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  1. I know this is late, but...

    "You're a human who can't stand humans. Do you really think you're in a position to claim that furries can't dislike furries?"

    Being a furry is a choice. Being human is not. If you dislike furries so much, then why the hell are you a furry to begin with?  No one's forcing anyone to be a furry. Humans who hate humans have no choice but to be human. So, no, not an oxymoron.

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    2. BennyJackdaw


      Are you fucking kidding, Vae? You have no right to tell me whether I get to come back or not. Besides, I'm not harassing anyone, I just stumbled upon a topic I commented on and saw a comment I felt needed to be elaborated on, I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. And when I said: "If you dislike furries so much, then why the hell are you a furry to begin with?" I was NOT refering to Battlechilli, but to any given person who calls themselves a furry, but also says they despise furries. I was trying to explain why that's an oxymoron, but not misanthropy.

      Of course, I could elaborate further, but apparently you think anything I say is going to be "harassment."

      I also find it suspicious that you even commented so quickly, are you stalking me or something?

      @Battlechilli's recent post.

      ...I suppose you do have a point, there. I couldn't hypnotized myself to not like anthros if I got the Men in Black involved, so I could see where one would say it's not a choice. ...Then again, I could still argue whether you associate with the fandom or not is.

    3. Vae


      I don't know how I commented so quickly.

      It is truly a mystery.

      I don't care about who your comment was directed to.
      But I absolutely can warn you not to repeat behaviors on this site that have gotten you banned and ostracized from other communities,
      as a mod of this one, because I've seen them happen, and I'm familiar with your patterns.

      My warning still stands.

    4. BennyJackdaw


      I'm continuing this on your page.

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