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  1. Whoops, turns out there are two motherboards called ASUS Maximus VII Ranger; Z170 and Z97. Z170 is what I was thinking of, it's 1151. But thanks for letting me know. And the graphics card, yes, that's what I meant. Should've clarified. Also seems like I can't find the brands you mentioned in the compatibility list. Thanks for all the other info, I will look into that, too. :3 I might choose a different processor though, since there seems to be some trickiness with Skylake processors.
  2. One too many. Needs moar Exterminatus.
  3. You don't know what forum you're moderating.
  4. Hello everyone, after much thinking I've considered that I might wanna build my own computer, but, err, I've never done it before and don't know how. What should I keep in mind? How do I build it without breaking it when I have such long hair, etc. I was mostly thinking of building a Hackintosh, and I've found all the right parts, but it's the assembling I'm not sure I'll be able to get. On top of that, I'm really confused about cases and don't know what case I should get to fit everything in. I'm planning a pretty expensive rig, to boot. I'll offer a preliminary list based on various Hackintosh compatible components I found. Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Ranger CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K Graphics: EVGA GTX Ti 6GB ACX 2.0+ Hard drive: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB or 2 TB (undecided, but most likely the cheaper option) Cooling: Undecided but judging from this site I'll go for a Cooler Master Seidon 120 or a Corsair H60 (I know water coolers are controversial, just going by recommendations) PSU: I have no idea how much power I'll need 'cause I'm a newb, but the site recommends Corsair AX 760W but I also found an 860W one. RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite 32GB Case: ??? I'll probably make some PC users cringe here, idfk. Just asking for some help here since I wanna get into this.
  5. Clearly I posted this in the wrong thread, and it seems it might be too late but fuck it. Also, have fun voting for people who hate fags and trannies.
  6. I would like that in-depth feedback a lot. The point of the croc is that she's supposed to be kind of a screwball but I suppose it wasn't too fitting here. As for descriptions, you're probably right. I've had problems with that recently, I can't seem to think of good descriptions anymore. I didn't have that problem earlier (in texts I can't share because they're Swedish) but now I do. It makes me feel pretty dumb, really.
  7. I've been having doubts about my writing lately so I kinda wanted to post something to get feedback from you guys. Problem is, all of my texts so far are in Swedish, so I tried writing something up in english for a change, and see how that would go. These texts all belong in a series and a universe I have no name for yet, but the premise, I suppose, is similar to Zootopia, although I started writing way back in 2011-2012. It's a dystopian cyberpunk world inhabited entirely by reptiles, and, well, hijinks ensue. I think of it as for young adults but most YA literature is so... clean, bland. This text I wrote today is a test of sorts, a hypothetical first chapter of a novel that I like to call "The Bubble that Burst". I dunno if I'll use this for anything though, this was merely written so I can have critique on it. So here we go. PLEASE give some honest critique and let me know what I can improve on here. I wrote this for a reason, I feel like my writing lately has gotten worse rather than better, so I kinda want some confirmation on if it really is bad or if it's just low self-esteem. Don't be afraid to tell me anything.
  8. I feel like my writing's gotten worse, not better. I dunno where I went wrong or how I can improve.
  9. Well, this thread turned into cancer. Reptilian master race FTW.
  10. I guess what I'll do is give her an ultimatum, get more serious about fixing my problems or find someone else who can. Mostly the latter. But it doesn't feel ordinary and it's fucking up both friendships and relationships.
  11. I suppose, just, it'd be nice to be told that my problems aren't that bad for once. Especially when I feel like my rage issues can be an obstacle in both friendships and relationships. Sure, I never beat someone up and I rarely ever explode, but it's just kind of festering on the inside and I can't do anything BTW.
  12. I would hate to switch therapist but I'm frankly really tired of therapists in this country seem to go out their way to tell me that I DON'T have a problem or that it's natural for me to be like I am considering the circumstances. I dunno how many times I've tried to talk about my rage issues, so I have to fucking beg to them like a dog just to look into it more and HELP me?
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