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  1. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    When you need to complain about a family member or roommate, I’ll be there. When you want to post photos of your pets but don’t know where to post them, I’ll be there. When you’re getting undressed for bed in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom, I’ll be there. I’ll always be there for you.
  2. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    Spitting into a sink where the dishes will go is disgusting and unhygienic. I would be pissed if my roommate was doing this.
  3. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    Crazy Lee, do you also use dirty utensils that your roommates put in their mouths? Like after ones done eating dinner, would you put their utensils in your mouth?
  4. Rave: Look at my new chunk

    He’s definitely a big sweet Idk why my pics are sideways
  5. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    No, just looking for some old friends. Then I saw my dog photo thread and had to update it.
  6. Rave: Look at my new chunk

    Lorge and In Chorge He weighs 105.7lbs now and turned 2 on April 20th. The Forest King Has Arrived
  7. Brass, message me

  8. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    Why would you do this...
  9. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    BRING THE SNOW! BRING THE SJOW!! canadiands want anow NOW
  10. Would You Ever...

    You didn't specify what size of boat or where it would go so I'm gonna assume it's on the coastline and it's a small boat, so yes would you eat chewed gum you find in public for $50
  11. Things that you hate! v2

    Me like you I'm one of those people who tends to drift away from others, and it's not intentional *by any means*, I just have a zillion projects going on at one time and I get distracted extremely easily. I'll g through phases where I'm determined to finish a project I've started and then it will go on the back burner and I'll rotate until I've completed them all. I am in short, scatterbrained. when I get into these "I need to finish this now now now" modes, I'll usually dedicate myself to that very heavily. Few things I've been doing lately are working on my plants, working on my chicken painting frames, thinking about framing new prints for my wall, planning on setting up a new tanning batch and doing some skinning, working on training my dog more thoroughly with drop-it, and working on some taxidermy mounts I need to re-style. I've got all these things going on in my head at one time and then it goes so strongly that I'll just stop coming around online and then it'll pop in my head like "shit, I haven't talked to ___ on Skype in a while, I feel like shit", and the cycle repeats i think a lot of people are like me and this is how people drift apart
  12. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Sounds like Matthew Masur is either about to go rogue or get fired from HuffPo logic isn't permitted there
  13. Rave: Look at my new chunk

    He will be 7.5 months old on Wednesday!
  14. Rave: Look at my new chunk

    https://thebutchersdog.tumblr.com/post/153175025066/from-a-couple-months-ago https://thebutchersdog.tumblr.com/post/153092780490/this-video-is-horrible-quality-cant-figure-out
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Been listening to older Arctic Monkeys lately.