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  1. That is pretty freaking funny. The "announcement" effect just adds insult to injury, it's great. X D
  2. Welcome back, Kaizy! Haven't seen you around in ages.
  3. Out comes a tornado of sharks, fleeing the repellent that was put into the machine. A sharknado, if you will. In goes one very angry honey badger.
  4. Out comes a "Bahoogle." ...It's not even a search engine, just a generic piece of furniture with a weird foreign name. In goes a candle that smells of bacon and engine grease.
  5. Out comes a swarm of live Japanese honeybees and one dead hornet. In goes a box of chocolates.
  6. Thank you! I guess I keep comparing myself to other artists who are amazing at shading, so my stuff's.... Not that great, in comparison. XD I use Clip Studio Paint! It's also known as Manga Studio. Bought it to replace the (very) old version of Photoshop I had and haven't looked back since, haha.
  7. Here's more mechanical moose-man, because I said so. Grabbed a sketch I had left unfinished and decided to experiment with it. The sketch: What it looked like as of yesterday: And here's what it looks like now: I know my lighting/shading isn't great, but hey, that's what the practice is for, right? I'm pretty happy with it for now, but I might add more texture/scuffs and stuff to him later, as well as improve some other things.
  8. Hello, and welcome! Nice to see a new face here. If you do art, feel free to make a sketchbook thread in the art forum too, if you like! Lots of the art-oriented folks here have one. (My own thread is a bit sparse though, whoops.) Anyways, I hope you like it here! Welcome to Phoenixed. :>
  9. ...I need to stop forgetting about this thread. This is very late but THANK YOU! Here's another: ...Yep, this guy again. :v ...No, I don't have a problem. Hush.
  10. What a coincidence- I stumbled across this a couple of weeks or so ago while browsing YouTube, then accidently closed the page and couldn't find it again for some reason. Thanks for bringing it back to me! (Isn't it adorable?)
  11. Traits: Absent-Minded, Artistic, Couch Potato, Light Sleeper, Shy Favorites: Purple, Tri-Tip Steak, Rock Lifetime Wish: More than a Machine First Reward: Fast Learner I find the nearest computer upon entering the house and play games on it until I pass out.
  12. ctrl+v

  13. Try it yourself and tell us your findings. FOR SCIENCE! :V (I am curious though, never heard of that before!)
  14. alphabet game