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  1. ctrl+v

  2. Hmm, I guess I've had some goals in mind for a while, but getting there is a slow process... I think moving out of my family's house and getting my own place would be awesome. I love my family, but the lack of privacy and quiet is stifling sometimes. Very difficult, but I hope to do that someday. And I'd want it to be a house, not an apartment or condo (which would be even harder to do, unfortunately). A large yard with room for a shed/workshop would be the icing on the cake. I'd also like to get a more steady job. I want to become a park ranger some day, but I'm still struggling with basic classes at college so I dunno if I'm cut out for it... It'd be awesome to get to work at a national park, but I'd also be happy working in the local wetlands, Beautiful place, I should visit more often. A smaller job goal of mine would be to work at Joann's or another craft store, I love those places. But just any steady income would be better than what I have now, as much as I do like my current job. Some smaller goals of mine: - Buy/make a 3D printer and learn to use it - Get good enough at sewing/sculpting/drawing to do commissions someday, or at least be able to sell premade stuff at cons/craft fairs/Etsy/whatever - Work on making art faster (related to the above point about commissions) - Get more practice in moldmaking/casting - Actually finish a costume for once. I have too many ones that are still just plans, or partly done but unfinished. - Get my current car looking nice instead of junky, needs a fresh coat of paint and some new interior fabric, as well as new sun visors. - Work on my VW Bug that I've had for years but haven't done anything to. The poor thing is just sitting there. - Learn to reupholster car interiors - Learn to paint cars Health-wise, I'd also like to lose some fat and gain some muscle, but it's a bit slow-going since I'm not totally sure what I'm doing. :I
  3. Well that explains that. I'm guessing the "''Ello John gotta new motah?" bit is from a show or something?
  4. Themes are Lemon's thing, not mine. Are we artists all the same to you? :c
  5. Long story short, this place was started by the people who used to be on Furaffinity Forums, til we decided to leave and make our own forum for... reasons. I think you have a point about not really describing what this place is is/what the subforums are. A lot of the titles are a little vague/inside joke-ish I guess. (Especially the cars subforum... Even I don't understand that one.) I also agree that stuff like the rules should be more easily found by new folks. As for why this site doesn't scream "FURRY", I guess the community here's a bit... "Furry-lite", so to speak. It's a little less focused on furry stuff specifically, and a bit more welcoming to non-furries as well. We do have a section relating to the fandom specifically though, as well as fursuiting and convention subforums. That shouldn't be happening. Try going to the bottom of the page and see if you can change your theme?
  6. Grav, I know you mean well by this, but that seems a little overreaching/stepping on some toes there. We have no problem with users advertising the forums as, well users... But people generally assume advertisements are taken out by the owners/staff of the site, and IMO it feels kinda weird/iffy for someone else to do it. I'm also getting a vibe of "I'm going to do it whether you like it or not" here, which... Isn't really helping. ...As far as I know none of us agreed to accept money from anyone yet? I do think it was mentioned that we might accept user donations, but please don't jump the gun here. I know we haven't exactly been the fastest at this, but some patience would be appreciated.
  7. Yes, I do realize what audience I'm talking to. :V It's just a suggestion.
  8. I meant in regards to what Kea's been trying to say (just making sure I understood him completely), but yes- I have been wondering how to address those too. I'm not very well-versed in how advertising works unfortunately, at least not the formal, paid-advertisement sort of thing. As I mentioned, I think the best thing for us right now is simply word of mouth (or uh, text). Anyone can tell their friends about this place, or post a journal for their watchers to see on other sites. I think we need to work a little on how the community handles new users before we worry about putting up ads, though. All the advertising in the world probably won't help if we keep driving new folks away. And as dumb as this might sound, I think we might need to be a little more active ourselves in order to keep new people here. (So yeah- we need more activity if we want more activity. Told you it might sound dumb, just hear me out.) If new people come in and see this place isn't all that active, chances are they won't stick around. You ever seen Weasyl's forums? That place isn't terribly active- and most people just turn around and leave instead of trying to add some life there. Sucks, but that's how it goes, I guess. I see it happen there, as well as in Discord chats, IRC, etc. It's not hard to imagine the same thing happening here as well. As for community events, I've been mulling over ideas for how that might work, and I think Lemon's got a few ideas of her own. I'm still kind of getting my thoughts organized, though, and I imagine Lemon might be doing the same. A little patience would be appreciated, but we are trying to come up with things! (As I've said, I really love the idea of community contests, myself.) I think making a more... Positively-framed(?) thread might be a good idea. It could be about what we (both mods and users) can do to improve the place, instead of what we're doing wrong. (I mean that's important too, of course. I'm just suggesting an alternative approach.) I figure it might help to look at the positives and what we can improve on. When we word things at each other negatively, people respond negatively, and it really doesn't get us very far. Being friendly and welcoming in intro threads is good! I think the phrase "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" applies here, at least for the newbie threads. I think it's really good that you try and start conversations with 'em, as well! I know I've been guilty of just going "Hey, welcome" but not really engaging in conversation. I think that's a thing I should work on, personally. So yeah, I think those are all my thoughts for now- I should probably stop before I end up writing a book, anyway. :v
  9. Guys, I think we're done with line of conversation by now, no? I feel like we're going in circles here. The main thing I got from this (repeatedly) is that we as mods should work to distribute the announcements more evenly, so it doesn't look like one person's doing it all. We all know it isn't just one person taking care of everything, but yeah, I can see that it looks that way sometimes. I dunno, that seems pretty doable to me, I think. Anything else I missed?
  10. red tag!

  11. Sounds neat! I remember seeing your sculpts on Discord, they're quite nice. Not sure which character to suggest, hope you don't mind if I list more than one. Unfortunately only the last one has an actual ref/orthographic views. Felix (Red Panda/Visayan Spotted Deer hybrid) Anne (Generic Amphibian/Salamander Thing) Pic 2 CrackerJack (PiƱata Donkey) As for entertainment, have something dumb: And something neat!
  12. Granted. You can get by on 2 hours a night, but an entire day is now only 6 hours long. I wish I had a better memory.
  13. oh boy!

    It would have to be "Ugh" or "Blegh". They can mean disapproval, disgust, tiredness... So versatile! :v What's your favorite place to hang out- Excluding your own home?
  14. Nice to see you posting again, Moogle! Those drawings all look great! I particularly like the head in the upper-left corner, as well as the figures.
  15. I love Stardew Valley! I have it on Steam, but I just run it with no mods. Haven't played it in ages, though. Maybe in a few weeks when I'm less busy with other things.