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  1. Love Gets Better Turnips Quickly I Assume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uW47jWLMiY
  2. I'm okay! Ish, work is lame and stressful but I'm getting on just fine! Been playing on my new Steam Deck and watching TV with friends. Thanks for coming by and saying hi! It's quiet around here >.<
  3. I'm going to Canada bros!!!!! In three hours it'll be my first time out of country!
  4. The first person I ever voted for in a presidential election was Jill Stein in 2016 I was convinced voting for her would mean something. That was very dumb of me.
  5. The act of honking one's car horns when waiting for someone in front of them. I find it obnoxious.
  6. Modern video games are better than old ones, generally speaking
  7. On Tuesday I got my two remaining wisdom teeth pulled. It was a very strange experience. I get there with a friend and they have me fill out a form. I fill it out, turn it in, and they tell me "all right, follow me to the back". And I'm like "wait, right now? Already" and sure enough yep I was heading inside. I sat down, they got equipment ready, and then they stuck me with a needle of what I'm assuming was what they were using to sedate me. Within 30 seconds of that I began to feel more and more nauseous, very sweaty and uncomfortable. They asked me how I was doing and I said as much. They put me on oxygen and told me to just breath through my nose, they put an IV in me and asked how I felt. I told them slightly better but still awful, and then after that I have no recollection of anything. I *think* I fell asleep but I don't even remember dozing off. Next thing I know they're telling me the procedure's over and my ride is here to take me out. They walk me out as I have trouble walking, and after that my day went about normal (minus a mild headache and some pain in my cheeks). Its so bizarre, I don't remember falling asleep but that must be what happened. It was so sudden, like there's just a black spot during the time the procedure happened. Also, let me just say that for the first few days it SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKSSSS. I got so tired of eating just soup so fast man.
  8. but i didn't want enemies just people to talk about dumb shit with ;_;
  9. My favorite thing about the background is that its from a screenshot I took in-game. It works so well!
  10. Oh. You're right, I typed this and it was wrong of me. I imagine I was very annoyed and frustrated and I lashed out when I shouldn't have. I'm sorry for calling you that. Especially dangerous because that's especially untrue. Other than mean words, you're harmless! And yeah!!! There is rot in my soul I'm sure. I wanna be better though. To get rid of that rot so to speak. Like I said, I won't report anything anymore period. I should know better and be better. I also lack a spine and get upset at the slightest sign of conflict. This is a me problem and something I need to improve. I am too sensitive.
  11. Twitter is lame this place is 2 cool 4 school nerd
  12. "Chill bruh" I still contribute so it's def not ppl like me. I think it's cause people got tired of being around mean and aggressive posts. Don't take reports of posts so personally. Since it bothered you though, if it makes you feel any better I won't report anything posted here anymore. Youre also free to report anything I post if you want. Wasn't my intention to annoy you.
  13. also have a cat pic Beluga's been a good boi
  14. It doesn't! I just find it weird and was asking cause its unusual. I don't want it taken down.
  15. Understandable! Though I was more confused as to why the owner keeps this site up. like, why But yeah I can understand that, its easy to get out of the loop with all these younguns and newfangled up and coming popufurs. Forums are nostalgic and pleasant to return to. Its like seeing an old friend to talk again.
  16. uh huh and it wasn't cause of you acting like this? again, chill bruh It's a message, which is a completely normal thing to do when someone's acting like they have a beef. "Why is someone I'm messing with talking to me" You're being an ass for no reason. Chill out, put on some relaxing music. Bully behavior. "Loser, freak, dunk on you in public" Bruh I haven't done anything to you at least pick on someone who actively messes with you. I have no beef with you.
  17. kill it!!!!!!!! burn it all and start anew, as the phoenix it is
  18. also to elaborate the "yall" was in reference to whoever's keeping this site running, not anyone who posts on it. posting is fun, that's not what I was talking about
  19. The wheel of fate is turning! Rebel 1: Action!
  20. "please chill dude" All you needed to see I haven't done anything wrong to you chill out
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