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  1. My family has one, but we keep forgetting to use it, lol. It takes longer to clean than just vacuuming the house ourselves, but usually I just turn it on and let it run around when I'm in my room or something. It seems to do a decent job, but we have all hardwood floors. I have it vacuum the living room rug sometimes too. Sometimes it gets stuck on the kitchen mats (they're not fuzzy, just thick anti-fatigue type mats and it sometimes gets stuck between the edge of the mat and the cabinet). Also it seems to take longer if there's a bunch of chairs in the room, since it tends to just go around and around the chair legs, lol. Other than that it's pretty okay. I can turn it on and off from a phone app, and it tells me of it gets stuck or needs emptying. My dogs are scared of it which is fine, they stay out of its way, hahaha. Not really sure what else to say about it, other than I think it's cute. :v
  2. It is the year of the rat though. :U
  3. I think I had a stroke reading this, thanks.
  4. Umbra.Exe

    New year

    I'm late to the party, but Happy New Year! I've been sick, so I already lost the "stay healthy" part... But I'm trying real hard not to die!
  5. (Sorry for the big quote, was gonna just quote the first part, but my phone won't let me clip it.) Anyways, that's quite the description, haha. I like the nickname 'minecone' the best! Sounds incredibly annoying to have to encounter, though... Just going about your quest, minding your own business, when suddenly BIG BOOM BIRD.
  6. I was wondering what that was. What's this from, anyway?
  7. It was really nice. I like small gatherings, it's a nice change from what we had when I was younger (and we'd go to the aforementioned aunt's house- Easter and Christmas were just as chaotic). I didn't really get anything on Black Friday either. I think I went and bought some fabric, but that's about it. And to be fair, I did have a tiny slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream. Because I love pumpkin pie. There were more pies I wanted to have some of, but I didn't have room, haha.
  8. I'm super late here, but I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. It was a smallish gathering of 9 people, and we had a nice time. I much prefer it to the chaos that goes on at my aunt's house (with at least 20 or so family members gathering there for Thanksgiving every year). We had turkey, ham, mac and cheese, stuffing (my favorite), mashed potatoes, rolls, steamed veggies, and green bean casserole. (We haven't had that last item for a few years, but I really enjoy it, so I was happy to see it make a comeback!) I also got to have some sparkling cider, which I love and generally only have on Thanksgiving. Only thing is, I ate so much that I forgot to save room for dessert!
  9. Exactly. :v People don't wanna post in an inactive forum. People see an inactive place, go " oh it's quiet/it's dead/nobody posts here" and leave, making the place even more dead. It's a vicious, dumb cycle and seems to apply to a lot of things besides forums. Like @Sidewalk Surfboard said, I like the forum format too, but it seems most folks have moved on to other platforms (Discord, Twitter, etc). I think the Twitter account may have been run by Lemon? Not sure. If it was her, she's long since left the forum now, so that explains the inactivity there.
  10. Double posting I guess, but it's my party thread and I can cry post if I want to. Drew a feral form of the new character. Kinda just for fun, I still wanna keep 'em anthro though. But it's fun drawing something different for a change.
  11. Yeesh, I haven't posted since April? Well, it's now Halloween (where I am, at least). READY TO GET SPOOKY!? (I actually didn't even do these on Halloween, but let's pretend I did :v) I also drew myself a new character and possible fursona. Haven't named them yet, but I like 'em so far. And since it's my birthday, obligatory birthday drawing.
  12. I imagine people left to Twitter and possibly private Discord groups. The official Discord has been rather quiet lately as well.
  13. Out comes a (physically) distressed Fender Strat. Mmm. Grungy. In goes an elephant shrew, an elephant seal, and... An elephant.
  14. Off the top of my head, probably the elephant shrew. It reminds me of a deer, crossed with a mouse, crossed with, well, an elephant. Just look at that schnozz! What's your favorite way to relax after work or school?
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