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  1. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Do you really need necromancy for a Phoenix, though?
  2. toad affinity forums

    Ah, I see. Beautiful. :v
  3. toad affinity forums

    Should be at the very bottom of the site/page. (Was this meant in a joking way, or is the themes option actually not visible?) Same answer for you, too. :v
  4. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Also check out this rad drawing I made of Optimus Prime fighting Megatron. Took me forever to draw but I think it was worth it.
  5. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    That's not a bad idea. I should do something like that with the symbol, haha. Just slap 'em on when I need them.
  6. Shower Thoughts

    Why is there the phrase "funky fresh," when "funky" is also used to describe something smelly and not fresh at all?
  7. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Since I keep on making things and forgetting to post them here, have some more things I did a while ago. More Transformers stuff, what a big surprise. :v (Hey, at least I'm getting more practice with angled/inorganic shapes?) First, a sketch of Blitzwing from Transformers Animated. He was one of my favorite characters from that series. Maybe I'll go back and clean this one up later. https://i.imgur.com/VfoqzmO.png Also did a drawing of this antlered idiot again, because yes, I still like drawing him. Maybe one of these days I'll draw more than just a head and shoulders, lol. I think I wanna just do a sketch page of faces or something next, though. We'll see. (...Yes, I forgot the Decepticon symbol/scratches on his chest. I am lazy and don't feel like drawing it sometimes. >:V ) https://i.imgur.com/bhHtW3V.png And finally, I drew Steeljaw, a character from the same series as Thunderhoof. I had never drawn him before, but I'm quite pleased with how the drawing turned out. I'll probably be drawing him again soon, this was fun. :> https://i.imgur.com/ErtCfJa.png (If the images aren't displaying, I apologize- Not sure what's going on there.)
  8. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    ...Okay, it has been way longer from my last post than I thought. Welp, I drew this for Pokemon Day last month or so... So there's that, lol. He's one of my Bisharp characters, named Caesar. It's also the first time I've drawn something halfway decent on my phone! The framing is weird though.... Because I drew it on my phone and still had no idea what I was doing.
  9. Just one more furry trash, at your service!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums. Yeah, I don't think FAF is doing all that great... Nice to see you got out of there too, lol. Anyways, welcome to the forums (again), and I hope you like it here!
  10. Hi...

    Hi and welcome! You don't have to have a fursuit to be a furry, heh. I think most of the fandom doesn't, so I wouldn't worry about it much. Though if you really wanted a suit of your character, I wouldn't let something like height get in the way - it's already a costume of a creature that doesn't exist, as it is! ^^ And when it comes to art, we all have to start somewhere. It's always nice to see new people getting into drawing! We have a subforum here where people usually make sketchbook/art threads to post the stuff they make. If you'd like, feel free to make a thread for your art. https://phoenix.corvidae.org/forum/10-palette-town/ Anyways, I hope you enjoy the forums!
  11. I suppose I'm back

    Welcome back! Congratulations on your graduation. :>
  12. The Vending Machine Game: Phoenix'd version

    Out comes an empty Uhaul truck and a map of Virginia. In goes last year's calendar, empty drink cups, and some already-popped confetti poppers.
  13. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Yeah, I think a lot of artists (myself included, of course), keep comparing themselves to others when they probably shouldn't, heh. And yep, it's a nice program in my opinion! Though I've only tried Photoshop and GIMP before, so take that as you will, lol. And on another note, I've forgotten to update this darned thread for ages! Time to fix that. First off... Yes, yet another Thunderhoof drawing. .v., I actually drew this one not long after my last one, but forgot to post. There's two versions, one with a cigar (Or Cy-gar, since apparently that's what Transformers use... Yes, that is a thing apparently, haha), and one without. I kind of like the cigarless version better in black and white, and the other one better with color, for some reason. So I'm posting 'em both. ...Plus I liked the shading on the colored one, and the cigarless one never got shaded. >>; Secondly, I drew something totally different for a change. :v My brother and I just finished watching Season 1 of Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia, and I thought it'd be fun to draw one of the characters. I tried using a new tool/pen this time, it's called "chalk" but reminds me of pencil when drawn thin. I like it. I like it a lot. :> Also, this guy was a ton of fun to draw, especially in such a sketchy, messy style! That's all for now! Hopefully I'll have more to post soon. :>