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  1. *cums* also I don't hate anybody but I think some people hate me which is very cringe
    1. Silo


      That's that good shit

    2. Revates


      I expected this to be fucking boobahs ngl

  2. Zerig


    yeah everyone moved to twitter and discord and many of them turned into cunts very not cool
  3. 3/10 I find the whole steampunk thing offputting so the lyrics did nothing for me, and the music was just too repetitive and meh...
  4. why is cyberpunk way cooler than steampunk? :^)
  5. I got Jade Empire cause I remember loving it as a kiddo. It amazes me how badly it runs. My computer can do The Witcher 3 at max graphic settings, but this 12 year old game stutters and freezes constantly. Thanks Bioware.
  6. Zerig


    purrhaps there is a reason a mature and well adjusted individual seeks to learn from criticism, not hide away from it. I think you should search inside yourself and discover the insecurities that cause you to be so offended by by cringe threads and being called a fag. I got a B in Psychology this semester so I'm pretty much 100% correct on this.
  7. Zerig


    lmao what a fag
  8. this but also get the fries they're amazing
  9. Dude on the right looks like Sam Hyde the resemblence is uncanny
  10. This tanktop was a great purchase, and I will never be convinced otherwise.
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