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  1. Modern video games are good I hope y'all are having good lives by the way. Life is very cozy for me these days. Its not perfect, I hate the political climate, but on the bright side, I'm visiting some friends from here irl soon! Plus I have a wonderful girlfriend and got to show my mom around Boston and Salem last weekend. It was delightful!
  2. Just updating to say that my uncle is back to full health and to thank anyone that prayed for him.
  3. Speak of the devil I've just been informed someone from my office came to work sick and now I'm being required to work from home for two weeks. Normally I'd be delighted to work from home, just wish it wasn't these circumstances. I was hoping to travel soon... EDIT: I am happy to report that it was a false alarm and we're back in the office again.
  4. My uncle and his family caught the rona. Please pray for him, he's not handling it well at all. I was kinda surprised because he's a really strong and healthy fellow for his age; he does roofing for a living. Mississippi has 6 ICU beds available out of all the hospitals in the entire state
  5. Ooh, juicy and scandalous! Rather informative too, I don't know nearly as much about the Watergate scandal as I should. Carl Shoffler was one hell of an investigator with a very good nose for trouble. I take it the last bit was implying the women who didn't heed his warning were robbed at gunpoint? Poor girls.
  6. Congratulations! But we already knew you were a Ludwig silly x3 Mario character aficionado you are, and no one can take that from you
  7. Oh well That's okay though! I really like Utada's music so it was exciting to see a big name musician coming out publicly as queer to me, especially from a country known for not being the most friendly towards lgbt stuff. After several days of no replies, I assumed no one posting here cared. And that's okay! People don't have to care. "just post" as you say I was just really excited and had to spread the word x3 If you don't care, then post what you do care about right? What excites and interests you? O: As an aside, Dennis was a really fun Jurassic Park character. I'm glad this lil scene became a meme. He's a good actor!
  8. YOOOO UTADA HIKARU CAME OUT AS NONBINARY https://twitter.com/furdmatt/status/1408792146858053637?s=20
  9. hmm Does anyone know who runs the Phoenixed twitter? Or I guess ran, rather. It could be used to advertise still frankly and could even do other cool stuff like showcase art from artists here. https://twitter.com/PhoenixPhorums I wouldn't mind taking it over for those purposes.
  10. Art is what makes the world go round~ Source
  11. Good meowning everynyan! May mew all have a wonderful day!!! 🥰
  12. just remembered a dick my parents were into
  13. Smash seems so boring. I imagine with friends its all right but I can't bring myself to break it out on my own. I just wanted a fun storymode or something more interesting than what we got. And at this point who cares about new characters really?
  14. Sorry for not responding sooner, but yo thats bangin!! I'm so happy for you you're living the dream! I can't imagine ever being able to afford a house. They're so expensive nowadays >.< Regardless though thats so cool that you've got such a great work position and are doing so great! May things continue to only get better for the both of us!
  15. May all mew furriends have a wonderful murry purry day
  16. I am more attracted to men now than I used to be and more open to hair and muscle. Letting myself just enjoy being in the LGBT community and seeing what all's out there let me be more comfortable with myself and made me more willing to try engaging with more varied men. My taste in women has not changed much however. Kissing girls is as great as ever
  17. This counts, right? If not lemme in and I'll post the good stuff™ in the designated dickposting section of the Discord
  18. sorry but that's not allowed only i can be the last poster as is tradition
  19. On thinking about it, I've made good friends on Twitter and in some ways Twitter was a way for me to get closer to the friends I've already had. I still don't like Twitter, but it deserves credit for at least succeeding on the social aspects some Its also a sorta glimpse into the twilight zone
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