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  1. Thank you for your help im working on adanting your ideas to see what i can do
  2. Thanks i'll take a look at video cards see what i can find
  3. So i have about a $600 budget but could use some help on selecting parts im looking to do light game and be able to do school work .
  4. hello i shall take request by no means am i good but i happened to dig up a couple old sketches and am bored so i shall do some drawings for people just pencil sketches i shall try to get any drawings to there respective owners as soon as possible sorry if i dont get to everybody school may get in the way of me doing them all
  5. As far as what i want to do with it is be able to play games with some friends because my laptop is absolute rubbish for just about everything so it would be nice to finally run some midly complex non 2d games and use it for just general school work
  6. So thanks for the help so far, So as for the CPU its like a dual core 3 GHz xeon sadly I wont have access to my desktop till later today. But its a quadro FX 4600 http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro_fx_5600_4600.html(thinking about replacing it altogether or buy another and sli them). But as for the sockets they operate at 1066MHz to 1333MHz. Well i guess this is what i get for a free mystery computer, well they also took out certain parts because the company buys new ones so certain things were removed like the hard drive and a new one put in so thats probobly were the other processor may have gone if it had 2 in it to start
  7. So i was wondering if anyone has experience installing a second processor and video card into a desktop. But this is what i have right now as far as I know it can support it I just have no idea about anything more then the knowledge that the OS (windows xp pro) and chip set support it but here is what I have http://www.dell.com/us/dfb/p/precision-690/pd just with 12 GB of RAM. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Name: atlas#1513 Region: Americas Games : Hearthstone
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