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  1. New year

    I'm late to the party, but Happy New Year! I've been sick, so I already lost the "stay healthy" part... But I'm trying real hard not to die!
  2. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    (Sorry for the big quote, was gonna just quote the first part, but my phone won't let me clip it.) Anyways, that's quite the description, haha. I like the nickname 'minecone' the best! Sounds incredibly annoying to have to encounter, though... Just going about your quest, minding your own business, when suddenly BIG BOOM BIRD.
  3. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    I was wondering what that was. What's this from, anyway?
  4. Its Thanksgiving!

    It was really nice. I like small gatherings, it's a nice change from what we had when I was younger (and we'd go to the aforementioned aunt's house- Easter and Christmas were just as chaotic). I didn't really get anything on Black Friday either. I think I went and bought some fabric, but that's about it. And to be fair, I did have a tiny slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream. Because I love pumpkin pie. There were more pies I wanted to have some of, but I didn't have room, haha.
  5. Its Thanksgiving!

    I'm super late here, but I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. It was a smallish gathering of 9 people, and we had a nice time. I much prefer it to the chaos that goes on at my aunt's house (with at least 20 or so family members gathering there for Thanksgiving every year). We had turkey, ham, mac and cheese, stuffing (my favorite), mashed potatoes, rolls, steamed veggies, and green bean casserole. (We haven't had that last item for a few years, but I really enjoy it, so I was happy to see it make a comeback!) I also got to have some sparkling cider, which I love and generally only have on Thanksgiving. Only thing is, I ate so much that I forgot to save room for dessert!
  6. How do we revive dead gay forums

    Exactly. :v People don't wanna post in an inactive forum. People see an inactive place, go " oh it's quiet/it's dead/nobody posts here" and leave, making the place even more dead. It's a vicious, dumb cycle and seems to apply to a lot of things besides forums. Like @Sidewalk Surfboard said, I like the forum format too, but it seems most folks have moved on to other platforms (Discord, Twitter, etc). I think the Twitter account may have been run by Lemon? Not sure. If it was her, she's long since left the forum now, so that explains the inactivity there.
  7. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Double posting I guess, but it's my party thread and I can cry post if I want to. Drew a feral form of the new character. Kinda just for fun, I still wanna keep 'em anthro though. But it's fun drawing something different for a change.
  8. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    I figure I may as well make a thread here too! I don't doodle much nowadays, but hopefully I'll have some more stuff in here eventually. For now, I'm posting a few of my slightly older things. Hope nobody minds much. As always, comments and critique are welcome!
  9. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Yeesh, I haven't posted since April? Well, it's now Halloween (where I am, at least). READY TO GET SPOOKY!? (I actually didn't even do these on Halloween, but let's pretend I did :v) I also drew myself a new character and possible fursona. Haven't named them yet, but I like 'em so far. And since it's my birthday, obligatory birthday drawing.
  10. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    I imagine people left to Twitter and possibly private Discord groups. The official Discord has been rather quiet lately as well.
  11. The Vending Machine Game: Phoenix'd version

    Out comes a (physically) distressed Fender Strat. Mmm. Grungy. In goes an elephant shrew, an elephant seal, and... An elephant.
  12. My Favorite!

    Off the top of my head, probably the elephant shrew. It reminds me of a deer, crossed with a mouse, crossed with, well, an elephant. Just look at that schnozz! What's your favorite way to relax after work or school?
  13. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Do you really need necromancy for a Phoenix, though?
  14. toad affinity forums

    Ah, I see. Beautiful. :v
  15. toad affinity forums

    Should be at the very bottom of the site/page. (Was this meant in a joking way, or is the themes option actually not visible?) Same answer for you, too. :v
  16. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Also check out this rad drawing I made of Optimus Prime fighting Megatron. Took me forever to draw but I think it was worth it.
  17. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    That's not a bad idea. I should do something like that with the symbol, haha. Just slap 'em on when I need them.
  18. Shower Thoughts

    Why is there the phrase "funky fresh," when "funky" is also used to describe something smelly and not fresh at all?
  19. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    Since I keep on making things and forgetting to post them here, have some more things I did a while ago. More Transformers stuff, what a big surprise. :v (Hey, at least I'm getting more practice with angled/inorganic shapes?) First, a sketch of Blitzwing from Transformers Animated. He was one of my favorite characters from that series. Maybe I'll go back and clean this one up later. https://i.imgur.com/VfoqzmO.png Also did a drawing of this antlered idiot again, because yes, I still like drawing him. Maybe one of these days I'll draw more than just a head and shoulders, lol. I think I wanna just do a sketch page of faces or something next, though. We'll see. (...Yes, I forgot the Decepticon symbol/scratches on his chest. I am lazy and don't feel like drawing it sometimes. >:V ) https://i.imgur.com/bhHtW3V.png And finally, I drew Steeljaw, a character from the same series as Thunderhoof. I had never drawn him before, but I'm quite pleased with how the drawing turned out. I'll probably be drawing him again soon, this was fun. :> https://i.imgur.com/ErtCfJa.png (If the images aren't displaying, I apologize- Not sure what's going on there.)
  20. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    ...Okay, it has been way longer from my last post than I thought. Welp, I drew this for Pokemon Day last month or so... So there's that, lol. He's one of my Bisharp characters, named Caesar. It's also the first time I've drawn something halfway decent on my phone! The framing is weird though.... Because I drew it on my phone and still had no idea what I was doing.
  21. Just one more furry trash, at your service!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums. Yeah, I don't think FAF is doing all that great... Nice to see you got out of there too, lol. Anyways, welcome to the forums (again), and I hope you like it here!
  22. Hi...

    Hi and welcome! You don't have to have a fursuit to be a furry, heh. I think most of the fandom doesn't, so I wouldn't worry about it much. Though if you really wanted a suit of your character, I wouldn't let something like height get in the way - it's already a costume of a creature that doesn't exist, as it is! ^^ And when it comes to art, we all have to start somewhere. It's always nice to see new people getting into drawing! We have a subforum here where people usually make sketchbook/art threads to post the stuff they make. If you'd like, feel free to make a thread for your art. https://phoenix.corvidae.org/forum/10-palette-town/ Anyways, I hope you enjoy the forums!