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  1. I still keep up with Mentova; seems like a cool dude if *very* into vore lol. I am!!! Thank you!! Mostly anyways, Covid has made things such a bore. I wanna do things besides playing video games and watching TV, and my job sucks. But!!! I got a girlfriend, have a lot of video games to look forward to, discovered the wonders of weed, got a brand new PC and mechanical keyboard, And my job while frustrating is easy at least! I've also started exercising more. I hope things are going well with you too!
  2. I imagine hosting this forum is fairly cheap due to low traffic. See you would think but I don't think the person hosting this site has visited it in a long time. Who's the server owner? Wasn't it Zeke or something?
  3. What the title says Similar to "last post wins" but with the added stakes of this forum being on its last legs
  4. TrishaCat


    Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. So Phoenixed may be sorta a ghost town these days but like I made so many friends on FAF and Phoenixed that I still keep up with to this day. Some of these relationships have grown into something very powerful and happy. I've made so many friends that honestly if it wasn't for this forum/FAF, I'd probably be super socially isolated online. There's so many people I hold deep care and respect for, admiration, and even in some case love. Its beautiful, and it happened just as a natural part of interacting with people here. People sometimes talk about this place as if it was terrible or edgy and I mean, maybe there was some of that sure! Too much fighting, drama, and bickering. But there was also friendship and comradery. We all came here to escape the clutches of Neer's terrible handling of FAF and yknow what? Even if it didn't last, we all came together for that, and that was beautiful in its own right. People sometimes ask me why I still come here and I guess that's part of the reason; I've grown very attached to this place that brought me so much joy in my life, its hard to let go y'know? There are some people that have just...vanished that I never see anywhere. There's a lot of people who I miss and wonder if I'll ever meet again. In some ways I hope maybe I'll see them again and everything will be just like old times. Alas, as unlikely as that may be, its nice to remember the people who left y'know? Regardless, I also remember this place giving me stuff to do growing up. Living in rural Mississippi, there wasn't a lot to do, and y'all gave me some company and some fun and that means a lot. So here's to Phoenixed. Thank you for helping me meet some wonderful people, and I hope at least some of you got something out of here like I did.
  6. Everhood is an indie game with a super heavy Undertale influence I'm really excited for. Its gameplay is a bit of a play on rhythm games in that enemy attacks come down in bars as if you were playing something like guitar hero, and those attacks happen at the music that plays. You have to dodge these notes once they come down. Its really fun and challenging and there's a demo yall can try! Beyond that it seems...interesting. You play a wooden puppet whos had a limb stolen and you're out to get it back, only theres more going on... I figured I'd post about it since this forum is slightly more active again and the game got a release date. Comes out March 4th! Trailer:
  7. *googles CC survival mod* "fast travel turned off" That's dedication lol. I hope you're having fun though! It can be really fun to roleplay in these sorts of games and I imagine survival stuff where you have to pay attention to hunger and weather can make it feel more immersive.
  8. Game is fairly simple. Sing a line from a song, and the next user continues that song until users have finished the song. You can use vocaroo to record! Then after a song is completed we do a new song! Considering the forum's activity I dunno if we'll get that far but, well, let's see! Starting with the Pokemon theme: https://voca.ro/1bL2ou65Rv8u
  9. ITS NOT OVER YET REDDIT WANTS TO TAKE ROBINHOOD TO COURT https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/l6x130/class_action_against_robinhood_allowing_people_to/gl37tau?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  10. Looks like Robinhood just stopped supporting Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry, and Nokia. You can't buy stock on robinhood anymore for them Guess the fun police showed up
  11. Gamestonks! For real though this is fascinating to watch. Here's hoping the redditors are financially successful! I saw a bunch were donating their earnings from this to charities which is really cool!
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