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  1. Here lies FlynnCoyote, a victim of defective ACME products. Coyote class action lawsuit hearing to be held the following Monday.
  2. When Kinharia was a cub, they posted on the forums, until they grew up 3 months later and left home.
  3. Kill and use ears as tv antennae.
  4. Puma in Adidas tracksuit drinking vodka
  5. Golden Retriever is the only correct answer. What are your plans for this weekend?
  6. People can be fans of pretty much anything. Nothing in that regard is really baffling anymore.
  7. Swung from a jungle vine and slammed into a tree.
  8. The meatball is a solid chunk of bologna. A hot apple pie.
  9. They were snagged and partially eaten by a fierce predator such as a coyote.
  10. The only issue with flip flops is that your feet can get cold, but this is solved by wearing socks.
  11. I complain about the poor quality of snuggles. Ur giant Trex head is getting in the way and u have tiny arms.
  12. Wel....come.....to.....the.....fo....rums.... (is my sloth accent decent?)
  13. Zop

    Wish Corruptor

    Granted. You're forced to marry your sister in order to maintain bloodline purity. I wish for surgery to fix my floppy ears. I would also like a post-surgery hunt throughout the hospital so that I may dine upon the sick and helpless.
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