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  1. i'm still the opinion (and that cant be called out enough) that they shouldve took the secondary couple consisting of emo-wolf and mr handsome and made them main. i wouldnt have bothered at all to see more of those two but nah. rather give the main douches who got together under stockholm syndrome (wich seems to be kinda a thing these days with badly animated movies) these hellspawns of puppies (wich will haunt your dreams) and make another 15 parts with them in wich they never grow up because they are dead and all those just cover up theyre afterlife. awoohooh...
  2. deer sir U we heared that you where giving out critical information about our buisness wich we cannot allow to be presented in any way. please wait fur our local "clean-up crew" to receive "the treatment" wich will be send to your position immediatly. thank you for your cooperation and have a good day. the wolvern society.
  3. he's just preparin ya fur the day we get around to visit eachother goldie :v anyways. cat. my sister got one. and he is a total dork.
  4. bet the in the trailer so called friendship is the parrot gettin stockholm syndrome and then fighting as the leader of the animal revolution
  5. my statement to this topic is pretty simple. *coughs and raises finger* woof~
  6. clooooose enough. in this case it would be "wirst" tho cuz germany likes to have a future,a present and a past version for a ton of words. and because youre leavin future wishes i guess it ends up being "wirst" instead of "werden"... but then again i always slept in class so the hell do i know right? jedenfalls herzlich wilkommen shex in diesem... sagen wir mal sehr interessantem forum. w√ľnsch dir nen angenehmen aufenthalt. ^w^
  7. for me licks are more of a privacy in the relationship thing so...nah. pls don't.
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