussing the victims of real child pornography as well as general discussion on the effects of porngraphy on users. This is about cartoon porn that has no direct victims. Cartoon porn that I've been arguing for ages has little relevancy to peoples real world sexual interests to begin with. None of which the article discusses. Like someone linking a professional article on something doesnt in itself mean anything; it has to be relevant to the topic at hand and discuss the actual topics being discussed. You understand that I wouldnt even agree that this content is "child porn", right? The article is several layers away from what is actually being discussed. The original argument was , "this type of thing leads to real-world consequences, children getting hurt, adults normalizing sexual feelings towards minors and immense intergenerational suffering..." The article did not address any of this with regards to loli/shota/cub art If it bugs you so much, I can go looking for research and essays actually relevant that support my own argument; I know they're out there (just lost track of them). For the moment, I DO have research comparing the rate of child sexual crimes between countries which shows that Japan's rate is significantly lower than a good portion of the Western world (warning: This is a download of an Excel document compiled by UNODC Statics Online with statistics of child sexual abuse by country), which is notable with regards to the argument that this content leads to real world harm considering this content is most accepted and created there, and an article written by a famous comic author about why limiting "icky" artwork is bad.
  21. WTF

    "don't do this thing because people think its gross and creepy" "no its not and nah" "leave this place" "okay" And thus the Japanese art twitter plummeted in size, leaving me without my high quality art and forcing me to go to a social media website I can't read EDIT: Also I know I'm being obnoxious as hell so I'll stop for a moment but legitimately, how much would this actually affect? I noticed the word "realistic" in the TOS however its placement is a bit peculiar making me unsure if its actually banning loli/shota/cub or just "realistic" art of such. And if it isn't, how far does that go exactly? Its says sexually explicit, not necessarily pornographic. Is Senran Kagura sexually explicit? Do I need to worry about Takaki being banned from Twitter? If someone is thirsting over characters from games like Senran Kagura or Criminal Girls or Moero Chronicle or Dungeon Travelers and so on, or if someone is thirsting over characters from anime like Valkyrie Drive or Highschool DxD or Highschool of the Dead, is that a bannable offense? What of the creator of Made in Abyss Akuhito Tsukushi? Will he be pushed off of Twitter for how he treats his manga's/anime's characters?
  22. WTF

    RIP most of the Japanese artists I follow Thank goodness for Pixiv and Pawoo And also thank goodness for real life. I just got back from ANE (my first con!) and saw a bunch of babyfur art and some cub art magazines being sold (specifically Softpaw Magazine volumes 1 and 2)
  23. WTF

    I know this doesn't apply to everything, but does it not seem suspect to you that a large majority of "loli/shota" artwork is anime-styled in nature? Why have these features? Why do so many artists draw these characters without noses, with discolored hair, textureless skin, big eyes, and just general odd proportions? What's the point of having such features if the appeal alone is that these characters are childlike? Why is it not common for such art to be hyper-realistic? If these people were attracted to children, wouldn't they want such art to look as much like an actual child as possible? I would also apply this to cub art; why make the characters furry? You already called me out on it in that Zaush thread a while back so I'm not going to pretend I don't have stake in this; if you're willing to listen to anecdotes: I myself find this sort of artwork appealing because I fetishize "cuteness" in anime art. The kind of cuteness that resulted from Japanese kawaii culture. I like those traits, that textureless skin, big eyes, brightly colored hair. The exaggeration its...its as if the art is trying its best to maximize cuteness. Its partially why I like furry art even; I like that furry art has the capability of exaggerating certain traits. People can find cats adorable. But cats aren't sexy. Give them human traits and bam, now I can find something cute *and* sexy. I realize this distinction could still be worrying and be seen as dangerous, like straddling a line, I won't deny that. But that distinction is important to me. I grew up on an anime forum as my first online community. People talked about loli art casually there and I for a time didn't even know it was something that made people uncomfortable, let alone something associated with pedophillia (that was something I discovered after coming here). The idea of seeing such characters as children was odd to me; they're characters, ideas, concepts. They have traits not representative of people in the real world, traits that don't resemble actual children, and they have a dissonance being fiction that makes them hard to take seriously. I saw them and still see such characters as their own thing, separate from what one would consider an actual child. Hell, I think this dissonance is partly why its hard for some people to take animation seriously or why people put live-action on a pedestal to the point of wanting to remake animated works in live action. Like I know its suspect but the comparison to pedophiles takes the traits that make these characters similar to children and ignores traits that make these characters different from children. And even the people that do, it can oftentimes be mistaken that people are even sexualizing children; I know some people who moreso want to roleplay and self insert as children themselves, however they're looking at these ideas with their own adult minds, so its a perverted sort of outlook. They want to re-experience the comfort of a less scary youth and escape the troubles of adulthood, and they do this through roleplay and such artwork. Its just, they're also adults, so they pervert these desires and it terms into a fetish. Hence babyfurs and people who refer to themselves as "littles". Its more of a fetishization of one's desire to relive their youth in those cases. That said Fair enough on an argument in this regards though. I don't think I was being fair to Rhi since this was more of what they were getting at. The idea that such art could normalize this concept isn't something I think is contestable either. Its just important to understand that adults do have some capability of differentiating fiction from reality, and that capability is important.
  24. WTF

    I don't wanna be rude, but almost none of what you posted is applicable to what is being discussed. The entire first paragraph was dedicated to talking about the effects the creation of pornography has on those involved; to which there is no actual person involved in the creation of loli/shota/cub art. Then the points you posted afterwards were self admitted to be contentious and all different possibilities with usage of words like "at least", implying there could be more. Then here in this quoted text you're focusing more on the effects of pornography on those involved in its creation (sex workers for example) which once again isn't really relevant to this sort of art. The mention of "they want to prime people towards more depraved content to groom consumers" also makes an extremely stark assumption about *why* people make such art in the first place, and does so to such a degree that could be deemed offensive to art creators. There's no reason to assume most artists have some dark intentions with regards to the content they create. Its also frustrating that the concept of "child pornography" is even being brought up because you're implying people even see the characters in such artwork as they would a child; as if there is no dissonance, no nuanced distinction between content in such artwork and real human beings. It makes the implication that there's a relationship between the things people look at in art and their real world desires, which is far too easy, especially in a world where people lust over fictional creatures like various different kinds of made up monsters and lust over concepts that aren't even possible to recreate. I stand by what I've said on this forum in the past; the idea that lolicon/shotacon/cub art implies pedophilia is in itself a stark jump.
  25. WTF

    Dammit This was the opposite direction I wanted them to take this. Though I can't fault anyone for wanting to protect children and all just...I don't want people's freedoms to be limited in order to do so. Its not like such art is intended to be viewed by children. Its not like such art isn't age-gated. Discord already requires people to be 18+ to view porn.