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  1. Don't worry little fella, I'm sure you'll grow into them... ...Or uh, not.
  2. oh boy!

    KARAOKEEEEE! ...What? It's fun. What's your favorite thing to eat/drink on a hot day?
  3. (Yes, I'm actually reading the thread, not just making jokes. Been a bit busy lately, sorry.)
  4. Wow, there's a familiar face I haven't seen in a while! Welcome back, fellow Umbra-named person. Those drawings are looking good! Loving the faces/expressions in the first one, especially, as well as the hands!
  5. Thanks, Moogle! I'm glad you think so. I guess people are their own worst critics, huh. ;v; And yeah, I love adding little blinks to animations, haha (even if they're tiny and hard to see sometimes XD). Such a simple thing, but it goes a long way, at least in my opinion! Thanks, man! (And hey, haven't seen you around in a while, welcome back!) >:V
  6. Out comes one of those big metal triangles used to call people to dinner. Ring-a-ling-a-ling, soup's on, everybody! In goes... A pot of soup.
  7. Out comes a quart of oil and a very clean rag. In goes an unsolved Rubik's cube.
  8. oh boy!

    Pigeons are one of the few birds that can drink water without having to tilt their head back to swallow it. They just stick their beaks into the water and gulp it up, kinda like a horse does. What's your favorite thing to do to waste time?
  9. I dreamed that I went on vacation with my family, only instead of a resort or something, we had our own little house there? Was weird. I remember going to a party with someone at some point, too. I think there was barbecue. ...I don't remember much else about that one :v When I got back to the house, I remember really missing my little dog, who we hadn't brought with us. I was looking across the road to the house in front of us, and there was a pug staring back at me from the porch. I don't think I called it or anything, just kind of... Willed it to come to me. So it came over to our doorstep and I petted him for a while. It made me feel a little better, though I still missed my dog. After that I remember going to a store full of pool toys for sale, and trying to pick out something to buy. I think one that stood out to me was a giant turtle one, where the shell was a big dome you could sit and relax inside. (I'm a little disappointed that isn't a real thing now, haha.) Towards the end of the dream I remember being really relaxed and happy, since we were on vacation and I had nothing to worry about, no deadlines, no school... AND THEN I WOKE UP. I still have homework due tomorrow (actually, later today), along with a final. I could freaking FEEL the stress rush back to me upon realizing this. ...On the bright side, at least I got to go pet my dog.
  10. Like: Chimichanga Dislike: Treacle
  11. Me beginning to write my final: ...Me after writing my final: ...I'm just gonna go pass out now k bye
  12. WELP. I totally forgot to update this thread. Been doing little drawings here and there but uh... It's all the same character. OOPS. Anyways, here they are. :v First, some joke drawing my friend suggested (that took way too long to draw for just a dumb joke). It's so dumb, but I like it. Also tried drawing (and coloring) ol' antler-head from memory. The lineart came out okay-ish, but the colors are way off. Somehow I remembered him much brighter than he actually is. Stupid little quick doodle with wonky antlers: And finally, a little pixel animation. (Probably added a little too much movement, but whatever.) Here's a larger, static version of it as well. And that's my little art dump for now. Maybe I'll draw something else for once next time. :U
  13. Hi there, and welcome to Phoenixed! Always nice to see a new face. Mind telling us a little about yourself? Got any hobbies or interests you'd like to share?
  14. Hi

    Hi Wufflit! Welcome to Phoenixed. Seconding what Rev said, I'd love to see some of the things you've made! I've tried to get into plushmaking, myself, but I don't really sew very often at all. >>
  15. It is. But now you've gone and explained the joke. >:V Out comes G1 Bumblebee. In goes a dusty old pickup truck.