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  1. Guess exactly what I'm doing right now... Yeah, I do this once every 6 months or around about that. The start of this and FAF 1.0 took up way too much of my teenage years.
  2. Yeah otherwise it would've been a permaban for ruining a pizza. :V
  3. Yeah both @DrDingo and @Saxon for their incredibly awkward dancing. :V
  4. Great. They'll just have an easier time dealing with the fallout from this. :V
  5. One word fully and accurately describes the situation at present: Fuck.
  6. Getting it out of the way early I see. X3 Thanks. <3
  7. 19 in just a few days.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/furry/comments/3hrda1/we_are_kalmor_uraptros_and_renashe/
  9. See: Staff exodus and forum stuff in August last year
  10. Oh hey it's me: { "reason_public":"", "reason_admin":"Alts: Raptros155 welshfurs", "enacted_by":144591, "created":1439762236, "time_lifted_orig":2147483647, "enacted_username":"Chase", "time_lifted":2147483647, "suspended_username":"Kalmor_Isvaeng", "row_id":11358, "user_suspended":1011055, "reason_private":"You have been PERMANENTLY BANNED for violating your privacy agreement with Fur Affinity. NOTICE: Any accounts you access or create will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. If you disagree with this decision or believe it was made in error, you may appeal it by emailing “appeals@furaffinity.net†with the email address associated with this account." }
  11. Yup, exactly. Bit surprised this isn't a bigger deal, but then again, even a massive scale hack wasn't able to convince people to ditch that site.
  12. No new hack, but I guess we're starting to see the results of the last one...
  13. Well the lack of empathy is on the psychopath checklist. :V
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